Evan Marc Katz on Tyra Banks Thursday

Just letting you know that I’m going to be on Thursday’s Tyra Banks Show.

The topic? “Seven Ways to Keep Your Lover”

I’m on for the full hour, speaking on a “love panel” about why men leave their girlfriends.

It’s a fast and funny show and if you have TiVo, I’d highly recommend checking it out.

Because Tyra is syndicated, I can’t tell you what station or time it’ll be on.

But I can say one of the things I’ve always wanted to say:

“Check local listings” to see when Tyra airs in your area.

More Advice From A Single Dating Expert tomorrow!

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  1. 1

    Watched you (& the other 2 on the “love panel”) on Tyra tonight – great advice as always! I really think that one couple is doomed, though, unless the wife learns to let go a little… she totally missed the point of the mommy group being for her to have a little time of her own, didn’t she? “Sure, that could be fun, if my husband & baby come along”. HUH? Jeez.
    But it was great to see you in person (sort of), giving the same straight answers you give here. Way to go! 🙂

  2. 2
    Evan Marc Katz

    Thanks, Jen. It was a ton of fun and was probably the best talk show experience I ever had. Tyra’s a dynamo and her staff was incredible. And yes, that one couple might have some serious struggles ahead of them. Thanks for tuning in!

  3. 3
    a girl evan dated

    Yay! good show. The rabbi chick was adorable. Oh, and LOVED the music introducing each of the 7 dudes.

    That clingy wife disturbed me too. She was so much cuter than her husband – hate to say it – and would probably have better dating chances than him if they both were single. She’s got deep-seated separation anxieties. Such a pity.

    I also felt sorry for the wife who’d gained weight and no longer felt attractive to her husband. I thought he was really empathetic towards her. Gaining weight can be seriously depressing.

    (On another note, I used go out with Evan and was formerly really sad when it ended between us. However, it was a totally positive experience for me to be able to watch him on TV and not find him the slightest bit attractive.


    Seriously, I’m really happy for his success and happy for myself that I’ve evolved past that point in time.)

    Keep up the great work Evan. You’ve always given good advice!

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