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dating coach for smart, strong, successful women Evan Marc Katz
You’re a catch.

You look good for your age. You’ve got a big heart. You know you’re an awesome girlfriend.

Despite all that, you’re frustrated by your inability to find a quality man.

It’s not hard to get unattractive men to pursue you online, but when you do discover a “quality” man, he usually ends up being inconsistent, unavailable or not as great as he first appeared.

This can take a toll on your heart.

It makes you second-guess yourself.

It makes you doubt men.

It makes you believe that love is reserved for other people, not for you.

Please, stop.

Such thinking is normal, but it’s not healthy, nor is it true.

Love is possible.

Love is real.

Love can be yours.

I have it.

Thousands of my readers have it.

Millions of people around the world have it.

None of us are any cuter, smarter, or better than you.

So why do some people get to live happily ever after while others silently despair?

Love is possible. Love is real. Love can be yours.

That’s a great question – one that can’t be answered within a short email.

That’s why I’m offering you a special gift next week that’ll help you discover where all the good men are hiding and how to make them want to choose YOU. Keep reading to learn more:

Who: You and me!
What: A free webinar called “How You Can Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Men and Finally Get the Unconditional Love You Deserve.”
When: Tuesday, September 12th at 5 PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern)
Where: Wherever you have a big screen to watch my powerful (and very pretty!) presentation.
Why: Because you want to find love now and don’t want to waste another second.

Here’s the link to get registered now.

Right now, take out your calendar and block an hour and a half next Tuesday evening.

Can’t wait to teach you something powerful on my free webinar, and answer all your questions on a live Q&A at the end.

Warmest wishes and much love,

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