Four Reasons You Still Think You Don’t Need My Advice

As you can probably tell, things are heating up around here.

Once I decided that the best program I could offer you is the one that is comprehensive, interactive and affordable, it’s been all systems go.

My director, Ambika, has been indulging me for the past month as it takes about two hours to shoot a four minute video.

My interns, Lisanne, Karen and Onna, have been painstakingly working on the blog, posting photos, approving comments, and making things look good to the outside world.

My web team, Edgar and Tyler, have taken my big, unwieldy ideas and created something special from scratch.

But it all started with you.

Your answers to my survey gave me the inspiration to do something that no other dating coach does — a live, interactive coaching series, instead of just sending you a CD interview with some other relationship expert.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve given away tons of free information — special reports, and newsletters and blog posts and videos — all with one goal in mind: to help you understand how to attract and maintain a relationship with a quality man.

That’s an important thing to remember, by the way.

It only takes ONE man to make all this pain and confusion dissipate forever.

All the dates and the disappearing acts and the false hopes and the heartbreaks…they all go away if you can persevere and learn to make different choices that lead to better results.

If you practice what I am going to share with you in my FOCUS Coaching, you will save yourself years of repeating the mistakes that have plagued your love life, and open up to a new way of loving — one that actually WORKS.

I do hope that you feel I’ve been doing my job well — writing prolifically, stating my case clearly, justifying my observations with logic, and giving away a ton of useful content every week.

Check it out and pay attention to your inbox tomorrow for final instructions about how to get everything I’m offering to you at the lowest possible price.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Can’t wait to see you sharing it with the man you love!


P.S. If you still haven’t signed up for the early notification list, this is your last chance to do so. This is your only shot to get access to FOCUS coaching and exclusive bonus offers BEFORE everyone else snaps them up. Make sure you sign up below before Tuesday morning!

*UPDATE: FOCUS Coaching is now available! Click here to learn more about this coaching program for smart, strong, successful women.

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    Thanks for sharing your dating tips.   I think you’ll come across a lot better if you kept your head still when you speak.   All the best!

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