Your Chance to Decide What Questions I Answer On This Blog

After six months of dedicated service, my blog intern, Amy, has just gotten a promotion at her “real” job. I’d like to think that my advice helped pave the way, but the truth is, she did it all herself.

What this means is she’s moving on from this blog, which creates an exciting opening. The candidate I’m looking for should have the following qualifications:

1) Time – If you’re too busy to date, you’re probably too busy to screen hundreds of blog questions and comments. I only want a partner who can take this blog to a new level. Thankfully, that means closer to 3 hours a week than 20 hours a week.

2) Responsibility – running my blog isn’t the most demanding task in the world, but it’s not something that can be dropped because you “forgot” or “weren’t in the mood”. Thousands of readers depend on this blog running smoothly.

3) A little tech savvy – You may be available. You may be dedicated. You may know a ton about relationships. But if you don’t know how to create and format pages on WordPress – and don’t really have an interest in learning, this isn’t the position for you. It’s not brain surgery, but it’s a more technical job than a touchy-feely job.

So what do you get for the pleasure of running my blog? Well, that depends entirely on you. Amy got access to thousands of dating questions and learned a new paradigm for dating from our interactions. My other interns, Ben and Thomas get phone coaching from me as they start their own blogs, businesses and brands.

But most importantly, I see you as putting your fingerprints on something highly visible, highly enduring, and highly important. You don’t know what a huge difference you make until you see all the thank you letters from readers we’ve touched. And you – the blog intern – are the one who chooses WHICH letters we run. That’s powerful.

If you’re qualified and want to work together closely on this important project, please send an email to [email protected] with a description of your current job, how many hours you have each week, a rundown of your technical abilities, and – if you have one – a link to your own blog/website.

I look forward to learning more about you.

Many thanks,


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