Do You Want Your Partner To Treat You Like Royalty?

Have you ever been treated like royalty by a romantic partner?

Have you ever had someone offer to give you a foot massage after you worked out?

Have you ever had someone make you breakfast while you were still sound asleep?

Have you ever gotten a card that made you cry? Or a gift that made you gasp?

What a wonderful feeling, to be loved, appreciated, and honored. This kind of generosity doesn’t happen often, and when it does, it can be fleeting.

But it doesn’t have to be.

So what does it take to have a partner treat you like royalty?

Treat your partner like royalty every single day.

…Treat a guy well and he’s not going to go anywhere.


Treat your partner like royalty every single day.

Impossible, you say. You can’t make a partner be as thoughtful and generous as you.

Ah, but you can.

Treat a guy well and he’s not going to go anywhere.

In Why He Disappeared, I outline some of the most common ways that women unintentionally sabotage their own relationships.

Once you learn how some of your thought patterns and behaviors can accidentally alienate men, you can make slight adjustments which will create long-term connections.

If you’re like me, you get along with most people. You don’t necessarily want everyone to be your best friend, but there aren’t many folks that truly rub you the wrong way.

When you look at the few people who do, you’ll probably notice a pattern.

The people that you can’t be yourself around are either:

Self-indulgent, narcissistic, arrogant, and outwardly rude.


People who make you feel wrong.

Now, none of us like to think that we’re arrogant and rude.

But when it comes to relationships, we often find tiny ways to make our partners feel “wrong.”

Imagine you had a boyfriend who said things like:

“Why don’t you grow your hair longer?”

“Why do you always complain about your job?”

“How come you can never do anything spontaneously?”

“Maybe you should start working out more.”

“Why are you always talking to other men at parties?”

“How come you’re always hanging out with your annoying girlfriends?”

Yeah, guys can be really critical and blunt sometimes. I’m not going to defend their behavior for a half a second.

However, I’d like to point out that you probably do the same exact thing:

See, it’s easy to remember all the minor criticisms you’ve received.

It’s a lot harder to recall all of the digs you’ve taken at the men you’ve dated.

“Why can’t you put away your clothes in the hamper?”

“Would it kill you to make plans with me more than a day in advance?”

“Why didn’t you make a bigger deal about my birthday?”

“How come you’re always running 15 minutes late?”

“Why is watching football with your friends more important than seeing me?”

“Why do you always wear that ratty old shirt?”

See, it’s easy to remember all the minor criticisms you’ve received. It’s a lot harder to recall all of the digs you’ve taken at the men you’ve dated.

But you’ve done it. We all have.

Alas, nobody likes criticism – even if it’s valid.

Your observations may be correct, but your messaging needs a lot of work.

So if a guy told you to lose weight or stop seeing your friends, you’d probably get really angry with him. You’d have every right to, and I can see why you feel justified in your anger.

Because you want to be loved unconditionally. Because you want to be accepted for who you are. Because you don’t want to have to change for anyone.

Yet, somehow you still think it’s fair that your boyfriend should change for you.

It just doesn’t work that way.

True love is about accepting his flaws – not because he’s perfect – but because you want him to accept YOUR flaws as well.

By telling you to accept your man for who he is, I don’t mean that you should start putting up with unacceptable behavior. The man who cheats or lies or can’t communicate or commit is a man that should be LEFT, not changed.

But if you’ve got a decent guy who is flawed (as all of us are), it means offering him more positive reinforcement and less negative reinforcement.

What happens when a man says something nice to you – compliments you on your eyes, or your wit, or your triumph at work? It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

It works the same way for us.

Positive reinforcement makes a man feel great about himself AND about you.

On the other hand…

Negative reinforcement makes him feel bad about himself and about you.

Why? Because nobody wants to be told that he’s “wrong.”

I can only imagine how you feel about me because I’m telling you this!

Understand, being critical is a universal trait – not just a female one.

The great news is: by being a more supportive and accepting girlfriend, you actually bring a better side out in your man. That’s right.

Most men are used to women telling us what’s wrong with us. When we find someone who accentuates the positive and ignores the negative, we feel like a million bucks.

Want to be treated like a princess? Start treating your men like kings.

My wife is gifted at this.

She has set the bar so high, that I have no choice but to jump it.

It’s hard not to give when you receive as much as I do.

In that way, HER generosity has made ME a better husband.

YOUR generosity will do the same.

You can literally TRANSFORM men just by treating them with more kindness and respect.

This concept works on dates, in business, with family.

Want to be treated like a princess? Start treating your men like kings.

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  1. 31

    I think you can do nice things and be generous and kind, but maybe it’s looking at what you receive in return. My mother, for example, is a very generous woman, but my Dad is very selfish. I remember watching them both get out of the car with bags of stuff and my Dad wouldn’t even help. He was oblivious! I’d even watch her trip and stumble and my Dad would roll his eyes and not ask if she was OK. Selfish man. Now, this guy I’ve started seeing, I have done nice things for. He likes orange soda so I got him one when he didn’t expect it, little things like that…Well went to the grocery store with me. I didn’t expect anything, but he was so awesome! He offered to pack up the groceries, then he carried them for me to the house. Yeah he doesn’t buy me things, but how awesome I didn’t have to carry groceries! I think you can receive but not get it in the way you expect? Yin and yang, push and pull…

  2. 32

    This is in response to the women who feel like they give to their men but don’t feel valued in the relationship: ” I’ve always treated my men like kings and haven’t ever been treated like a queen?” and “I do treat my boyfriend like a king, but he just keeps taking & taking & I feel exhausted & used.”

    This is just my opinion and not “the truth” but you may want to consider that there are different ways to “give.” Giving is a masculine trait…it’s a Doing thing…men are providers and they are naturally givers. As women, it’s easy to take on the masculine role of giving and then find that our men may pull back and give less. That’s because we’ve taken their role of giving away and often “out-give” our man.

    A different way to look at it is the concept of “giving back” to our men. When our men give us things in the form of gifts, time, affection, dates, etc. sometimes our tendency is to give back at a greater level than they gave to us. I know, I’ve done this before. It can make a man feel uncomfortable. Often a woman is using her giving as a subtle form of trying to control the behavior we want from a man.

    If on the other hand, you’re conscious to give back things like a warm smile, words of appreciation and admiration for everything he does…from remembering to bring home  milk to planning a weekend getaway…men are refueled to want to do it again. Quality men give to make us happy and not to get something back in the same form. 

    Giving back is a feminine trait…leaning back and receiving what the man wants to give without ANY amount of trying to control what, how or when he gives…and then simply appreciating the gift of his time, energy, and thoughtfulness. 

    Amy #30 has been giving in a masculine way. Giving him Starbucks, blanket, 14 days of treats, although very thoughtful, it can be a turnoff for a man who is more comfortable in his masculine energy. He is the giver. We are the receiver and give back in the form of thanks, appreciation, admiration, affection, etc. When we do give back actual gifts or things like cooking a meal, it’s never in a way that “out does” what he’s already given.

    Let the man control the pace of the relationship and what, when and how he chooses to give to you. Receive graciously and give back the love, appreciation and admiration so that he knows without a doubt that you are happy and that his gestures make you feel wonderful. That’s all you need to do ladies! It’s so easy when we can let go of trying to control how the relationship goes and just allow it to unfold at HIS pace and natural giving style.

    If you’re not getting the attention and time, affection, etc that you desire from your man, you can choose to leave. You will not change a man from one who is stingy with his time and affection to one who gives more by over giving to him. However, you can change a man who is a natural giver and very generous to a man who pulls back and gives less by over-giving to him. Seems weird, but I have definitely experienced both. 

    I love the quote by Dr. Patricia Allen, “Women do not have ‘nagging rights’, only ‘leaving’ rights.


    1. 32.1

      Jodi @ 32 – I agree with what you are saying.  In fact when in my online incarnation as “Sparkling Emerald”  some men came over from the manosphere to speak out AGAINST courtship, and to take EMK to task for DARING to take a break from advising women and to advising men to “court” women.  They were extremely angry at the suggestion that men should court women, and were very mysogynist.  The basic premise seemed to be that except for our uterus and the passageway leading to it, women were worthless and did not deserve to be courted.
      I posted a 10 point list of non-sexual ways women reciprocate, in response to the gen’l assertion by the manospherians that women never reciprocate.  (basically,  a woman doesn’t go dutch treat on date 1, they see that as proof positive that she’s nothing but a gold digging leach, will always be a taker and will never reciprocate) 
      My 10 point list was similar in sentiment to your post.
      Well the manospherians copied and pasted my list and posted it on their website.  A few actually had a few good things to say about my list of how women reciprocated, but most just tore it to shreds.  Just used it as fodder for how “entitled” women were and undeserving of courtship.
      Some of the arguments against my list of feminine giving were as follows . . .
      MOST women DON’T do that, so the point is moot   OR MOST women DO that, so a woman who does that isn’t special   OR  I can pay someone to do that so why the hell should I court a woman ?  So, as far as feminine reciprocity, it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t.
      One guy went on his anti-courtship rant and instructed men to NOT DATE women but to arrange “meetings” where you dont’ take her anyplace special, don’t treat her special, just initiate sex, and if she isn’t at least giving oral sex by the second “meeting” dump her.  Basically, in his world, courtship would be replaced by men sniffing around women like a junk yard dog, trying to hump her upon first sighting, and if she was hot enough, give her a second chance “meeting” and if  she doesn’t put out, or at least give oral sex than it means she doesn’t “like you” and you should dump her.  His angry little sexually entitled rant did not indicate if a man should “like” a woman or not, just that she should “like” him enough to let him start putting out while getting NOTHING from him but sex.  So apparently, he only wanted women who “like” him, but hate themselves.
      Sometimes one of the guys from that website, who claims to be happily married, as many of them do, comes over here to try and convince us women that we should initiate a kiss with a man as a way of couching a “feminine” message in a “masculine”  way.   Not sure why “happily married” men are coming over to this blog to tell us women to basically “man up”.  Very puzzling.
      So there are a lot of confusing messages out there.  Men claiming they want women to “man up” and split the check 50/50 from day one, initiate sex on a 1st or 2nd date etc.  Or forget about “splitting the check” because women aren’t worth the effort to be taken out in public for a nice date, even if it is a free concert in the park, she should just settle for a “meeting” which is just code for a sexual encounter or an attempted sexual encounter.  (AKA hooking up or a booty call)
      I really think there are some angry men who aren’t doing well with women, and are trying to mess up the mate selection process for everyone else, with their pseudo online “happily married” characters giving REALLY bad advice to men and women, just trying to screw things up for everyone else.  I really do believe MOST of the  men are just venting, and when they find a woman who sets off their love alarm, they will put forth the effort to win her heart (and if they fail they will back to the manosphere hating women even more)  I’m a little bit concerned about these manospherians because unlike the pre-internet days, their frustration with women rantings don’t just stay in the locker room, it reaches a world wide audience.  Impressionable young men get the impressions that women really are worthless bitches only good for one thing, and should be treated as such, and impressionable women might get a hold of some bad advice and think they can actually turn a booty call into a real relationship.  The other thing that is so depressing about such “man holes”  is that they really are an incubator for angry, frustrated men like Elliot Rodgers, to go from being a bitter man, ranting on the web, to a serial or mass murderer.  And of course MOST men won’t take their bitterness to such a murderous extreme, very few will, but that is little comfort to the victims and their families.
      I think the best thing for women who are treating their men like Kings, and being treated like a subject instead of a Queen, is to assess their giving style to see if perhaps they are over giving or competively giving.  If they are giving in a feminine way, and not being treated like a beloved girlfriend than walk away.  Some men are just not going to ever appreciate a woman and her feminine ways.  It might be because he is just not into that PARTICULAR woman, or it could be that they are narcissistic takers and won’t reciprocate with ANYONE in any relationship.  Bottom line is, if you want be treated well, then treat the other person well.  If they don’t respond in kind, DUMP THEM.  I love that quote you ended with “Women don’t have ‘nagging rights’, only ‘leaving’ rights”   Women should exercise the latter and not the former.

      1. 32.1.1

        I can agree with a lot of what Jodi is saying, and yet I can also say that the idea of never spending a significant portion of our money on a man is not right. You show me a man who has been with his woman for a few or more years, and wants a Harley, who isn’t going to be wildly appreciative if she buys him a Harley. But, Jodi did touch on the real problem with giving for some women. We compare and contrast things. We are bean counters. We ruin our thoughtful gift in some way buy bringing it up later as ammunition in an argument, or when pushing to have something our way. This is what turns men off. This is why some men may not be comfortable getting a gift of value from a woman. They likely see it as coming with strings attached. Like, what’s this going to cost me? But, if you make as much or nearly as much as he does, and never buy him anything of value, then he’s going to see that, and it’s likely going to come off as simply being selfish. The truth is, we are to an extent. We aren’t nearly as generous with money and gifts as men are, which is why we mess it up when we do give gifts of value. So, I think the idea is to learn to give a gift because we simply love and care about the person, and then realize that once the gift is given, you can never eve bring it up in a fight, or argument, or negotiation, because then it does come across in a negative way. You might as well not give the gift if you can’t resist doing those negative things. Give because you love the person, not because you want to use it as leverage to manipulate them. You can’t tell men to adapt too the new changes if you aren’t going to adapt too. We are not just the receivers. We demanded the right to equality. We demanded the right to equal pay. What good is it if we then demand to be treated like 19th century women who did not have money of their own? You can’t tell men to man up and get with the times when we aren’t doing it ourselves.

    2. 32.2

      Jodi, I am curious, what are your thoughts on the man that expresses interest but leaves it up to the woman to do the calling and the traveling to see them? I think that puts her in the position of pursuing, and he can really just take it or leave it. Or is that an unreasonable assumption?

  3. 33

    I have to disagree. I treat my boyfriend really well, compliment him, give him massages, surprise him and he does not reciprocate at all. Unfortunately it has been like this for years =(

  4. 34
    Michaelia Smith

    Well said.  Your “criticism” was needed and received!  Thank you for this! 

  5. 35

    Well, in theory this sounds great. In reality, if u have a guy who is “not perfect”, maybe pretty spoiled and feels entitled cuz He’s had a chronic ailment since he was young and Mommy told him he deserves the best! 
    Sooo.. Jump forward in time, nothing is really perfect, nothing is “the best” that’s a tough nail to hit. Find the perfect wife, put her on a pedestal cuz she treats u lIke a king? Nah! Not when u r reassured that u deserve that treatment, u take it for granted. U even lose respect for the person who is treating you so well, cuz deep down u know u did nothing to deserve it. Deep down u realize they are fools; to be abused emotionally and manipulated for what more can be had. 
    Also, think about the statement that familiarity breeds contempt. If someone us doting on you and you just happen to be a selfish person, you will take and take and not give back. U will lose respect for the person who is giving too much and your response will not always be to give back! U just may take more and get all full of yourself. It happens….  

  6. 36

    agree 100% I’m tired of people treating others like shit when they try to do everything to please them…

  7. 38

    i am indeed one of the fortunate ones….. After 5 years of “courtship” together with many highs and lows…. My man and I were married a fortnight ago. It was a beautiful and intimate ceremony which represented the specialness ( is there such a word) of our relationship. I even call him my king and he, my queen. We adore doing little things for each other, and do it willingly without any hidden agenda, because we want to. We are walking testimony of what Evan is suggesting…and it works.

  8. 39

    Men take women for granted when we treat them like kings.  It never fails.  You treat the guy with love and kindness, and he comes out guns blazing with the criticism of my flaws and no reciprocation.  The only time a man ever realized my value was when I left.


    1. 39.1
      Evan Marc Katz

      Thank you for the world’s worst advice, LC. “Don’t treat your man well.” Everybody take note and do the opposite.

  9. 40

    I treat my man like a king. I do everything for him and anything he wants. But he’s goes ape shit if I ask emotional or ask for more love and support. Sometimes I feel like he treats his friends and dogs better than he treats me. He admits that it’s double standards when he is allowed to react a certain way and I am not.

  10. 41

    My husband doesn’t respond like a normal person would. We’ve been together for over 2 decades and I fell in love with a guy who paid a lot of attention to me and responded to me when we were younger. He purposely doesn’t respond to me, or laugh at my jokes. Acts like I , or anything I like, is beneath him. The more I like something, the more he hates it. It’s a problem he has because he comes from such a critical, negative family. He shows some love, but rarely tries to connect. I think I have been keep our marriage going for years by being the person who has been doing it all! Planning dates, vacations, gifts, etc. He is baffled as to why I am no longer investing in him beyond cleaning and cooking. I just have nothing left. There is no real attempt to reach my heart that would soften the daily put downs and constant complaining and negativity. The only time I like him is when we are at church and he is being attentive and acts like the upstanding man I married so long ago. His parents are in their 80’s and bickering each other to death. Meanwhile, I just want someone who accepts me and stops treating me like an annoyance. Especially since I work myself to the bone to take care of the family and keep the house running.

    1. 41.1
      Karmic Equation

      Read “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and “Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel.

      You might be better able to understand yourself, your husband, and your relationship after reading them.

  11. 42

    I treated a boy like a king and he left and went back to his ex so I don’t agree with this

    1. 42.1
      Karmic Equation

      Hi Megan,

      I think you made the mistake that most women make, which is believing that GIVING a man everything he wants will make him happy. It doesn’t, as you’ve come to find out. Treating men like kings on make them take you for granted.

      My experience is that ALLOWING men to do what they want (barring inherently harmful behavior to you, e.g., abuse, or to the relationship, e.g., cheating) is what keeps the man around. They feel lucky to be in a relationship where their every thought and action aren’t policed.

      Respect his decisions even if you don’t agree with them. Voice your disagreements respectfully, etc. THAT is what men want. To be allowed the freedom to make his own decisions even when in a relationship. To be allowed to think differently than you and still be accepted by you.

      It’s kind of a paradox, really. Once you let go of seeking to control a man, often, he often stops fighting for his freedom from you. By giving up what you want, you get what you want.

      God has a sense of humor 🙂

      1. 42.1.1

        The unfortunate thing about not caring what your partner does ie let him do what he wants, not ask him questions, enjoy him when he is available, always do your own thing when he does his, is that HE doesn’t WANT his partner to do what SHE wants.  He wants HER to sit at home waiting patiently for him while he is off in the world and yes, he will always come back.  But God forbid you go and get your own life, don’t wait around for him and live your own life and then you are subject to all kinds of manipulation to try and get you to stay ‘grounded’ while he is off flying.  He will hint he wants to see you to get you to hang around and if you do – pull the rug out etc.  Men do NOT want women doing their own thing and not caring what they are doing.  Men want women sitting at home waiting for them to return.  No thanks.

        I have never asked either my ex husband or recent partner, where they were or what they were doing. Didn’t care how long they took.  If they did what they did, I went and did my own thing.  If they wanted to spend time with me, I tried to make myself available – but I sure am not going to sit around waiting, which is what men actually want us to do.  They go out with the boys – they sure as heck do not want you going on a girls night out.  I wonder why?  With my advanced years I’ve figured out why they don’t want us to behave like they do in a relationship.  It doesn’t work.

        1. Callie

          This is a generalisation based clearly on your own personal situation. But it’s not actually logical. Letting a guy do what he wants doesn’t mean he won’t let you do what you want. It’s a specific kind of guy who won’t let you do what you want: an asshole.

          But there are plenty of men who are confident in themselves, who trust their partners and aren’t controlling. My boyfriend is definitely one of them and so were basically all of my exes (I’m one of those weirdos who is friends with all her exes still and really never chose a bad dude, all great upstanding guys). So is my dad for that matter, in fact he’s the one who prefers to stay home vs my mom.

          So yeah, I understand where your resentment comes from and any woman who is not getting equal treatment in her relationship, is dating someone who doesn’t trust her and who controls her, needs to get out of that relationship ASAP. But that doesn’t mean all men are controlling and untrusting.

  12. 43

    This could not be more true. I started dating my boyfriend 1.5 years ago, when he had only been divorced for a couple of months. Our courtship was over the top amazing and fast because I treated him like a king. He told me he loved me within the first three weeks. And then he panicked and pulled away. The truth is, I grew extremely anxious and needy about our relationship (even though I didn’t show it, he could feel it) because it felt like the most amazing thing I had ever experienced and I was petrified to lose it. He was the man of my dreams! From his perspective, I seemed like everything his ex-wife was not — caring, sweet, giving, etc, and it scared the crap out of him — he didn’t think he deserved that. We had a few months of difficulties during which I continued to treat him with the respect and love I knew he deserved without expecting anything in return, but I was pretty sure our relationship would not last. We broke up a few times but kept being drawn back to each other. Then about a year ago, during one of our “off” times I discovered that he was online dating and I sat him down and asked him a very straightforward question: Do you feel good when you’re with me? Do you feel that someone else could make you feel better than I do? If you do, then let’s just walk away from each other for good. And he said no, that no one else could make him feel better but that he felt he needed to explore his options after his divorce. I asked if he felt he had done enough exploring and he said yes. And since that day, our relationship transformed dramatically and beautifully, even though I continued to treat him the same way I always had: with supreme adoration and respect. But by asserting myself in a way that did not belittle him when I did not like something that he did, I helped him to think about his life in a new way. A man will NOT do this with nagging or complaining —  he will do the opposite to spite you! He went from pulling away constantly and guarding me from his children to bringing me into their lives completely, from not making plans with me on a regular basis to having 4 set nights a week that we always spend together (and he asks me if he wants to make other plans those nights), plus eating dinner or hanging out on the other nights/afternoons when he has his kids. He brings me flowers, buys me dinner, tells me I’m beautiful, offers to help me with things, never says no to me when I ask for help with anything.  When something comes up that frustrates or angers me, I take many deep breaths before bringing it up and I always try to phrase it in the most loving way without judging or condemning him. I never nag him for anything and always kiss him when he walks through the door, no matter how rough my own day was.  I stroke his arms and head while we’re sitting watching TV and he just melts into my arms. We never fight! I’ve also made it clear through my words and actions that he’s not responsible for my happiness — only I am. And when I feel down, I don’t look to him to build me back up. I look within myself to find what I need, but he’s always there cheering me on, rooting for my deep happiness. Sex is amazing, like toe-curling amazing. I am always 100 percent willing to be with him sexually because I love him so deeply and crave that beautiful connection with him. Because I am always willing to satisfy him, he makes absolutely sure that I am satisfied sexually as well. He says he would never look anywhere else for what he needs because he has everything he wants with me.

    This is a man who went from not knowing if he could be in a relationship with ANYONE to telling me he loves me multiple times per day. When he is a sarcastic SOB and I just laugh and take it as the joke it is instead of getting offended by it, he tells me how amazing it is to be with someone who lets him be his true self without trying to change him. He thanks me for all that I do to help with his kids, when I make him meals, and all that I do to make sure he feels like a king.  He has transformed into the most grateful, happy, sweet man, because I gave him the respect and love he needed to flourish.

    DISCLAIMER: I am a strong, independent, single mom who has been on her own for many years before meeting this man, so trust me when I say that I’m NOT a pushover. I simply realized that my life can be everything I want it to be with the man of my dreams — all I had to do was stop fighting my urge to be loving and giving (like society tells women they need to do to avoid getting hurt and walked over), and just give in to the feminine energy that radiates from my core. Now if he had not become this grateful, beautiful, loving man, I would have simply walked away. I would not have allowed myself to be used or pushed around. But I would have walked away knowing that I gave my love freely, without chains.

    My wish for the ladies who get so incensed about the whole idea of giving love without expectations is that you can open your hearts and see that men are fragile and need love, too. There is no weakness in being his calm beautiful paradise from the rest of the world…in fact, there’s a tremendous amount of strength and beauty in giving that to someone you love so much. HUGS.

  13. 44
    Jessica m

    Excatly Amy alot women got this dumb thing in their heads “I must treat him like a king at a times” Err WRONG!  doing that only makes him feel like he’s “your boss”

    When I don’t date men u only wanna be treated with respect but not a queen cuz that is something I am not. I’m no royalty , I’m not related to royalty  so why should we expect to be treated as such???



    1. 44.1

      No Jessica – Treating a man like a King doesn’t make you his “subject” it makes you his queen.  If he  regards the relationship as a King/Subject relationship and not King/Queen then walk away.

      Are you familiar with the concept of metaphors ?  Colloquilisms ?   The “Royal Treatment” “King” and “Queen” are not to be taken hyper-literally.  It does not mean you literally have to   bow before your King or Queen or call each “Your Highness”.

      In non-hyper-literal terms treating EACH OTHER like royalty, means making them feel loved, respected, appreciated and that they are IMPORTANT to you and being LOYAL to them. Why wouldn’t anyone want to be treated like that by their beloved ?

  14. 45
    Get Smart

    Is is really a woman’s fault for being taken advantage of because she didn’t leave?

    NO!  Real men don’t take advantage of or mistreat women.

    1. 45.1
      Karl R

      Get Smart,

      In dating and relationships (as with most things in life), determining “fault” isn’t productive. Presumably, you’d like to solve the problem, not just find someone to blame.

      An example:

      Some years ago I ended up unemployed during a recession. It is extremely difficult to job-hunt during a recession, and it’s brutally hard to date while unemployed. While I think we can agree that the economic recession was not my fault, it was still my responsibility to find a job (and improve my economic and romantic fortunes).


      Defining the problem … and solving it:

      There are men (and women) who mistreat and take advantage of their partners. Why do they do that? Because they gain an advantage by doing so. (It says so, right in the words “take advantage”.) If you decide to wait for those men/women to voluntarily give up that advantage, in order to benefit you instead … well … that seems a bit naive. They already demonstrated how little they cared for your well-being when they mistreated you and took advantage of you.

      Since these men (or women) are not inclined to look out for your well-being, its your responsibility to do so. The easiest way to do that is to leave and find someone better.

  15. 46

    My boyfriend treats me like absolute royalty…I mean, it could not possibly get better than this.

    But if he did not, I would have dumped him. I never understand when someone is in a relationship and keeps giving constantly, gets nothing in return, and constantly complains about the consequences of doing so.  And I disagree with a previous poster, it IS your fault when you stay and put up with this kind of treatment.  You teach people how to treat you.  Some are so scared of being single that they put up with anything.

    1. 46.1


      It’s wonderful that you know your worth and will put up with no less. Kudos. Congratulations on the fantastic relationship and for choosing so well.

      But it’s not that simple for everyone. You wrote elsewhere that your parents divorced and you were much better for it. You learned from a young age that breaking up is okay and, in some cases, the best outcome for all. Not everyone grew up like that or were given such messages.

      The point being there’s myriad reasons people stay in less than perfect relationships beyond fear of being lonely, including (but not limited to): family, religious beliefs and pressure, financial instability and reliance, lack of knowledge or education, fear of repercussions for them and their children, etc.

      Everyone should be lucky enough to believe as you do that the only relationship worth being in is one where you’re treated like royalty. I would just caution against judging others before you understand their situation.

  16. 47

    This is such awesome advice from Evan!  I absolutely love treating a man like a king.  I am now divorced, even though I treated him well.  He feels that I did not treat him well, because sometimes I had to work late and could not get dinner on the table at times.

    In the list that Evan says “imagine you had a boyfriend who said things like…..”

    I had a husband who said almost all of those things to me.  Even though I treated him like a king.



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