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Dealing with Exes

dealing with exesIf there’s one thing everyone has in common, it’s this: we all have a past.

We’ve loved and lost and had our hearts broken. We’ve stayed too long. We’ve given up too quickly. We’ve settled on someone where there was little chemistry or kindness. We’ve dated online with a mixture of elation and horror. Because of that, we’ve drawn a bunch of semi-true, semi-rational conclusions about our exes and the opposite sex overall.

In this FOCUS Coaching call, I’m going to tell you just how to deal with your exes — what’s reasonable, what’s unhealthy, and what you should expect from the next man in your life.

In this essential FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn:

  • Exactly how you should break up with a guy. Unless you’re married, it’s not a multi-month process; it’s a three-minute conversation.
  • The only way to stay in touch with the ex you still want back. Hint: it doesn’t involve texting, sex, being best friends, or waiting for him to become like he was in the beginning of the relationship.
  • How to talk about your exes with your new boyfriend. No need to be weird or coy. Just don’t lionize or demonize him and you can say whatever you want.
  • The most important philosophical shift you can make about men — namely, that your ex is not the last man on earth and that you should stop treating him that way. ANY guy has a better chance of making you happier than the one who already failed to.

Includes one audio download (coaching plus a recorded Q+A) PLUS a bonus Top 10 List PDF for easy reference