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I’m taking off on Tuesday to do some media interviews on behalf of Harlequin Books’ 2006 Romance Report. The theme of this year’s report is “The Encounter”, which is to say, making the most of “real-life” chance meetings. The irony that I’ve made a career out of meeting people online doesn’t escape me, but I’m gonna do my best anyway. I’m just tickled by the mere fact that I get to wear the title “Romance Consultant”, if only for a couple of weeks.

Anyway, the Romance Report has all sorts of juicy tidbits, the type that you get when you poll 2000 people around the world.

Among my favorite factoids:

Men and women EQUALLY value sense of humor and intelligence in the opposite sex.

Men value attraction 11% more than women. Women value financial stability 9% more than men.

More women (43%) than men (38%) said that they have judged a person by his/her appearance in a first encounter.

Almost one in five men and women admitted to faking an encounter by “bumping into” someone on purpose.

Among reasons that we haven’t found Mr./Ms. Right, “no time” got 38% of the vote, followed by “no good places to meet” (28%) and “all the good ones are taken” with 20%.

I’ve already talked about this stuff to the New York Post and I have both CNN and ABC to look forward to as we lead up to Valentine’s Day. Fun, fun, fun.

Both Harlequin Books, and their PR firm, Burson-Marsteller, have been incredible, and are worthy of commendation. I even learned that my childhood friend, Lynn Messina, is a Harlequin author, under their Red Dress Ink imprint. So, to those of you who just think of bodice-rippers when you think of Harlequin, think again. They have some quality chick-lit, among other things. And yes, I’ve read Lynn’s books. And hope to see the movie they’re making out of her first one, Fashionistas.

Anyway, I’m off to get some sunshine. Thank God it’s Friday…

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