Do You Like Reading This Blog? Today’s Your Chance To Show It At The Readers’ Choice Awards

As we approach our 20,000th comment on the blog, I’m proud of what a responsive and interesting community we have created together, with many regulars who contribute daily (and sometimes hourly!) wants YOU to nominate me in their upcoming Readers’ Choice Awards.

I feel like, collectively, we should receive some type of reward for that commitment. Wait, we can! wants YOU to nominate me in their upcoming Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Dating-Related Blog and Best Dating-Related Book of 2010.

From now until February 4, click here to tell the world how much you enjoy reading this site by scrolling to the last two categories on the list:

“Your Nominee for Best Dating-Related Blog: Evan Marc Katz”

“Your Nominee for Best Dating-Related Book of 2010: Why He Disappeared by Evan Marc Katz”

Nominations run from now until Feb. 4. The nominees with the most mentions become the top five contenders in each category. Voting will run from Feb. 11 through March 8, with winners announced March 15.

What’s the prize? A fabulous vacation? A big, shiny trophy? Actually, there’s no “prize” other than the bragging rights. But since I wouldn’t be here without you, I would think you would take as much pride as I do in contributing to such an intelligent, civilized forum in a sea of irrational and misspelled internet noise.

Please click here to nominate me for Best Dating Blog and Best Dating Book.

Thanks for reading and for being such an important part of my life.

Your friend,


P.S. Please comment below to tell me that you nominated the blog and book. I promise I will be 40% less snarky in my answer to your next relationship question.

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  1. 2

    Of course you are the best, so I nominated you!   Good luck Evan!!

  2. 3

    Ditto, I nominated as well!

    Can you please let us know the results?


  3. 4

    Just voted! Good luck!!!

  4. 6

    of course I voted

  5. 7

    I nominated you!

  6. 8
    Deanna McNeil

    I voted but I want all the snark thank you very much. What your audience wants to know is are you really voting for two now?!?

    lubs you EMK 🙂

  7. 9

    of course i voted i adore ur blog and i love u 🙂

  8. 10

    Love your blogs and I have given my vote.

  9. 11

    yup – “me too”!

  10. 13

    I nominated you for both, Evan. And you didn’t have to twist my arm. You have made me a believer in your advice over  the few short weeks of working together!

  11. 14

    Yes, I voted, you are the best. You really tell it like it is, and are always so hopeful for people.

  12. 15

    You have my vote too!!!

  13. 16
    Virg G

    Two Thumbs Up

  14. 17

    Well, of course I voted for you, ya big lug, but don’t expect me to go all mushy like some of the people on here.   Sheesh.
    P.S. Why would you want to stop being snarky?   We love snarky.   Almost as much as we love our own opinions!

  15. 18

    Lol Zann!!

    I voted too. GL Evan 🙂

  16. 19

    Voted!   I bought your book Why He Dissapeared and if it werein my budget would buy personal coaching.

  17. 20
    Paula D

    I voted for you. Love the snarky advice, as soon as I start reading I have to smile at the common sense of it all. We girls are delusional about men, I have to keep wondering how I ended up  that way  since I wasn’t like that when I was a teenager and in my 20’s. I’m in my early 60’s and back into the dating scene after a long time and struggling. Your book, blog and newsletters are such a big help sorting through the minefield. Good luck with the new baby. And keep up the snark or to my mind good old common sense.

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