Should You Be Able To Sue If You Can’t Find Love Online?


A Brooklyn man is doing just that! A recent piece on reports that Sean McGinn is taking to court due to the “humiliation and disappointment” on lonely hearts “who feel rejected when their e-mails get no reply.”

Sean McGinn alleges the popular matchmaking Web site dangles phony date bait by posting profiles of people who no longer subscribe to its $39.99-a-month service. As a result, lovelorn singles have been “defrauded” out of millions of dollars and countless hours spent sending heartfelt missives in vain.”

McGinn is also demanding that the Internet’s biggest dating site “cease and desist its deceptive practices,” which he claims are “willfully causing emotional harm to the consumer and social harm to society at large.

“Match’s policy causes severe emotional distress and anxiety for some [subscribers], including those who keep writing e-mails to one member after another and never hear back because he/she is writing to people who’ve canceled,” his suit says.

So what are your thoughts on this case? Do you think, or any online dating site for that matter, deceives users with inaccurate claims? Would love to hear what you think. While we’re on the subject on online dating, click here to learn more about my Finding the One Online CD series.

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  1. 61

    BTW, I think someone should start a dating site for scammers to try to out-scam each other.

  2. 62
    Michael Ejercito

    LOL! Are you sure those aren’t Nigerian internet scammers?
    They could be Russians.

  3. 63

    I have profiles on match, eharmony, & chemistry. I have been active on all three sites since shortly after Valentine’s day. By far, I have had the best success on match. I don’t wink or write emails to anybody who hasn’t been active in the last 24 hrs. Very rarely do I ever get a “thanks, but no thanks” type of email. They either respond because they’re interested or my emails go unanswered. I’ve recently contacted all three by phone for various reasons and all were quick to respond. I’ll admit that my experience with chemistry has been off-putting. Few men respond to my interest, and even fewer show interest. I contacted Chemistry to see what could be done about this and I will have wait to see if it gets any better. My essay and pictures are the same as my match profile so why the problem? My point is this: if somebody’s unhappy with a service that they are paying for usually the company or person providing the service is willing to work with the individual and if all else fails, refund their money. People are more likely to spread bad press than good press & businesses don’t want bad reputations. I don’t know if the gentleman tried to resolve anything with match before litigation, my thought is he’s unhappy & wants some easy money.

  4. 64

    Suing is a bit extreme, but there’s always more to the story with these things.

    Many dating services employ deceptive practices. I had an issue w Chemistry where they automatically renewed my membership, and when you join there’s no option to opt out of “auto renew”, instead you have to cancel but when you do they give you the impression you’ll immediately lose contact w the folks you’re already match with.

    My cousin signed up for a personal matchmaking service in NY, only to find out it didn’t live up to is promises (putting it mildly). He then discovered that the NYS Attorney General has guidelines for dating services, i.e. fee limits, etc. and that the folks who ran the service had voilated. Only when he confronted the owner with this was he able to get a refund.

    Does this mean people should sue? Probably not, but people get frustrated and these services play on vulnerabilities.

    Online dating is much less expensive than a matchmaking service. If enough people grumble states will pass laws so the courts don’t get clogged up with frivilous cases.

  5. 65
    Christian Single

    Geez, what a surprising news! It is my first time to hear with this kind of headline that a member sues a dating site because he was not able to find “the one”.

  6. 66

    After recently having a run in with a corporate giant, I think the only way to get them to stop doing something wrong is to make it about money — they have to be worried that they are going to lose lots of it. The article simply indicates he wants to remove cancelled memberships, and to stop sending phony winks to keep members active. He is not faulting or blaming Match for real women not writing to him. Maybe the idea of dating sites engaging in misleading and deceptive practices isn’t a big deal to people, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing to force businesses to be moral and ethical — characteristics too many business will happily forsake in order to make more money.

  7. 67

    The article simply indicates he wants to remove cancelled memberships, and to stop sending phony winks to keep members active
    Has Match.Com ever sent a phony wink?

  8. 68

    Well with so many very high maintenance women out there nowadays that think they’re God’s gift to men certainly doesn’t help the situation either. And with these real pathetic dating sites that they have out there nowadays, that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  9. 69
    Kevin Schepis

             Match is a joke and something everyone should avoid. They are being sued by a lot of people and some cases are will hopefully change the way they scam people. They clearly write profiles and if they respond they type to make you pay more money for something else they offer. Stay away… if you want to meet someone online because of life etc. look into what you are paying for and some background of what other people are saying about it. I figured something was up with match so I tried to get the girls to go out for coffee a safe cheap way to get to know someone and no one was willing even making me their best choice etc. Stay away! One last point… the male to female ratio is huge, I hope guys want to date guys..

    1. 69.1

      to kevin schepis,

        …ratio of men to women on most dating sites is 13:1, I think  many women refuse to go on a internet dating site….

  10. 70


    I agree 100% with Sean! I would love to have a class-action lawsuit brought against Match!

    I am Asian. I am older, 57. Match has no age limit, nothing against race on their site. They can’t. Or, they’d be sued for racism and age.

    I have been on Match almost 6-months and this is my 2nd go-round on there! I have only met one man in person and talked on the phone to 2 men. Match says that almost 3,000 men have viewed me. How come my odds are so little?!!!

    The one man that says he likes me only texts me every 2 or 3 months. Big whoop! Maybe he works for Match! Like Match did in the old days – to fool people. Same with the 2 “men” I talked to on the phone.

    For women, Match only works if you’re Caucasian, Blonde, young, tall, fit, slender, athletic, and toned. The men are racist on there! I am Asian.

    The couples that Match advertises in their commercials are all Caucasian. And they all purport to having relationships after meeting. The one man I met only wanted sex. That’s it. And that’s what most of the men want on these supposed online “dating” websites.

    I thought Match would be better based on their commercials. NOTE: I said based on their COMMERCIALS – FALSE ADVERTISING! They’re not. The couples all say they have gotten into relationships after meeting on Match. They are just the same as every other dating website on here.

    I have joined ALL of the dating websites – and found no one. I joined Christian Mingle, eHarmony,, so many others. NO ONE. Even the men on Christian Mingle only want sex.

    eHarmony commercials are the worst! As they show couples getting married or have been married a long time after having met on eHarmony! Yes, again, I joined eHarmony!

    If Sean’s lawyers would like to continue to pursue a class-action lawsuit, I would join! I’m sure many others would, too!

  11. 71
    Ada Geiger

    All dating sites are stupid and addicting., eHarmkny, all the ones you pay for still promise you people when 1/10 of people actually hit it lucky. Any dating site sucks, get real,entry of fish sucks, Datehook up sucks, Cupid sucks, they all are addicting and screw balls get in there or broken girls in my case, lead you on. They say they want a good guy and beat the bush.. I was scammed on plenty of fish, never was before. Other girls have been shitty. Skout has been the most decent to me but still. I wanna sue also and take down dating sites. It’s not like going out and trying. You could still look desperate in public. We need someone who benefits us and meets our interests. Broken marriages, broken relationships, then those people get online.

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