This Is Your Chance To Choose The Questions I Answer!

After ten months of dedicated service, my blog intern Cat has been promoted. This means there’s an exciting opening to take over the intern position, join my team, and put your stamp on the blog!

If you’ve ever thought, “I’d like to be a dating coach…” this is how you get your start. Seriously.

You get to read ALL the incoming email questions.

Including the weird sex ones.

You get to DECIDE which questions I answer.

No kidding. I receive over 150 questions each month, but I can only answer four. You’ll narrow it down to the best that I haven’t answered in the past. (This is why finding a regular reader who knows the majority of this material is paramount.)

You get to delete the comments of people who insult me and other readers.

Dissenting opinions are OK. Being rude to the host and other guests is not. Fortunately, we have such a great community here that probably 99% of comments are approved. (You may not always agree with what you’re approving, so an open mind is a must.)

You get a SNEAK PREVIEW of each of my answers one month in advance.

I may type fast and spell well, but I’m still prone to bouts of redundancy and cluelessness. It’s your job to make me look good when there’s a comma left off.

That’s the fun stuff. Now let’s get to the qualifications I’m looking for:

When Cat started this internship, she’d never used WordPress before, but she had a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of my old posts, plus a passion and enthusiasm for implementing “big ideas” and learning everything she could to improve the look and content of this blog. As a result of her efforts, we’re now reaching more people than ever before. So here are the basic things I’m looking for if you’re interested in taking on this exciting challenge:

1) Time — If you’re too busy to date, you’re probably too busy to screen hundreds of blog questions and comments. I only want a partner who can take this blog to a new level. Thankfully, that means closer to 5 hours a week than 20, but it does mean spending some time every day on the blog moderating comments, as well as formatting (and selecting a picture for) three blog posts a week scheduled for every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

2) Responsibility — running my blog isn’t the most demanding task, but it’s not something that can be dropped because you have something else to do. Over 100,000 readers a month depend on this blog running smoothly. (And that requires a reliable internet connection as well.)

3) Somewhat tech savvy — You may be available. You may be dedicated. You may know all of my old posts. But if you don’t know how to create and format pages on WordPress — or don’t have an interest in learning— this isn’t the position for you. It’s not brain surgery, but it’s a more technical job than a touchy-feely job.

Basic skills in Word, Excel, Twitter, and Facebook are pretty essential. And if you know SEO, you’re already at the top of the list.

So what do you get for the pleasure of running my blog?

Well, that depends entirely on you. It is, after all, a non-paid position.

Cat got promoted and now knows how to run a successful WordPress blog and Facebook fan page, skills that are becoming increasingly important in business today. Former intern Amy learned a new paradigm for dating and got free access to all of my products. Both were with me for a year and got to take social networking classes that I paid for. Other previous interns, Ben and Thomas got private mentoring from me as they started their own blogs, businesses and brands. Most importantly, I count all of them as friends to this day.

According to Cat, your greatest pleasure will be in putting your imprint on something highly important and lasting. You don’t know what a huge difference you make until you see all the “thank you” letters from readers we’ve touched! And you are the one who chooses which letters we run. That’s powerful.

If you’re qualified and want to work together closely on this important project, please send an email to blog at with your contact info, a description of your current job, how many hours you have available each week, a rundown of your technical abilities, and — if you have one — a link to your own blog/website/Facebook fan page/Twitter account.

I look forward to learning more about you.

Many thanks and much love,


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  1. 1
    Loreto Penaloza

    Ok why I’m good for this job.
    #1- I have great critical thinking skills — ok I don’t always put my own thoughts into practice and I let my emotions get the best of me but I KNOW the right answer.   And there is always a right answer when it comes to men.   Its either get out or give him a chance.  
    #2 – I have some time on my belt — I am offered to give advice on not only dating but marriage.   I know what works and what doesn’t.   Again, I don’t always put my knowledge into practice (see #1) .
    #3 – I’m compassionate and empathic — I know what its like to suffer.   Not only over a man but I mean REAL suffering.   Which I think helps to put things in perspective.
    #4 – Despite whatever I’ve gone through in my life I remain optimistic.   There is no sense in being otherwise.   I think this is what draws people to me and makes them believe in me… because I believe in them.

  2. 2

    Whoever gets this position will be one lucky person!

    Evan, your advice and this blog has been a goldmine of extreme usefulness. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so empowered prior to reading your replies to others’ questions. It has provided me with the proper tools to allow potential love in my life, all the while protecting me from the wrong men… and I am now able to read the red flags before the relationship has gone too far! For sure there are discrepancies at times, but generally, I’ve learned to trust my instincts and to not allow myself to look too far in the future (especially right after the first date!). Although I am still single, I haven’t lost hope for one can never be too old to find love. Thanks Evan and thanks to your past interns who chose great questions!

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