How to Have a GREAT First Date

emk episode 2 how to have a great first date

Are you sick of going on dating apps, swiping right, texting a million guys, and having horrible coffee dates? If so, you have the power to have a completely different dating experience and go on great first dates. In this Love U Podcast, you will learn to do the opposite of whatever you’re doing now and ensure that your first dates involve dinner, drinks and romance.

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Men and Money

love u podcast

Money is a dilemma faced by smart, successful women in the dating world. Do you need a man to earn more than you? Will he feel insecure and emasculated around…

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How to Find a Guy on Online Dating Sites

You go online and browse through men. You know what you’re attracted to. You set your search criteria to get all these traits and come to the conclusion that dating sites suck and there no men on conventional dating sites. You conclude that the better path is to go on Tinder or Hinge because at least there are cute guys. The experience invariably sucks. What’s a girl to do

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