Your Big Chance to Tell Me How to Run This Blog!

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking to improve. I spend a LOT of time doing things I’m not-so-good at, like guitar lessons, salsa lessons, yoga, and anything involving technology – in the hopes that there will be a life-changing breakthrough.

Part of learning is being open to feedback, and so I’d like to solicit your feedback in the comments section below. If you’re a regular reader or a blogger yourself, your thoughts are particularly valid, so I thank you deeply for them.

1) What section of this blog do you look at the most? What section do you look at the least? What’s ONE recommendation you could make for the blog?

2) What should I do with the comments section on the right? A close friend says that regular readers want to see WHO commented and WHAT the comment was. If YOU were to design a comments section, what would you put in it? Do you even look at this section?

3) Similarly, how would you like to be directed to old posts? It’s easy to see the last 5 by looking at the left sidebar or scrolling down, but what would be the best means to get you to read the best answers of the past? There’s some good stuff that you may have missed in the past two years…

4) Did you know?

-that there are hundreds of the most popular dating questions already on here and that you can search in the search box to the left?

-that you can subscribe to have this blog emailed to you every day at the box to the left?

-that I have a separate newsletter in addition to the blog that you can subscribe to for more free advice and product discounts?

-that you can work privately with me as if you want to attract more people and make better decisions in love?

5) If you know WordPress, have 5 hours a week, and want to be the person who decides which reader questions get answered every Thursday, please email me at interns at evanmarckatz dot com. There is an amazing team that works on here and makes a huge difference in the lives of single people and I’d be honored if you want to be a part of it.

Ciao for now. Look forward to your thoughts.

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  1. 1
    Mikko Kemppe - Relationship Coach

    One idea that I use to redirect readers to old posts is to always reference your old blog post articles in your current articles if they are relevant to the post. To see an example, just visit my blog.

    But then again, you are already doing much better marketing your blog than I have been.

    I personally liked the blog format that you tried where you can reply to the individual comments. But I understand that with as many enthusiastic readers as you have, you may not want to have so many comments posted. But a good example is this guy’s very popular myspace blog:

    I do like how you keep your posts very inviting by always posting interesting material to read and by asking the readers opinions, which is something I have been trying to do also.

    All of the best!

    p.s. It is always great to meet another salsa dancer :)!!
    .-= Mikko Kemppe – Relationship Coach’s last blog ….Why Men Cheat? =-.

  2. 2

    Hi Evan,

    I really like your blog; I think you are sincere and it’s great to have a nonmisogynistic male perspective.

    1) I read the blog post itself and often check out the comments, especially if the subject is an issue that’s plaguing my dating life at the moment.

    2) I don’t look at the comments on the right; rather, I scroll down to the bottom of the blog post to see the comments there.

    3) I think a search feature is fine for me; however, I don’t like the search feature on this site. When I do a search, I am directed to your Lijit search engine, I guess it is, with an inner scroll bar that is hard to click and drag because it is so narrow (it’s mabye 2 cm. wide at most, at least on my 13″ laptop).

    4) Finally, and this is off point, but I thought I’d slip it in: it would be lovely if you would do something on the subject of cruel replies to personals ads… how to handle what they do to your psyche and have the courage to continue the online dating process when confronted with such meanness. I can compose the question with more details if you like. (Luckily, your commenters seem generally to avoid belligerance!)

    Thanks for asking for our feedback!

  3. 3

    Oh, and the ability for commenters to edit their posts would be nice, if possible.

  4. 4

    I found your blog from some blurb on my Yahoo home page that intrigued me. And fell in love with the way you write. Still do, but I also look forward to reading the comments. The regulars dissect everything, and give so many different perspectives. It’s what I look at first when I click here from favorites – who said what. So I like that sidebar feature.

    I like the way you have it set up now, except I can’t seem to copy and paste a section without getting everything above it and then having to copy and delete after I’ve pasted. Is this just me? It would be easier if you had that quote feature some forums have that automatically list the name of the post and its number being quoted for reference. The way you had it to be able to be post directly underneath an original post was handy, but too awkward…one had to keep scrolling up and down the whole thread to read any new responses. Not fun. Any software with a similar, yet easier layout?

    I’d like it if you would add bold and italics features. And especially emoticons. Yeah, they can be corny, but they are good at softening words that might come across as harsher than intended.

    I’m glad you do more posts to elicit opinions. But why only one letter on Thursday? Why not 3 letters a week?

    I don’t know wordpress. Where does one learn it?

  5. 5
    Mikko Kemppe - Relationship Coach

    Hi Selena,

    This is how I learned to set up a wordpress blog from scratch with no experience. I really enjoyed the free videos these guys from Australia made to create a wordpress blog:

    Hope it helps!
    .-= Mikko Kemppe – Relationship Coach’s last blog ….Why Do Women Cheat? =-.

  6. 6

    I’ve already e-mailed my personal thoughts, but I like most of the new format of the blog. I always read whatever you post, but then the part that keeps me checking the site multiple times a day is the comments. So I want to see what new comments have been made, because frankly, I’m already quite familiar with most posts. To me it usually doesn’t matter if someone is a regular or not because I’ve found some very interesting comments by people who only post once (or a few times). I’d rather know the last 5 different posts that were commented on, or all the posts that received comments that day. That way if a post got a comment 3 hrs ago, but your latest post has gotten 5 comments since then, it won’t get ignored.

    In terms of the archives you might want it featured more prominently on your webpage rather than at the base of your footer. Also, the tags are so general on those that it really doesn’t help to search by them. So perhaps if they were renamed with more specific ideas then it might make it easier for people to search by category.

    I also like Selena’s idea of being able to quote somebody’s text. I know other forums will let you do that and yet not do the nesting thing which was really annoying. Also, it’d be great to be able to private message someone through a forum, so that if you wanted to continue an off-topic conversation that began in the comments, it wouldn’t be deleterious to the thread.

  7. 7

    Remember what happened when Coke was replaced with the New Coke?
    Please don’t change the comment section again 🙂

  8. 8

    A working RSS link for posts. I would love to be able to plug this blog into Google Reader.

  9. 10

    Thanks Mikko for the blogger link. Will check it out.

    I like A-L’s idea of seeing all the different threads that had been commented on that day, not just the recent comments that may have been directed to just one.

  10. 11

    I have been reading for a little less than 2 years now, but I’ve been in a serious relationship for the past year and a half (thanks in part to your website, which opened my eyes to giving someone outside of my initial parameters a chance). So there’s not a lot in the daily blog that is of interest. I do, however, LOVE the weekly letter from your readers and the corresponding response, and have recommended that others subscribe just for that. There have been many times that I’ve wished I could just sign up for that alone, though.

    I’ve also recommended your website to friends who aren’t happy in relationships or are tired of being single. But it’s hard to figure out just where they should start. I mean, really. If I hadn’t heard of you or read any of your advice, why on earth would I want to shell out that kind of money for coaching when you could just be some whack job who likes to rip off broken-hearted folks? 🙂

    I like sending friends to the ‘best of’ section, but always have to hunt for it so that I can give them a direct link since there isn’t a good way to tell them how to get to it. Maybe you need a bar under the main header on the blog page that has the ‘best of’ as a section, and then various other general categories that most of the archived stuff would fall into so that popular topics are easily accessible…

  11. 13

    I’m with A-L; I liked the old system that listed the most recent blog posts that were commented on, not the new system where it only lists the most recent comments, which are often about the same post.

  12. 14

    @Steve: I’ve got EMK’s blog on my google reader right now. Just search on Evan Marc Katz…the feed link is:
    .-= Lance’s last blog ….Revelations Part II: What He Said, and The Plan =-.

  13. 15

    Could you add more for age 45 and over?

  14. 16

    I agree that I prefer to see the most recent posts that have been commented on rather than the most recent commenters.
    Overall, i think it looks great!

  15. 17

    @Lance, #14

    I was getting error message when I clicked on the subscribe with google button. However, I got it to work by pasting the URL out of the location bar directly into the google reader.


  16. 19

    As a proofreading challenged person I would like to second the proposal for the ability to edit comments.

  17. 20

    This blog is wonderful! My only problem, as a newbie, is finding the information that I’m looking for. It looks like some posts are archived in categories, and for some reason, I can’t always find the categories. Is there some way to make them more prominent?

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