We (Sort of) Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

The polls are just about closed on my survey and I am eternally grateful to you for your participation. Since last week, I’ve gone through 1520 different relationship questions and looked closely to discover what’s most important to you.

Starting next week, I’m giving away a whole bunch of priceless content – videos, newsletters, blog posts, special reports – that addresses your biggest concerns about men. If you’re a regular blog reader, you know that I intend it to be thought-provoking, challenging, logical, and, most importantly, helpful.

I know I get on my soapbox from time to time, but it’s only because I care so deeply about you and the other women who come here to learn about men. When I give you a man’s perspective, it’s so you can understand how a guy might think – not because I’m expecting you to think like me. My hope is that you can understand the validity of the male point of view, and, instead of trying to change it or make it wrong, accept the fact that there are good, moral, intelligent, relationship-oriented men who aren’t always going to agree with you. The question is how you’re going to relate to them in spite of your differences.

I think we can all agree that knowledge is power. And if you’re armed with the wealth of information I’m going to give to you over the next few weeks, you’re going to be one incredibly powerful woman.

Because I’m working night and day on my latest project, my Thursday advice column will be on hiatus for awhile. But don’t go anywhere, as I’ll be posting new material on the blog more than ever.

I thank you deeply for being a reader – for caring so deeply, for challenging your own thinking, for speaking your mind – and I sincerely hope that this website adds something tangible to your life. If you only read the blog, but don’t get my newsletter, please click here to make sure you don’t miss any of my free April giveaways.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Your friend,


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  1. 1
    Cathy J

    Thanks for letting us know.

    Looking forward to the free giveaways.

    Wishing you a wonder – full Easter – a time of miracles!

  2. 3
    Cathy J

    Thanks Kat – it is has been both Passover and Easter in many parts of the world. Importantly this is a time for reflecting on God and his miracles.

    He so loved us and wants us to love each other – including the one who becomes our special mate.

    Go the dating coaches, spreading wisdom on how to find true love.

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