Your Worst Date Story, Ever!

The dating biz is a small one. Pretty much everyone who gives dating and relationship advice in the U.S. is someone with whom I’ve crossed paths at one point in time, and most of them are pretty darn good people. A perfect example is my friend, Jennifer Kelton, who is the founder of

Find humor, catharsis and knowledge in sharing these kinds of experiences.

Although it sounds negative, Jennifer finds humor, catharsis and knowledge in sharing these kinds of experiences, and she’s giving you the chance to participate. Just send her your best worst date story through and have a chance to win a $50 gift card, a ”Worst Date Ever” tee-shirt and the online coverage of your story on

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As for me, I won’t be entering because it wouldn’t be fair.

As a veteran of 300 online dates, I have at least 5 that would trump your worst date, and virtually make your head explode with some version of “She said WHAT?!” Don’t even test me. I’ll win. 🙂

So please, share your worst dates with me in the comments section…then swing by Jennifer’s site and win something for all your pain:

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    OMG GB, what did you do? Did you block him?

  2. 32

    So I started talking to this guy on a dating app. We exchanged numbers and we had a lot in common… I was really feeling the guy. His schedule was the opposite of my schedule so it was very difficult planning a date to see each other. We texted and talked over the phone for 2 months everyday. So finally I asked him about a date that I was available and asked if he was too and he was after work (7pm). He told me his car needed new tires so I would have to come meet him(he lives in the city SF, 45 minutes away from me). I told him I was cool with that but since I was going to meet him  I suggested he should plan the evening since we would be in his city. So I drive to his place and called him that I was there. He picks up and tells me if I could wait because the game was on and that it was on fire I was like wtf. I parked my car and he walked me in his house and I met all his roommates all 6 of them… they introduced themselves to me…. Anyways he didn’t have anything planned for our date. He was conversing with his roommates and looking at his computer to keep up with the score of the game as I was just sitting there. So I told him we could go eat somewhere that has the game showing  … his roommates were suggesting places where to go eat…. so we decided LAST MINUTE where to go and then he changed his mind LAST MINUTE to going somewhere he wanted to eat …. fast food burrito place. I PAID because I’m a moron. After eating we sat in my car by his house and talked for 30 minutes and that was the end of it. Im mad because what a waste of 2 months of talking and what a waste of me getting dressed up for an asshole

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