The Spirit of Christmas

group of children with diverse cultures

Just because I’m a liberal Jewish atheist doesn’t mean I’m a barbarian.

I’d like to think I’m extremely tolerant of others’ beliefs and that this tolerance is reflected in my dating coaching.

After all, successful relationships are all about being fully accepted by your partner, and, in turn, fully accepting your partner, despite your differences.

I try very hard to practice what I preach.

While I sometimes have trouble accepting my wife’s chronic lateness, I have never worried for one second about her believing in God. As long as she accepts that we believe different things and doesn’t judge me for it, we’re all good.

Successful relationships are all about being fully accepted by your partner, and, in turn, fully accepting your partner, despite your differences.

So while I may be a very unlikely Christmas messenger, I sincerely hope that you read this entire email and find yourself touched by the message.

Last month, I went to a fundraiser in Beverly Hills and met an incredible woman named Jacqueline Caster. She is the founder of the Everychild Foundation.

When she told me what she and a group of other women were doing to make a serious difference in the lives of children in need, my jaw almost dropped.

I took her card, followed up, and met over lunch at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Pacific Palisades. I listened, enraptured, as Jackie told me her story.

She was a socially engaged lawyer who was on the board of several charities and was dissatisfied with expensive galas that yielded small returns to the community.

Listen to what she did next:

She created a small group of women –just over 200– who are each ready to commit $5,000 annually.

She targeted one non-profit organization each year with a dream project that profoundly helps children facing disease, abuse, neglect, poverty or disability.

She awarded up to $1 million annually to fund that project.

Is that the greatest idea in the world, or what?

95% of Everychild’s money goes directly to the charity.

95% of the donors come back each year.

And this is a group created by women, exclusive to women, for the benefit of disadvantaged children and families.

Why only women?

According to Jackie, women have less ego and are more willing to compromise. Why let some stubborn man get in the way of her charitable works?

Amen to that.

To be crystal clear, Jackie didn’t ask me to send out an email.

I offered.

I said I knew a lot of smart, strong, successful women with big hearts and lots of love to give.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and for helping raise $1M for children in need.

I said that if she had 10 slots open in her giving circle that I’d be able to fill them.

I said that Christmas was the perfect time for (tax-deductible) giving.

And instead of me sending out a newsletter that encourages you to invest in an online dating program, I would much rather put that same money to a greater cause:
– Kids in foster care.
– Kids who have been sexually abused.
– Kids who are gay and homeless because they’ve been kicked out of the house.
These are the stories that Jackie told me over lunch that touched me so greatly.

This is why I’m sharing it with you.

And while I am not allowed to join Everychild myself, I am going to put my money where my mouth is.

If you join the Everychild Foundation and send me a receipt of your donation, I will offer you the full suite of my products absolutely free.

– Why He Disappeared
– Finding the One Online
– 1 Year in FOCUS Coaching
– e-Cyrano
– And my NEW product, which will be launched next year.

If you and nine other women take advantage of this opportunity to help children AND find love, I will be in for over $10,000. My Christmas gift to you! 🙂

Click here to learn more about the Everychild Foundation.

Thank you for being a loyal reader and for helping raise $1M for children in need.

I can’t WAIT to get your receipt in my inbox, give you ALL of my materials, and hear about how you found the man of your dreams in 2014.

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,


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  1. 1

    Beautiful. Tears in my eyes…glad to see people ‘being the change’.
    Although, I would rather see them not be exclusionary to men – kindness is not gender dependent.

  2. 2

    Bless your heart, Evan.   I wish you and your lovely family a joyful Christmas (even though it’s not “your” holiday).  

  3. 3

    What they’re doing sounds amazing! And, this is a super generous gesture on your part. Happy holidays!

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