Love U Masters Coaching

Exclusive Six-Month One-on-One Coaching Program

Here’s what you will receive when you register for my Love U Masters Coaching program…

Love U
Lifetime Access to Love U

My comprehensive online course for smart, strong, successful women who are ready to take action and find love.

  • A tried and true blueprint that will get you the man you want.
  • 26 weeks of videos to help you understand men and find love
  • 26 weekly exercises to reinforce the concepts you learn
  • Learn everything you need to know to meet and marry a quality man.
Online dating profile written by me
I will create you a one-of-a-kind profile with two 200-word essays (About Me, About Him) after you fill out my e-Cyrano questionnaire.
Online Dating Photos
Professional Online Dating Photos
Get 4x more attention on your profile with new profile photos taken by LookBetterOnline.
Why He Disappeared
Why He Disappeared
My bestselling eBook that explains everything you need to know about why men choose some women and not others.
Believe in Love
Believe in Love
An easy, 7-step process that gives you all the tools you need to date with confidence and optimism, and attract the man of your dreams.
Finding the One Online
Finding the One Online
A comprehensive home-study guide about how to master the art of online dating and attract quality men online: 7 audio downloads, a 180 page transcript, and a 35 page workbook.
Focus Coaching
FOCUS Coaching

18 hours of coaching on 18 additional topics beyond what I cover in Love U.

  • Unmet expectations
  • Bad behavior vs. misunderstood behavior
  • Moving on
  • Insecurity
  • Courtship
  • Online dating profiles
  • Long-distance relationships
  • Age and dating
  • Men and money
  • Life/Love balance
  • Compromise
  • Intimacy
  • Men behaving badly
  • Dealing with exes
  • Dating and kids
  • Race, religion, and politics
  • How to make him fall in love with you
  • What men want
Love U Facebook Community
A place for you to connect with other smart, strong, successful women who are also committed to finding and keeping love.
Online Dating Photos
Love U Group Coaching
Get access to weekly group coaching calls to ask Evan your personal dating and relationship questions.

Most importantly, Love U Masters students also get:

13 biweekly hour-long coaching sessions – in which I walk you through my entire six-month curriculum, and answer your questions about every phase of relationships and the men you’re dating:
  • If you’re trying to meet men – I’ll give you a digital makeover, log into your dating site, help you look up cute guys, write confident emails, flirt, master the online dating process, and screen men to ensure the highest quality first dates.
  • If you’re actively dating – I’ll cover how to be a great first date, how to date multiple men, how to understand male courtship behavior, how to deal with sex and intimacy, when to take your profile down, and when you should know he’s your boyfriend with long-term potential.
  • If you’re in a relationship – You’ll learn to pay attention to his red flags, which flaws you should overlook, how to remain relaxed when you don’t know where things are headed, how to be a great girlfriend, and most importantly, how to distinguish your wants from your needs in choosing your partner for life.

Masters coaching clients are the women who get the best results.

Evan Marc Katz is the BEST!!
I’m engaged! Thanks to you, I finally found the man that’s perfect for me! He’s my best friend and teammate, we laugh and have fun together and I trust him in every way. You really helped me look for the right combo of Character, Compatibility and Chemistry. I’m quite certain if I hadn’t worked with you one-on-one, I would still be single and searching. The bottom line is that I followed your instructions and advice, and I couldn’t be happier because of it! Evan Marc Katz is the BEST!!
Shannon K
It worked like magic!
I was not even sure what I was doing wrong, but I knew I needed a change. With your help, I have learned a lot about boundaries, flirting, patience, and accountability in dating. I finally stopped overthinking, and started paying attention to the actions of men. It worked like magic! I am engaged to the love of my life and I am happy! As you taught me, that’s what good relationships do!
Olga S.
I now feel ‘safe, happy and secure’
After divorcing an emotionally unavailable man, I had two difficult, long term relationships and had gotten used to being treated badly. I needed to understand that I deserved more, that there were some good men out there. With your help, I did. I became the CEO in charge of my own life, not subject to the whims of men. Now it’s one week before I get married. I now feel ‘safe, happy and secure’…which was exactly what you wrote in my online profile 7 years ago! Thanks so very much for all your support.
Christine D
I fully credit my marriage to Evan.
I was 43 when I called Evan. We worked on understanding men and how not to make excuses for their behavior. After I completed private coaching, I got married and I fully credit that to Evan. Through working together, I finally learned how to be in a healthy, positive relationship. Even today, I still refer back to things I got out of Masters Coaching. I’ve never felt more confident and relaxed and have even become a resource for friends who want to find a nice guy.
Catherine M
I hit the jackpot!
I got engaged last week! I gotta admit: it’s been a loooong road to this. Honestly, there were times where I really thought I may never find someone. My goodness, Evan, thank God you’re in this business to help women find love. Thank God you never give up. Sounds trite, but it’s amazing to have a true partner in life. I feel like I hit the jackpot on Matt. Not only does he love me, and make me laugh – but he actually LOVES to clean and do laundry. Anyway, all kidding aside, I just wanted to thank you for being the person to guide me along this path.
Bonnie K
We’re expecting a child!
Yesterday, I got married – my husband and I started planning our engagement party, and during the planning decided we didn’t want to wait another year to get married so we thought we’d turn our engagement party into a backyard wedding and surprise all the guests. We’re both so very happy AND we’re expecting a child together next March. I can’t quite believe how quickly things turned around from just over 2 years ago when I was working on myself to change my relationship patterns. Thank you for what you do and the role you played in changing things for me.
Alexia L