Young for Your Age?

I Look Better In Online Dating Photos Than I Do in Real Life!

Of course you are. I’ve worked with thousands of people over five years in the dating business and I’ve yet to meet a person who says, “I’m old for my age”. (Although everyone complains that their PEERS are old for their age!)

In light of this, I happened upon this online test to REALLY determine whether, in fact, you’re young for your age:


Be prepared with the results of your last physical/blood screening before you take this test. And do try to be honest. It’s amazing how strong the temptation is to lie about your height, weight and medical history – lest we be embarrassed in front of a computer. But I forced myself to admit to things I didn’t want to admit to – my woeful workout regimen, my love of red meat – even though I know they’d make me look bad.

Surprisingly, my RealAge turned out to be 32.3 (as opposed to my driver’s license age of 34.6). It’s the entrepreneur workout, I guess. Sit in front of the computer for 14 hours a day and forget to eat, and you, too, can stay semi-healthy.

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    That test was loooong. LOL But fairly accurate – according to them, I am 31.8 years old and I’m actually 32, so it’s a pretty good test if you give honest answers!

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