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compromiseCompromise has gotten a bad rap, but it shouldn’t. Compromise doesn’t mean settling. It doesn’t mean putting up with unacceptable behavior. It doesn’t mean marrying a man you’re not attracted to, whose company you don’t enjoy. Smart compromises — like those you make for your job or your home or your family — are ones that ultimately make you happy. But when the stakes are high and you don’t trust your own judgment, how do you know what you should and should not compromise on in your relationship?

In this essential FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn:

  • The massive difference between compromise and settling. They both involve tradeoffs, but one makes you happy and one makes you miserable.
  • The two qualities that a man MUST have in order to be a great partner. The richest, hottest, smartest guy in the world is USELESS without these two traits.
  • Why “yes” should be your default setting in relationships. If you’ve ever had a man steamroll over your needs, there’s a temptation to push back. Don’t. Your easygoing, supportive nature is what makes a man want to give more and commit to you for life.
  • The three things you absolutely, positively CANNNOT compromise on if you are to have a happy marriage.


Includes one audio download (coaching plus a recorded Q+A) PLUS a bonus Top 10 List PDF for easy reference