FOCUS Singles

Race, Religion and Politics

Some people are afraid to touch the third rail. Not me

In an increasingly polarized world, how much do you have to think just like your partner? As a liberal Jewish atheist who married a woman from a conservative Catholic family, I’m here to tell you that you can date across the aisle — as long as you share basic values, treat each other well, and agree to disagree on certain issues.

This FOCUS Coaching call is sure to challenge how you think and, maybe, just maybe — lead you into the best relationship you’ve ever had.

In this essential FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn:

  • Why there’s nothing wrong with having preferences for race, religion and politics. The problem is when you assume everyone who disagrees with you is the same.
  • How to avoid mistaking similarity for compatibility. If being alike were a sign of compatibility, no Christians or liberals or black couples would ever divorce. Guess what: they do!
  • The formula for determining whether you can be with someone who is different from you; it’s not complicated but it’s essential that you understand this before you fall in love with the wrong man.
  • Why differences of opinion only matter as much as you make them matter. A selfless, easygoing, patient, communicator is a better spouse than a man who thinks just like you but doesn’t make you feel safe, heard and understood.

Includes one audio download (coaching plus a recorded Q+A) PLUS a bonus Top 10 List PDF for easy reference