Millions of Women Believe in Arranged Marriage. Do You?

Today, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before: I’m going to be a matchmaker.

The man I’m going to introduce you to is an amazing catch. He’s tall, he’s cute, he’s intelligent, he’s successful. He comes from a close family and wants to build a family of his own. He’s got an adorable blend of confidence and humility. He’s played around a little bit, but is extremely serious about finding the love of his life. He really, really wants to get married to the right woman.

I’m telling you: this guy is objectively AMAZING – and I am so confident that you’re gonna love him that, well, I’ve already promised him that you would agree to MARRY him.

I’m sensing a little hesitation on your part, so let me reiterate: he’s an incredible man. Kind, sensitive, family-oriented, and ripped abs, to boot. I couldn’t imagine that any woman wouldn’t want to be his wife.

Really? You want to think about it? You want to see if you like him first? You want to see if there’s chemistry? You don’t believe in arranged marriage?

Believe me, I don’t take my responsibility as a matchmaker lightly. I’m only introducing you because I think you could be “the one” – the rare catch who is good enough for him…

Fair enough. But what if I guaranteed you that you’d like him? What if I promised you there’d be chemistry? What if I knew, deep down in my heart, that, no matter what, after six weeks, you would fall deeply and madly in love with this man?

It’s starting to sound a little better, isn’t it?

Believe me, I don’t take my responsibility as a matchmaker lightly. I’m only introducing you because I think you could be “the one” – the rare catch who is good enough for him, the charmed Cinderella who deserves the fairytale romance.

Are you on board? Please tell me you are.

He is a real romantic and loves fine dining, travelling, and jetsetting around the world. So if you’re game – and are serious about making a commitment to a man that you’ve never met before, I’ll make the introduction. Don’t worry. It’s not as weird as it sounds.

Just remember, you HAVE to fall in love with him and agree to marry him. Because if you don’t, someone else will. Probably pretty quickly.

You’ll do it? Great! You are a very lucky woman, and I thank you for trusting my taste in men. After all, it doesn’t really matter whether you have the same sense of humor, same goals, similar intelligence and values, or even want to live in the same city. All that matters is that you want to get married and you have sexual chemistry. The rest will work itself out just fine.

Tune in tonight to watch The Bachelor finale, and ask yourself how much sense it makes for these women to agree to fall in love with whomever ABC puts in front of them. If I’m the Bachelor, they’d fall for me. If your brother was the Bachelor, they’d fall for him.

The guy is arbitrary. It’s about 25 women competing for the ring that makes she show fly.

Sadly, the results reflect this reality.

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  1. 1

    It is easy to make fun of that show (especially if you watch it, since most of those people are idiots) but you could just as easily conclude that this show is a perfect manifestation of the Paradox of Choice…that if women (or men, for that matter) were removed from this idea that there is always someone around the next bend then they would actually focus on the people they do come into contact with regularly and be much happier.

    For that reason, the fact that the majority of the relationships created by that show end could be interpreted as what happens when people return to the world (and their many, many choices, which have been expanded exponentially by the fact that they are now pseudo-celebrities). Faced with choice, they once again flake.

  2. 2

    I am not a regular follower of the Bachelor, but despite my best efforts to resist, 😉 I did get pulled in to some of this season’s drama, including last night’s finale. Unless there were parts the editors left out (always possible), Jake’s choice was predicated on unbelievable physical chemistry with Vienna and little else.

    This had me thinking of some of your blog postings, Evan. Specifically, the role this kind of chemistry plays and how it’s often questionable in a successful long-term relationship. It’s interesting, too, because in the mounds of reading I have done, my understanding is that the best way for a relationship to last (especially for the 60-year duration Jake kept speaking of) is by not only having a physical attraction, but more importantly, an emotional attraction. He had both of these with Tenley. Emotional attraction is what usually suffers and this disconnect causes what was once a great bond to die.

    IMHO, Jake appears to have fallen victim to the high of smokin hot chemistry. I wonder what will happen when the fizzle subsides. Not that it matters one iota.

  3. 3

    So what’s your view on Million Dollar Matchmaker? 🙂

  4. 4

    I think that if they made one of the rules on The Bachelor that the contestants couldn’t be more than 2 years younger than the bachelor, we’d see much better matches.

  5. 5
    Cathy Elliss

    Sadly, some people actually do see the physical attraction as the main reason to not only get together, but continue or increase the level of commitment when they don’t have common goals or interests.

    I have a two week rule. Usually… if I still have a physical attraction to someone after two weeks then I might do something, even just dress up a bit for effect, or invite the guy for a coffee… thankfully usually the two week rule let’s most inappropriate crushes pass on by!

    When you work with the person and it lasts a bit longer, that can be a bit of an issue…

    So what is some advice from a man’s point of view to check and see if the man may be open to investigating further?

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