Choose Your Own Hot Blog Topic – Must-Read Special Edition – Part 1 of 2


My wife and I had a few guests over last night. Over a bottle of wine, we got into a really interesting discussion of changing gender roles, money, evolutionary biology, and societal mores. I know. Very hot.

But that got me to thinking: if you were at my home, what would YOU have contributed to that conversation? Better yet – forget about MY conversation…

I’m not looking for fair and balanced. I want to know what your viewpoint is.

Below, in the comments section, I’d like you to simply choose a TOPIC about which you’re passionate – in regards to dating, relationships and sex.

More specifically, I’d like you to take a SIDE on this topic:

  • Why men should always pay for women on the first date.
  • Why women shouldn’t have sex until they are in a relationship.
  • Why monogamy is the foundation upon which we build our society.

Remember, this is YOUR angle on YOUR topic. I’m not looking for fair and balanced. I want to know what your viewpoint is.  Do not write a paragraph on it. Do not compose a dissertation. I literally just want you to write a one sentence angle on a topic that, if you had a bottle of wine, you could passionately discuss all night.

Next week, I’m going to have a contest based on all of your answers, in which I’d like you all to participate. Winner will get a gift from yours truly, to be determined.

So please, think about your take on a passionate relationship topic and write it in the comments section below.

Talk to you next week,


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  1. 101

    @SAS, #98 – just because it is not work for you does not mean it’s not really hard for some people. And just because it’s hard for some people doesn’t make them bad people.

    Obviously those things are not “work” for the kind of people who end up on Evan’s board. However, many of us are not going to end up with someone like that. That’s all I’m saying.

  2. 102

    our generations almost unlimited access to choices and information ends up creating a lot of people who are “better dealing” their way through the dating world.

  3. 103

    Absolute honesty would suck (there’s a reason I’m not even going to ask if my butt looks big in this), but dating and everything that comes after would go better if we were all more honest with our partners and ourselves.

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