Swearing, Unicorns, and Boundaries – an interview with Kira Sabin

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Do you want to have fun? Do you want to laugh? Do you want someone to send you on a scavenger hunt to meet new guys? Then you’ll definitely want to listen to my interview with Kira Sabin, who developed the League of Adventurous Singles to help women regain their confidence and playfulness on the way to love. She’s a hoot and I agree with pretty much everything she says.

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    I like the idea of an owner’s manual, do her clients just hand it to their SO when they are having conflicts? I thought Kira’s points about boundaries and communication were good. I can see myself using her ‘difficult conversation’ template she mentions at 45:30. Saying, “I want you to know this about me” seems like a great, non confrontational way to let someone know something that has the potential for sounding argumentative, yet couching it in a way that takes personal accountability for that behavior. I also liked her phrase ‘If you would be willing to…” as being a good way to ask for what you want, yet show it’s not a demand.

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    “Don’t focus on what you’re ‘settling’ for, focus on what you’re choosing.”

    That was a truly a-ha moment for me, Evan! Thanks for sharing this interview. 🙂

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    Sum Guy

    love every bit of this, every bit of her advice is good advice




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    I really liked this podcast. Kira seems great and I will definitely listen to some of her stuff.


    Evan, you talk a lot about how we shouldn’t get overrun by emotion and jump into relationships just because there is intense sexual chemistry or stay with people just because we are attracted to them. Would you do some articles/podcasts about the opposite problem?


    I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I never have very strong chemistry with anyone. I find lots and lots of guys who are very pleasant and I could be very compatible with, but I never feel very strongly one way or the other about them. Could you talk a little about what to do to increase chemistry with someone? Or how to know if chemistry in the relationship can grow over time versus when you’ve definitely topped out? I would love to hear your thoughts and to know if this is a common problem.

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    Has my back is my number one ask. Isn’t a drunk or addicted to substance. Can look after himself and is into health and fitness.

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