Pregnantish with Andrea Syrtash

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Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash’s new venture, pregnantish, helps people navigate the personal and practical parts of fertility treatments and infertility. Her goal is to help the millions of singles, couples, and LGBT feel less isolated and more supported as they build their families. Andrea is a long-time friend and you will be moved and inspired by her story on the Love U Podcast.

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  1. 1
    Elly Klein

    I’m surprised there are no comments on this, so I’m going to leave one. I really enjoyed the podcast even though I’m not the target audience – I don’t want to have kids, and my man and I seem to be heading towards a child-free by choice life together. But I thought the info was so great I forwarded it to a few friends I thought could use it. Nice work, Andrea and Evan!

  2. 2

    Filing this away for later use..I’m 39 with two kids and I’d like one more. don’t have a boyfriend, no prospects, but I’m trying to stay positive.

  3. 3
    Bereaved Mom

    I wanted a baby… I had one.   She died.   Then I lost another one.   Now I have no uterus.   My time for children is over even though my guy wanted to have one with me.   Not happening.

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