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Did I ever tell you about the time I went out with a woman who declared herself “the best kisser in the world” and warned me that I would be unable to control myself around her?

Did I ever tell you about the time that I let a woman pick up the check after our 4th date and she disdainfully told me that she felt like my “sugar mama”?

Did I ever tell you about the time I went out with a woman who told me that she faked orgasms with her boyfriend for 9 months because he wasn’t well-hung?

Oh, could I ever entertain you with 10 years of online dating fiascos…

But I have no interest in winning my own contest for Worst Date Ever.

I just want to remind you that I’m offering a very special prize for the top 3 entries:

1 YEAR of FOCUS Coaching – $544 in retail value — absolutely FREE.

I love my FOCUS Coaching group and can’t think of a better value for this kind of coaching in the entire world. Instant access to me and hundreds of other smart, strong, successful women, on a day to day basis, helping you navigate the choppy waters of dating and relationships.

So, please, if you’ve previously sat on the sidelines because the timing was wrong, or the money was wrong, or you were on the fence, this is your big chance.

Share your Worst Date Ever below, by Sunday, May 6th, and I’ll post the Top 7 entries on my website next week.

You can tell your story by video, by audio, or in writing, so whatever works best for you, give it a shot.

Misery loves company, and by sharing your bad date story, I can assure you that you’ve got a LOT of company out there.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


Update: Story submissions are now closed! Thanks for the hundreds of responses I received, I’ll be announcing the Top 7 Worst Date Stories Tuesday, May 8th. I’ll be sending out updates via my newsletter, so make sure you sign up to get the latest updates and free weekly dating advice.

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  1. 1
    Evan Marc Katz

    Over 100 entries in the Worst Date Ever contest. Some REAL doozies… I can’t wait to share the highlights (lowlights?) with you next week.

  2. 2
    Debra Land

    Well the best thing I can say about my WORST date was that I made it my last date with this guy.
    Both of us in our 40’s living in the same suburb with kids the same age.
    We had gone out for several weeks when he offered to make me dinner at his house on a Sunday night. With one caveat he hoped I would understand – he had to run out for an hour to an AA meeting he never missed. Now he was already 12 years sober and a well established businessman etc. not an issue. Plus I really really liked him.
    He was fawning all over me with this great dinner, affectionate and sweet and apologetic for having to leave but planning on watching a show we liked at 9pm when he got back.
    He then comes out of his bedroom wearing a new pullover sweater and carrying another new one (v handsome guy btw)
    “which one should I wear?”
    My stomach twisted a little. Why is he dressing up for an AA meeting he goes to every week?
    I pick one he kisses me goodbye and leaves.
    Can you guess?
    Yup. He never came back.
    I tried his cell, turned off. I waited till 1030. And drove home.
    Bad enough? No.
    Because we live in a small town I passed right by the church where the meeting was and saw him standing with a blonde woman in the parking lot.
    Now I made a bad date even worse because I approached them.
    He was startled, she was amused. I didn’t say anything. He actually stood there and said he lost track of time and would be right back. Give him two more minutes, and sent ME away. Not her.
    Because I was newly divorced, insecure and inexperienced I left and went home to my own home.
    He never showed up of course and only called to “break up” with me because I EMBARRASSED him.

    While I am no longer that woman, I know I could still benefit from a year of FOCUS coaching!!

  3. 3

    The woman who said she was the best kisser maybe was not an arrogant one,she was just proud of her abilities.And the gal who said she was feeling like ur sugamamma may hv been just kidding.And the one who told u her fake orgasms story viewed u as a trustworthy confidant otherwise she wouldn’t hv told u such a private secret.

  4. 4

    Hi Evan

    I had an unforgetful date not long ago. I had not been into dating scene for years as I was concentrated in settling down in a new country and helping my family overseas. So, my situation was that I was in new environment and a bit of culture shock as dating in Asian culture is apparently so different to Western culture.

    I met this man through an online dating in Australia. We chatted over the site for awhile and decided to meet up in a place near to my work, which also close to his place.

    I waited for him for approximately 20 min in a train station in a cold winter night. He said, he could not find parking spot… which was understandable as the area is a popular area for dining at night. But, I managed to find parking for my car easily….

    Then, he suggested having an Asian food at his favourite place, which I agreed. Apparently, it was a small take away restaurant with a bain-marie displaying the food. A typical budget eating place for students. I thought, well…it’s a bit unusual for a guy who supposedly trying to impress a girl on the first date. But, I thought, the most important is to get to know the guy first. Then, we ordered our food. It was a terrible food honestly speaking. I am an Asian girl who can cook for survival only but I can cook a better one than what this place has.

    We chatted and I found we had a lot in common in terms of interest. Both of us are property investors and have similar family background. Both our parents were sick and we had to take care our parents until their last moment.

    Then, we finished our meals. He suggested going to another place for a coffee or tea. BUT, he pointed that I should pay for the coffee as he had paid for the meals. I was a bit surprised as it seems that he was afraid that I took advantage of him. The meals he paid was for $15 for both of us!!! And, he insisted me to pay for coffee which he suggested to have. I was actually planning to offer him the coffee on me as I thought it would be fair, as we only met for the first time.

    But, I was open to learn more about this guy and tried to understand him. He suggested to go to the tea house by his car, even though it was only 10 min walking distance (along nice shops street). I prefer to walk and he was fine. Later at that night, he thought I was afraid of him doing something silly in his car if we went by his car.

    At the tea house, we ordered tea and some light meals. We chatted for longer until the tea house about to close. Then, he walked me to my car. It was a sweet gesture so I offered him to drive him to his car. He agreed and then suddenly he grabbed by my hand and started kissing me passionately. I was shock but quite enjoying it. We made out for quite a long time. He was a good kisser.

    Then, I drove him to his car.

    We had a second date. He picked me up from my office then, we had dinner. Again, after dinner, he insisted me to pay for the coffee. He mentioned several times how his previous girlfriend from China took advantage on him. In my heart I said, oh well… I am different. I am financially independent, and prefer to have a good share in a relationship.

    In the dinner he mentioned that he had a court problem on one of his properties and another thing was that his sister who lived in country needed his help to fix the house before selling it. He also said that he was an actor in Taiwan, for a commercial. He promised me to send the link of this ad on my email. He was so proud to be an actor.

    After dinner, he was about to drive me back to my office where I parked my car. Then, he decided to go for a drive a bit, to a beach. I was a bit unsure but I think I could still manage it. We went to a beach and sitting in the car. We made out again. It was very passionate. Even though I enjoyed it, it was a bit overwhelming as I came from a totally different world where we did not do this kind of thing in our first dates. But, I tried to open myself in this new world. He asked me to be exclusive with him, too. So, I thought, he was genuine. Although, I was still unsure …. it was only our second time to meet.

    Then, we decided time to go back as it was quite late and I had to go to work in the morning. He did not have to go work as he was semi retired (he lives from his investment properties and teaches English to Chinese students…. Even though his spelling was terrible). He also said he was born in England and had a strong British accent, which does not show at all.

    On the way back to my car, he asked me if I wanted to come to his place. I was so new into dating scene in western culture and was not really know what it meant. So, I said, “Okay, I can see your place then but not for long time as I need to go to work in the morning.” We chatted about his flat on our dinner. Then, he stopped the car across my car and mentioned that I was wasting his time!

    He dropped me without walking me to the car and not even say goodbye! He just dropped me on the street. I felt terrible and undervalued….

    Later on, he disappeared for a few weeks. When I caught him on the online dating website, I asked him whether he is in our city or in the country. He did not reply. He then called me after a few days. But, I did not response as I thought he was after only sex (as I was not interested to go to his place that night, he dropped me on the street just like that!). He kept calling me. We then texted message. I asked about his case in court (I was concerned about it), then he replied that I only after his money…. It did not relate to my concern at all and I was then wondering why this guy always thinks girls will take advantage on him. I told him that I was only concern as he was stressed. Then, he accused me for not being serious in building the relationship!!

    Oh well… who was not interested in building a genuine relationship?

    Evan, I need your guidance in entering this dating scene in a new world. Eventhough I have been in this country for 8 years, but I just started to open myself for this wonderful opportunity again this January 2012. I read your emails and learn a lot from it. I fall in love with a man who is now hot and cold. He pursued me intensively for a month and then suddenly changed when I declined to have sex with him as it was too soon for me. He changed the next day, after I said to him I was not ready for it. But, he kept me in loop occasionally by texting me.

    Then, with a support from a good friend and from learning from your emails, I am open to meet several men through online dating. I get good numbers of positive responses and wish not to loose my opportunity to meet and find the right man. I learn from you to be more open to men as I may find the diamond in one of the ordinary men. I learn from you that my soulmate may not be a perfect man, but he is the right one for me. But, I don’t know how to find him. I have standards but many times, it scares them off. In most cases, they disappeared when I prefer to delay having sex with them. I need to be comfortable with the man, knowing him well, before having sex. But, it seems, it scares them off.

    I do not want to miss this opportunity just because I was not sure about this different culture too. I have so many questions, Evan…. Please help me.

    Thankyou in advance

  5. 5

    Okay, so this is not going to sound credible but as the saying goes, “you can’t make this .. jazz up!” let’s call this a “Date of 1sts!”

    I had just relocated to Nassau, Bahamas in mid 2007 and as adventurous as I am I had gone galavanting all over downtown discovering it for myself. At the dock I had stopped to admire conch shells and was appoached by several men (they flirt a lot. No, A LOT!)but the one who got my attention was driving a small power boat. He offered to take me across to the prestigious Atlantis Hotel by water – that was going to be a first. So hey, I hopped on. Conversation led to plans of a date later that night so I said sure.

    He picked me up at the hotel in an old battered up pick up truck like the Sanford & Sons’ one, remember that one? Yeah. But the contrast was how nicely dressed he was. Oh yes, a nice black suit, bishops collar, so no need for a tie… smart. Hey, I had a wardrobe to match that. So, we stopped at my hotel, I whipped myself up like salad cream and came out looking stunning! Oh yes. Mind you, Evan, he had been raving about taking me to a very, very, fancy place. Well…
    We wind up on Cable Beach and he parks way up the road from any hotel and I have to walk 1/2 a mile in nice heels (grrrr!) to get to the first hotel I had stayed in when I had arrived there. Uhhh, the only resturant open at that time was Johnny Canoe. Oh, no! Let me put this in perspective for you. what do you get if you cross a Jack in the Box with say, a small touristy fast food place? Yeah, everyone, else, was sporting, Hawaian shirts, swimwear, flip flops, flippin sandals, sunblock AND sunburn!!! He insisted on “dinning there” inspite of my protests about being overdressed! Another 1st, right.

    What I didn’t know about this guy was that he was a self proclaimed singer and he thought what better way to promote himself and his music, than to start belting out songs at the top of his lungs whilst we were waiting to order. No conversation I started could stop him. Mind you, the whole time, he hardly looked at me but kept scouting the room to see if he had managed to garner a fan base there yet. I was riveted. He ordered little and stayed on the cheap side and invited me to order anythng I wanted. Sensing his shkrimping, I would let him know what I intended to order and he said that was fine, and that he would just have some of my food. Hmm! That’s a first!

    In a last ditch effort to bring some humility to him, I offered to say grace when the food arrived and he quickly lept over the food to stop me, insisting he had already blessed the food! lol! The horrified look on his face was worth the stunt! After more “ballads” that would make karioke sound heavenly, the fast food fancy dinner was finally over and he was eager to go dancing. Ha, a new crowd, loud music, I might enjoy the night without having to notice my company or be noticed WITH him. Hold on, is the club he insisting on going in to even open? Why are we?? Ohhhh. Yep, he just wanted to make sure the staff setting up noticed he was with me. Another first.
    So we went to the upstairs club and my new friends where dancing away and happy to see I had made it. Guess what? They are white couples, we are not. Noooo problem for me, BIG problem for him! He kept on going on about how he didn’t like white people and wouldn’t even make conversation with them or look at them. So he sat in his own corner. FINE!

    So I got up and danced with my friends only to feel him grinding up against me each time! Ewwwe! So I kept sliding away and I eventually promised him one dance at midnight and told him that I would like to go home soon after that.
    He was happy as Harry afterr we danced, and we left the hotel. As we were about to cross the street to head for the truck, we noticed that the first club had now come alive, but I was too tired. So we walked on and then all of a sudden, he flagged down a cab, asked the driver how much to my hotel, haggled on the amount, opened the door for me, closed it behind me and handed the driver the money and said “bye”. Off he went into the club and I was unceremoniously sent home! NOW THAT was a first! Nobody called the other and when I ran into him about 2 years later, I packed out laughing and it took a while for him to realize who I was. Trump that! lol

    I wasn’t able to send this earlier but I hope you get it

  6. 6

    It was all my fault actually

    I should have probably known when we started talking and he suddenly confessed about his real age. The dating site we were on I had a cut off, and he was just above it. I also found later that he had even exaggerated that. After we set up the date he confessed, and I, being silly, decided maybe age limits were shallow, and thanked him for his honesty.

    In retrospect he probably wasn’t ever honest about “accidentally” clicking the wrong box. But that was the beginning.

    I went out with him. We met at one of my favourite places and he seemed nervous and excited to get to know me. After the date he asked me if I wanted to come check out his house in an extremely rural part of the area.

    I immediately got the red flag that this guys sweet, shy exterior was actually possibly a cover up for being a total predator– why was he so intent on me coming back to his house in the far back woods in the country?

    I told him it was too far a drive for me, and I had to get home soon. He said I could leave my car there and we could carpool. *eyebrow raise*

    I told him that was a bit uncomfortable for me, having just met him, politely bid him farewell and booked it home. In person, he said he “totally understood”. A few days later got a message from him asking if I wanted to go on a long hike out in the wilderness –he felt more “comfortable” in rural nature he said.

    Funny, he seemed basically deaf when it came to what was or wasn’t comfortable for me..

    It’s possible he really was just awkward, socially out there and a shy nature guy, rather than a serial killer, but either way, he disregarded what I said I wasn’t comfortable with.


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