The Most Important Thing You Missed in My Webinar

stop wasting time on the wrong men and finally get the unconditional love

Was it because you were too busy? Was it because you had too much work?

Listen, I understand that a smart, busy woman like you has a life outside of me.

Still, you missed out on some really powerful stuff.

In case you missed it, yesterday, I hosted a free live webinar called How You Can Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Men and Finally Get the Unconditional Love You Deserve, and, I must admit, I’m still flying high.

Thousands of women from across the globe attended – all unified by the same purpose:

To stop dating selfish, immature, emotionally unavailable men and learn how to spot quality men – even if they’re only 10% of the population!

It was the most value-packed presentation I’ve ever given and I’m very sorry if you couldn’t make it.

But you know me: I’m not content unless I’ve helped every single woman who has ever given me her email or followed my blog. That’s why I’m giving you a special gift: a 9-page PDF summary of the live webinar.

Yes, I’ve cut the presentation by 97% so you can skim this presentation on your phone while you eat your breakfast.

Click here to grab the PDF summary of my webinar and learn EXACTLY what it feels like when you’ve met Mr. Right.

When you get to the end of the PDF, you’ll learn about an exciting limited-time opportunity to join Love U, my signature coaching course which has not been offered since last year.

I’d tell you more about it, but there are two big incentives for you to read this tonight:

    1. It’s a limited-time offer that ends this weekend.
    2. It’ll make you see what I see – that you can and WILL get the relationship you desire.

So, please click this link now to learn How You Can Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Men and Finally Get the Unconditional Love You Deserve, and enjoy the short version of the big event.

I’ll follow up tomorrow to see how you liked it, so be sure and read this tonight.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


P.S. Pay close attention to my blog for the next few days. I’ll be providing free advice and details on Love U for the next few days until we return to our regular programming next week.

Thanks so much for your time and trust. I’m excited to see you take control of your destiny and create the love you deserve!

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  1. 1

    I didn’t get a chance to join your webinar because of the time difference… Anyway, this is  such great information. Thanks Evan!

    1. 1.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      There’s a replay on Saturday AND we’re sending out a summary, so click on that link at the bottom of each blog post and sign up!

  2. 2

    In the middle of the webinar (tip 2) my browser had problems and couldn’t follow anymore. Will try to catch up, because I enjoyed it very much.

  3. 3
    Sum Guy

    Interesting stuff,

    I whole heartedly agree with your Tip #1 and Tip #3, these tips  apply equally well to men.

    I do have to add a   caution on Tip #2, being the CEO of your own love life (with the caveat the pdf is just bullet points and you likely get into the application of this tip in more detail in your program(s))

    Don’t go overboard on the:  you the CEO / him the intern mentality.   I can see it as a very useful mental flip when you have felt powerless.   Yet know a high value guy is not going to want to feel like he is being interviewed, or feel he is in the intern power dynamic…an intern being someone who is willing to work for free for just the opportunity without any promises.   That’s a very subservient dynamic.     I also don’t think you really want a guy who sees himself as an intern, I can’t see how a confident man would think that way.

    Rather understand high value men see, and know, they are CEO’s of their sex lives as well.   The good ones, are not interviewing you as an “intern” but as a fellow CEO as well.   Recognizing that you  have great strengths as well, to see if you can form a mutually beneficial arrangement, a win-win.   You are courted out of respect for wh0 you are and the realization that you have options, not a sense of obligation that it must be done to get you because the guy is an intern lucky to have the opportunity.

    OK let me just take a second to say I really hate using business analogies in relationships, I can’t think of worse ones, but  went  with it.

  4. 4

    Hey Sum Guy,

    As a Love U graduate I can reassure you that the flip side of being the CEO of your love life is that it’s our responsibility to create a place where men will want to be.   Where their work is appreciated, the environment is supportive, and they are well compensated 😉

    For me being the CEO means getting into a mainframe where I make decisions based on compatibility and not just get swept up by chemistry.   It also means not getting so overly into things emotionally up front that I’m hurt and take it personally when the compatibility isn’t there.

    1. 4.1
      Sun Guy

      Thanks GWTF

      i figured / was hoping it was something like that

      maybe too long in the C suite myself, hence my visceral dislike of the corporate metaphor 🙂

  5. 5
    Yet Another Guy


    Men fall in love faster and need less personal space.

    This information reinforces what I wrote about men going “all in” first and having to nervously wait until a woman catches up.   That is a trying time for a man because he risks playing his hand too quickly and getting friend-zoned.   If a man continues to display the kind of indifference that drives a woman to try harder, he is just not that into her.   In that case, it is better for her to move on if she is seeking an LTR.   I am glad that you brought it up.

    The “Attractive vs Important” slide is interesting because the “important” qualities that you listed do not test very well in the dating market.   Once again, a man who exhibits these qualities is more likely to get friend-zoned than find an equal.     Most women are looking for strong attraction (i.e., that “wow!” factor), not compatibility when seeking a partner.   The want to get swept up in the chemical soup.   If more women sought the qualities on the “important” list, guys would not feel the need to be indifferent dicks.   Being an indifferent dick is a learned pattern of behavior for most men that is usually the result of being friend-zoned one too many times.   Something in a man snaps, and he learns to not be what resulted in him being friend-zoned.   This change usually results in success, which only reinforces dickish behavior.

    1. 5.1
      Sum Guy


      i think the whole point of what Evan is doing is to get women to not fixate on the Attractive to the detriment of the Important

      do in that sense he is helping you

      i personally do not see it as an either or situation, Attractive vs Important, you can have both

      in fact I feel in my situation I’m high Attractive qualities which makes women think I must be a player, too good to be true, etc., that is, not have Important qualities.

      If you look at the Important qualities are lot of them are Attractive ones in just more depth

      1. 5.1.1
        Yet Another Guy

        @Sum Guy

        Concur!   I was just pointing out that a lot of guys learn to lean heavily toward obtaining and displaying the attractive qualities and indifference while masking the important qualities after being friend-zoned one to many times.   What I found to be crazy is that being an indifferent dick actually works surprisingly well.

        I think back to when I was young and vulnerable. I mentioned that I played lead guitar in a weekend warrior-type band when I lived abroad in Southern Europe for year and a half in another post.   I used to get a lot of attention from European women after each gig; however, I was too inexperienced and shy to take advantage of the situation (how times have changed 🙂 ).   I wasted all of those opportunities because I placed too much emphasis on the important qualities while ignoring the attractive qualities.   Those women were on holiday, and I was a lead guitarist in a rock band.   They were looking for excitement, to be wowed!   I was not what they had assumed.   I was very confident on stage.   I would literally hang off of the front edge of the stage while playing a guitar solo behind my head.   It was showboating to an extreme, but the crowd loved it.   I was this really reserved, cerebral guy who loved to talk about music off of stage.   That is not exactly what a woman who was looking to have a hot and steamy evening with a lead guitarist was thinking when she approached me.

        For better or worse, that experience was part of the genesis of the transformation into the YAG I am today.     Something in me snapped around age 24.   I set out to sleep with as many women as I could get to say, “yes.”   I hit the gym and transformed an athletic body into a very muscular body.   I never let an opportunity go untapped.   I learned to do and say whatever it took to get a woman to go home with me.   I got so wrapped up in the pursuit that ten years passed by before I knew it.   Most of my friends had married and started their families.   It was like waking up and realizing that the world had changed.

        1. Yet Another Guy

          *one too many

  6. 6

    I missed it because of time difference… I reside thousand miles apart from where you do. Have told my self to get up early that day… but oh well.. simply put, I overslept.   Sorry Evan!

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