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    After reading the article “Alternative lifestyles: can sex dolls replace real women?” I have had to stop a moment certain things to rethink

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    Match has acquired Ok Cupid….there goes another free site.   Pfffttt.

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    Hadley Paige

      Evan, if you think that has spent significant $$$ in order to acquire OKCupid for the purposes of continuing to provide FREE online dating, I want what some of what you are smoking!

    What is more likely: A business spending $$$ for the purposes of (i) acquiring a competitor in order to give   free to people that which you are selling; or (ii) reducing and/or eliminating a significant competitor to the service (mediocre) which you are providing in order to maintain or increase price level. Hmmm. Think. Think.

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    Hadley Paige

    RE: Evan @5
    Evan, as your site is about dating and not business, I will limit my discussion of my point. In summar,y my feeling is that the better OKCupid is/becomes relative to the more OKCupid will canabilize paying customers>Thus a zero sum game for the new org. But if OKCupid customers have one less free site to go to, the more they will tend to go to & start paying.
    That’s my bet anyway. We shall see. I promise to admit I called it wrong if within 2 yrs OKCupid is still around /still free/still OK. Put it in your tickle file.

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    OMG Dolls?

    $4000? Why did you put this link up ? lol.   I don’t think we understand male sexuality as well as we think we do. Saying men like sex, doesn’t quite seem to be enough, when you are spending that much money on a piece of plastic!!

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    Yvette Francino

    Interesting set of dating articles.   I’ll check these out!   Thanks for putting them together!

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