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    Karl R

    I’m skeptical about the methodology behind the study which claims people break up before Christmas, in the spring, and in the summer. They specifically state that they gathered these results by using appropriate search terms on Facebook status updates.

    Consider the following three hypothetical updates:
    “Spring break update – we couldn’t find a hotel, so we slept on the beach.”
    “I’m spending part of summer break upstate.”
    “I’ll be spending Christmas break up at my parents’ house.”

    Unless they specifically took measures to screen out people discussing Christmas break, spring break and summer break, they would have incorporated a lot incidents where people weren’t discussing breakups.

  2. 2

    Why wouldn’t they just use the status update of ‘in a relationship’ back to ‘single’?   That seems pretty reliable.

    This is a very poorly written article with not a lot of substance of how they conducted the ‘research’.   Do people, even really young people, advertise their breakups and how they did it in their status updates?   I’ll ask my 14 year old daughter, she might be a more reliable source 🙂

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