Do Men REALLY Pay Attention To Your Profile?

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    Great article here and I hope to read more of these kinds.

  2. 2

    I have gotten comments about adding pictures and a more detailed description and because the profile is the only thing visible, I think men pay a lot more attention than you actually think.

  3. 3

    Of course some of us do, but we will never get credit for it due to all the jerks who don’t read them.   This is lose-lose, I don’t do online dating any more, women  used to  accuse me of lying when I said that I actually did read every last word of them back in the day, based solely on their experiencces of men who did not read them.

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    @ Walter #3

    I totally understand how you feel.   I get very angry because on my profile on one dating site, I make it VERY clear that I will NOT date a smoker.  Non-negotiable.   (I have bronchitis every year that almost goes into asthma so I don’t need the extra irritation to the lungs)   And do you know how many guys who are regular smokers, respond?   Too many to count.   At first I would get angry and write back something to the effect of, ever heard of reading comprehension?  

    But then I re-thought that.   Guys like that won’t respect me no matter what, and will probably treat me badly in a relationship too, since they won’t respect my boundaries about smoking.   So now I just delete and many times, block them.

    I think the day and age of reading profiles is long dead…..

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    M.S. Ashwin

    I have read so many articles and it was very impressive. This is One of the best sites I have ever visited. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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    1% men read women’s profile. I have my career listed in my profile. So many men ask me “What do you   do for a living?” lol, I passed them immediately

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