Do Men Owe Women An Apology II

In an April blog post called Do Men Owe Women An Apology?, I shared the “Dear Woman” video that was produced by a group called Conscious Men. It featured sensitive, spiritual, new age guys expressing heartwarming, earnest apologetic sentiments about how men have wronged women.

I liked the message and agreed that men can become a whole lot better at relating to women. Many of you also agreed that while you liked the message, you weren’t crazy about the fact that the men delivering the message sounded more like women than men.

Enjoy this parody by Funny or Die and share your comments below. Please ignore the commercial that plays before the video.

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  1. 1

    That was funny (parts of it) and I think the message was a satire on the way political correctness and New Age ideas go too far. However, masculine and feminine energies are very real, and both should be honored- and I get the feeling that the men in the vid don’t really want to own up to that OR acknowledge the fact that women have been brutalized by a patriarchal structure for centuries and continue to be so in many parts of the world

  2. 2

    Meh, it was too close to the original clap trap.

  3. 3

    The brutalization of women by a “patriarchal” structure throughout history is just one of many disprovable narratives that provide the fuel for poor-me thinking by women.
    Life was brutal for most men and women for most of human history.
    Men are beginning to realize that such story-telling is based on supposition and distortion.
    Now, before you go nuclear on me and call me a misogynist, consider that in doing so, you are likely to drive me and any other real men reading this further to my side.
    What would be more productive would be to focus on making our current culture fair for all, rather than trying to score some cheap political advantage by trying to hop on the victim-coattails of people who have been dead for centuries.
    Unlike some, I have great sympathy for all men and women who have suffered throughout human history. Not just the women.
    But even if your narrative was correct, it is 2011 now, and women have it just fine. Even if injustices were done at some point in the past, you are not entitled to any credit or accommodation for that fact.

  4. 4


    Women have it just fine? Are you even remotely aware of conditions for women in Afghanistan and parts of Africa? Honestly, from your other posts, it sounds like you got slammed by a specific (beautiful) woman and are bent on revenge or something on all of us. If you are that pissed off at women why are you even on this site? I mean maybe you’re hurting about something right now, but are you aware of exactly how negative and angry and borderline misogynistic your posts are sounding?

  5. 5

    As student taking anatomy…the section with the anatomical terms was TOO funny…

  6. 6

    This looks like something I’d have found on The Onion website….

  7. 7

    Will Farrell can be pretty darn funny, but I mostly agree with Steve above, although I did guffaw at a couple places.

  8. 8

    Hit and miss, but “We honour your musty thicket of wonders as we would a human swamp…” made me laugh out loud.

  9. 9

    The spoofed the spoof…I like it best so far.   I’ve been steeped in the heady ‘conscious something-or-other’ culture for a couple of years and I love that they are taking this to the level of play.   Some of it is strained, yes, but being in the spotlight being a good sport and playfully admitting they took themselves a little too seriously is probably not as easy as being an armchair critic 🙂

  10. 11

    I’m not a big fan of apologizing for an institution.
    A man only owes women an apology if he himself did something to apologize for – and then he should be apologizing to the specific women. It should ring hollow to all concerned to say, “I’m sorry that guy over there, whom I can neither vouch for nor control and whom I don’t even trust myself, did something to you.”  
    Or, put more minimally, just use actions, not words.
    Likin’ the funny, though.

  11. 12

    Dear Jack:

    I know this is a dating site, and not a political forum, but please indulge me for a minute so I can go all  “nuclear” on you.   And I’ll tell you right up front that Sayanta (#4) said it way better that I will.   But you know us women — there’s nothing we like better than to play the victim and raise a fuss.  

    Okay, we’ll have it your way & forget all about messy ancient history (what’s done is done, right?) and just focus on the here and now. First, though, I’d like you to explain those “credits and accommodations” we women are supposedly cashing in on, riding like fabulous freeloaders on the dusty coattails of our ancestors. Ya mean stuff like being able to vote, own property, or being able to prosecute a man for raping us, even if he is our husband? Yea, I know. Pretty freakin radical.   And yet, we want more.   

    Here’s the thing. If you take a quick look around this sweet, round Earth, it’s very difficult to find a bunch of women sitting around a big table in a situation room and deciding that, yes, war is the answer. Show me one place where the status of men is so degraded and devalued that they can’t vote, go to school, or even be out on the street unless accompanied by a woman. Have you ever heard of a society where men are required to cover their faces and limbs because the very sight of them might drive women so crazy that they cannot — and will not — be held responsible for their behavior? If a man is raped, right here in the USA, do you think a prosecutor would ever suggest to a jury that he was asking for it — because of what he was wearing?

    Hands down, men still monopolize the majority of all decision-making power throughout the world. That’s no distortion. And in contemporary societies throughout the world, on a daily basis, the vast majority of all women, men, AND children who are physically and sexually assaulted and/or murdered are the victims of men. Whatever history you think has been distorted to allow women a free ride …..please share with us, because it sure isn’t ringing any bells with me.

    Most informed, rational people acknowledge that both both men and women have suffered throughout human history. And I know there are lots of great, peace-loving men out there; but it’s naive and irresponsible to be blind to the power-skewing that still exists. Women are NOT doing just fine in many parts of the world, and in those places where conditions for women have improved, it’s only due to the battles fought by women who went before us. That is not distortion — that is history.   Yes, in the USA women are now freer to function independently, obtain an education, obtain employment to support ourselves, and decide for ourselves whether or not we want to procreate.   In other words, women are moving closer to being treated as adults.  

    It’s not coattail riding for women NOT to want history repeated.  

  12. 13

    I love how Will Farrell gets a really pissed-off look at the end of everything he says, LOL!

    This is way better than the first video that I could barely stomach.

    But to revisit the message that men, as a gender and an “unconscious masculine force,” need apologize to all women of all times/places for their purposeful and/or unconscious negative actions is a joke.

    I don’t need or want an apology from men who’ve done nothing to me. I don’t need a hug, or compensation for men’s past evils, or to be moved to the front of the societal line.

    If someone has wronged me, they and only THEY should apologize.

    Yeah, funny stuff. 🙂

  13. 14

    I agree with Michael. People can apologise for what they personally have done wrong. But to apologise on behalf of other people devalues the apology, in my opinion. It’s easy to apologise for something you never did, right, because it doesn’t involve admitting you were in the wrong.

  14. 15

    This DOES have application for a dating site, since many women who wish to have relationships with men still find their views of men modified by the “patriarchal-opression” narrative.
    Re-read what I said. For large portions of human history, both men AND women experienced brutal oppression. The fact that the oppressors were a often particularly small number of very aggressive males is immaterial.
    DO you really think I’m not aware of the situation in countries like Afghanistan? Please.
    Okay then; AMERICAN women have it just fine these days. You also mistake my motive in pointing this out to you. I am IN NOW WAY interested in trying to change your mind about the issue, since I know that is not possible.
    I am pointing these things out to DEMONSTRATE to you that many men have woken up to the fact that many of the whining-points that are thrown about as though they were empirical fact, are really just victim-speak. I’m not buying it anymore (I used to).
    Also, I note with amusement on commenter’s suggestion that I must have been rejected by some hottie and am “taking it out on” the rest of you. Google the phrase “shaming language” – I don’t fall for such playground-level debate.
    I have sympathy for women AND men the world over who suffer under oppression. I ask for not recognition or accommodation for the fact that I belong to a sub-group that is under some ugly oppression elsewhere in the world, because that sub-group is not under oppression in the US.  
    I hoped you enjoyed your nuclear moment. I will restate: I am not interested in trying to change your mind. What I am going to do is print out your reply and show it to all of my male friends in order to demonstrate the truth of my views to them. I may even try it on some women.
    Application to dating, in order to justify my presence on this comment thread:
    If you hold these women-as-victim views (which are in many cases emotionally-charged narrative more than historical account), expect only the most supplicant of men to date you.I’m not going to indulge this kind of historical fantasy in a relationship since it means that I, as a man, am being viewed through an unfair filter, and coming under suspicion and scrutiny that I do not deserve. And I am not alone. More and more men of my acquaintance are becoming weary of the male-oppression narrative. And more questioning of its factual basis.
    Go nuclear again, if you want. But please understand that such nuclear displays are not a substitute for honest, factual debate. And such displays are only useful for swaying those persons who are mutable by emotion. Men and women who prefer logic and thoughtfulness can often be overwhelmed and conquered with nuclear emotion, but not forever.
    In simpler terms, the arguments you are using are starting to lose their strength, and simply repeating them louder probably will not accomplish your desired goals.

  15. 16
    Karl R

    sayanta said: (#1)
    “I get the feeling that the men in the vid don’t really want to own up to that OR acknowledge the fact that women have been brutalized by a patriarchal structure for centuries and continue to be so in many parts of the world”

    I think most educated people are aware that life was brutal (for men and women) in the past. It still is brutal (for men and women) in many parts of the world currently.

    If one of your (male) ancestors brutalized one of my (female) ancestors, do you owe me an apology?

    sayanta said: (#1)
    “Are you even remotely aware of conditions for women in Afghanistan and parts of Africa?”

    Afghanistan … where young men are persuaded to become suicide bombers. Where men, women and children are shot and blown up indiscriminately. Where the president’s brother was just assassinated, and I’m sure thousands of people would happily send the president to join his brother in the afterlife.

    In any place where brutality is commonplace, life is going to suck for everyone.

    So if you’re only acknowledging how atrocious the conditions are for women in Afghanistan and Africa (and turning a blind eye to how lousy the situation is for men), how does that make your position morally superior to the men in the video?

  16. 17

    I’m not a fan of one group apologizing to another group unless it’s the most extreme circumstances. I treat women well, but I have been hurt in regards to dating. Does that mean I expect a new girl to apologize or make it up to me for the mistakes of other girls? No. And am I willing to apologize for the mistakes that other men in her life had made? No.

  17. 18

    I think these arguments are all academic anyway; yes, the human trafficing and all the other social evils are tragic and awful and we all need to do what we can to reverse it.   But at least in present-day America, it’s so difficult to wrap our brains around such things because life is simply different here.   It’s not to say that we don’t have compassion for those who suffer but think about it: where in other countries, starvation is an epidemic, obesity and it’s related diseases are here.   A huge schism in perspective.

  18. 19
    Darren Miller

    This is a funny video, but it confuses me somewhat. It is not for these men to apologise on behalf of other men. Women don’t want an apology from you for something that a previous partner did or said. They just want you to be a better man and not make the same mistakes.

  19. 20

    The rates at which women and abused,stalked, raped and murdered last year in American I can tell the conditions are unacceptable inexcusable and not okay. The percentage of women in government, business and the arts is not okay. Women getting paid less for the same work is not okay. Yes we’ve come a long and yes we’re better of then most women around the world but American still needs to make some big steps before we can call ourselves an equal society. It’s not just men that need to change is our society as a whole. So there’s no need to apologize but don’t pretend that we don’t still have problems to fix.  

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