Tweet Me Right! Special Teleclass for my Newest Twitter Followers

Have you ever read this blog and thought, “I’d like to ask that guy a question”?


Okay, let’s try again.

Ever read this blog and thought, “I’d like to give that guy a piece of my mind?”

Great! Here’s your chance. I’m holding a special teleclass exclusively for my newest Twitter followers. In it, you will be able to ask any dating/relationship question that could be pertinent to the group at large.

Ever read this blog and thought, “I’d like to give that guy a piece of my mind?”

Since there are 1500 people following me – a few less than Oprah and Ashton Kutcher – I’m making a big push this week to reach 2000.

So if you follow me right now on Twitter – if you’re between #1500 and #2000, you will be eligible for an hourlong seminar with me

Click here to follow me on Twitter:

When you get there, send me a private direct message that says “Tweet Me Right, Evan!”

That way, when I reach 2000 followers, I will contact you via Twitter if you’ve been randomly chosen for this exclusive teleclass.

Can’t wait to hear your questions – and your complaints!

Talk to you soon.


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    Seinfeld is the closest comedy that incorporates the legitimate participation of women in society as anything but submissive, and anticipated to be.

    No one has yet managed to produce an alternative view that turns the heads of men for empowerment among strong women. If a woman were to do so, it probably would not work, but for the right man, it could be a gold mine.

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