Are You STILL Using Adjectives In Your Online Dating Profile?

The 6 Things You Simply MUST Do ASAP to be an Online Dating Rockstar

Wednesday, August 19th, 8PM ET / 5PM PT

Join me, Evan Marc Katz, your Personal Trainer for Love, on this FREE teleseminar as I give away some of my greatest online dating advice, and show you how to get incredible results out of this often-frustrating medium.

You’ll Learn:

* Why it’s so important to eliminate all adjectives from your profile. (Yes, the same exact one you’re currently using to describe yourself!)

* The one secret to online dating photos that makes you more likeable, approachable and successful.

* Why restricting yourself to only 5% of the online dating population (which is what most people do) is a poor strategy for your internet dating success…

* How consistency is more important than intensity, and how 20 minutes of dating a day can change your life.

* A surefire technique to dealing with rejection and frustration, and still remain optimistic about attracting an amazing partner.

* The 2/2/2 rule — my secret for effortlessly moving from email to the phone to the real life date — just by understanding the needs of the opposite sex!

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    Yes, adjectives are great when used sparingly in the right way and place. I have dabbled as a freelance writer and I was given one piece of advice: make careful usage of adjectives.

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