(My Gift to You!) The 8 Massive Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships

Massive Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships

Have you ever thought there was something wrong with you?

After years of dating, it feels like there are only 3 outcomes – all of them bad.

  1. He wants to have sex, but doesn’t want to commit.
  2. He commits quickly, but then pulls away a few weeks/months later.
  3. He becomes your boyfriend and you discover he’s not the man you thought.

You’re a smart, strong, successful woman. You’re nobody’s fool.

So how does this keep happening to you, over and over?

More importantly, how can you make sure that when you find another promising man, you don’t repeat the same mistakes of the past?

In my special report, the 8 Massive Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships, I’ve organized the most common errors you’re making with men.

Just because you’ve made questionable choices in the past doesn’t mean you’re doomed to do the same thing in the future.

They’re common. They’re human. But best of all, they’re correctible.

Just because you’ve made questionable choices in the past doesn’t mean you’re doomed to do the same thing in the future.

So right now, click here to grab a copy of the 8 Massive Mistakes You’re Making in Relationships.

Soon, you’ll feel empowered, self-aware, and confident that your next relationship will finally be the one that lasts forever.

Your friend,


P.S. This is the first post  in a series of free content I’ll be sharing over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for a workbook and a free webinar that’ll help you stop wasting time on the wrong men and create the unconditional love you deserve.



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  1. 1
    Sum Guy

    Great report.   I can only post as a 50 year old guy and his experience dating post divorce.    In the 4 years since divorcing have been in a relationship with 4 women (first dates with ~30, second dates ~12 third dates ~8, fourth + dates only 4). All highly intelligent (one even did the Mensa thing), attractive, within a year of my age, with a together single life,… and can say Evan gets it.

    Get the report.   Of the three that fell apart (sadly I may need help as I didn’t initiate it but have learned enough to know the end was for the best) it’s a combo of mistake #3 or #5, followed by by #6 and #8 (almost as a pre-text it seems).

    Now my big mistakes are likely #1 and #6.      Hoping for me woman 4 lasts as I put compatibility as first second and third of the list, she even found me, and since this is anonymous, she has only one pic and not a great one, yet part of me intuited it was a bad one but more importantly she so intrigued me and aligned with me on ideas and views that appearances were secondary.   I was more than happy to wait for sex, as just talking with her was amazing   (not that we really did but we held back once when we both really wanted to, to give it more time)

    Maybe it was Evans advice here, but took it “slow” for me.   Focused on being me and learning about her, not trying to impress.   Can say haven’t felt compatible like this for over 30 years, even with the post divorce woman I saw for over a year, and it’s all due to getting the out of the bed stuff right.

    Low and behold lucky us the chemistry is through the roof, she is smoking hot to me and she has a crazy libido like me.

    The downside…a lot of late nights…spending hours in bed but even more hours outside of bed laughing and talking and bouncing ideas off each other for work and life.

    1. 1.1

      That’s awesome! I’m happy for you that you found that compatibility – congrats!


    2. 1.2

      I second Nissa’s congratulations! Hoping it all works out for you, Sum Guy ☺

      From what you’ve expressed on here, she’s a lucky lady!

  2. 2

    Here is where I notice I have difficulty: most people SAY one thing and  DO another. Now, it’s easier for me to give women a pass on that than men, because I’m not dating women – I’m dating men.

    When we are on the phone, men have said things to me like: I’m really active, I eat healthy all the time, I’m really spiritual, I’m not much of a drinker, I don’t smoke, I’m really interested in a relationship. When I actually go on a date with them, I find: he’s puffing when we go up the stairs and walk to the car, the foods he is eating are highly processed, with lots of sugar and carbs, he has no regular practice of ANY kind (my criteria is that if HE considers it a spiritual practice, it counts, even if it’s different than mine or if it’s something that is also done for non spiritual reasons, like fasting), he drinks 3 glasses of wine without a noticeable effect after asking, “you don’t want to drink? Really?”, his car smells like smoke, and after one date he doesn’t ask for another, just texts a week later with some version of “what’s up?”. In their defense, it is usually just one or two of these things, rather than all of them, but it’s inconsistent with what they are telling me about themselves.

    These are the same men that have photos taken from  8 feet away, want to be on the phone for a hour at a time, send multiple emails and seem VERY excited to make my acquaintance, yet take more than four points of contact to consider asking for a date. No matter what kind of date they suggest (including free, coffee dates or dinner) I say yes. Only to find a huge disparity in how they have represented themselves and how they are.

    I can understand wanting to put your best foot forward, but when someone tells you that something is important to them, how is it in that person’s interest to continue? If you know you are a smoker, and you want to continue smoking, why would you knowingly date a non-smoker who specified that it was important to them? I don’t want to waste that person’s time or money any more than I want to waste my own. It’s one thing to ask a woman to accept a man as he is, but another to ask her to accept something that up front, she told you she would not be willing to accept. That doesn’t make him wrong, it just means the two of you are incompatible in regard to that (what should be) very short list. And yes, sometimes it means the woman is making something a deal-breaker that she would be better off, not making a deal-breaker. I just doubt that people will change their minds because their date is just so amazing, it makes them willing to change their lifestyle.


    1. 2.1
      Sum Guy


      I doubt it to, I really don’t know what people that do this kind of bait and switch are thinking.    You’d have to be amazing to overcome that but if you are amazing why not lead with that.

      From talking to friends, seems more common that men do it.   Purely  antidotal.   I’ve only been on a couple dates where the woman was not near her photo, usually they look better in person than the photo.    I personally don’t care if a woman lowers her age because of the search engines or doesn’t give her real town, maybe one over.   I get it, not material to me

      But how you live what you believe, for me that’s exactly what you should be up front about even if some may find it “odd”.   That’s how you find someone who is the same flavor of “odd” as you.

    2. 2.2

      You are either a smoker or you are not. The only reason i can think of is that they think ‘i am about to quit, so i’m practically a non smoker.’ And then fill in non-smoker as we all know that opens up your options widely.

      All the other reasons? It’s what they think they are. Someone who drinks a couple of beers might think of themselves as a light drinker (maybe that’s their alcohol ration of the whole week). Someone who walks to work every day but doesn’t workout, might see themselves as really active (compared to a big chunk of the population, they certainly are! Just not compared to people who triathlon as a hobby.) Their idea of spirituality is accepting life as it is (not exactly the same level of spirituality as a Buddhist that medidates daily, but still very admirable). His idea of being wealthy is being solvent, but he rents his apartment (still better off than a huge swathe of the population, even if he doesn’t appear in Forbes). The list goes on. It’s very easy to apply a flattering adjective to yourself. It’s up to us to suss out whether their idea of adjective corresponds to our interpretation.

      1. 2.2.1
        Sum Guy

        so true

        I’ve only used two on later be dating sites and both have very clear categories set out for number of times per week, number drinks per week, income ranges, religions or the popular spiritual but not religious, etc. there may even be smoker trying to quit.    So few to no excuses for the OLD sites/apps I’ve used.

  3. 3
    Sum Guy

    On line dating sites….not on later be

    the autocorrect on my phone is out of control

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