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It’s funny how I’ve been working on this all summer, yet I’ve been jamming these last few days to get things just right. It’s like my wedding, but more stressful.

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Take your time, read the long page, consider how it applies to your situation, look at the benefits and the testimonials, and sleep on it.

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Warmest wishes and much love,

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  1. 1

    Hi Evan,

    I wanted to take a moment and say your new coaching program looks great, but after reading Why He Disappeared, I don’t need it.  

    The insight offered in WHD, was enough for me to “get it.” Another piece of advice you wrote a little over a year ago in a weekly newsletter changed my entire outlook on dating: you said something along the lines like “if a man is your friend, is nice, talks to you, etc., but doesn’t step up to be your boyfriend, then stop wasting time on him. A man, who wants to be your boyfriend, will ask you.”  That blunt advice, freed me to stop focusing my attention and hopes on a man, who was doing and not doing just that. He was my very good friend, but never asked me out.   It seems like at times, we want a relationship to work out so much, we ignore the obvious- like he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend. I remember reading your words, along with the advice in WHD, and it all just came together. It was freeing- like I could finally dump all this dead weight and not have to worry about why the guy wasn’t doing this or that.

    After I read that newsletter and WHD, I did what the harder part is- actually following the advice, changing, and moving on. I had some sad moments when I missed the guy who had been my good friend, but who had never taken it to the next level.   I started dating more people, keeping your advice in the back of my mind that the right guy WILL do what he needs to do, to be in a relationship.   I re-read parts of WHD several times. I really enjoyed the excerpt from your wife and learned a lot from that passage. When my guy friend contacted me, I’d respond as a friend- instead of someone who had all her hopes tied to this one person, because I didn’t anymore. It changed how I responded to him.  

    Two months after I stopped focusing on my “guy friend,” he actually asked me out on a date- a real one.   He called me and asked me. I didn’t have to hint, suggest, or ask him.   One month after that, we started dating exclusively and he asked me to be his girlfriend.    We just had our one year anniversary.   It is the easiest relationship I’ve ever had, I feel happy, relaxed, and there is no drama. He is wonderful to my boys, and he tells me he is looking forward to more and more with me. He’s never disappeared or withdrawn.   He treats me extremely well- he always did, but when I stepped out of the picture, he stepped up to the plate.  I’m not worrying or stressing about “where the relationship is going” because of the information I’ve learned from you.

    When you say the only power and obligation women have, when they are not getting the relationship they want is to leave- you are 1000% right. I’ve learned we can never change a man, or beg him, or manipulate, or bargain with him to have a relationship, or to commit but we CAN leave. It worked wonders for the relationship I had been hoping would turn into something else, but hadn’t. When I stopped providing the friendship that a girlfriend does, (we were never “friends with benefits,” just good platonic friends), but I wasn’t getting the relationship I wanted, my absence I think, made him realize he missed that and inspired him to pursue a relationship with me.     The most important thing I learned was I would be OK. If this man didn’t step up to the plate, he wasn’t the right one. I was creating the space for the right guy to step up by letting him go.    Turns out the space I created was for him!   I would never have learned this confidence without reading your materials, and I wanted to say thank you.   I have never been happier in my dating life, and I didn’t even receive coaching from you!

    If anyone is on the fence about signing up for the program, I’d go for it.   But you have to follow the advice- it really does work, but only if you take Evan’s advice and insights to heart.   It is easy to keep doing the same old thing.    It takes  courage, some risks, and confidence to change. But I’m someone who did, and I have a wonderful, strong,  happy, relationship with my best friend. Evan started me on the path, but I’m the one who did the work, and made the changes.   The best part is having that feeling, deep down, that you know you are enough and it isn’t dependent on what a man does or doesn’t do. Evan’s advice helped me find that part in me, really for the first time ever in my life.  

    Thanks again Evan!

  2. 2

    ann…wow…this is great,it worked out for you!   i am almost in the same boat…i agree it takes corage and risk to leave…i did read WHD and after reading your comment i am going to try that. even though ikve tried it many times,but always would contact him first again…sigh,this time i am going for it. thank you  

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