Love U Frequently Asked Questions

About the commitment:

I’m a busy woman with lots of previous obligations. How much time is Love U going to take me?

Give me 5 minutes a day and I will give you a husband. I’m not kidding. Each week, there is an average of 25-35 minutes of videos on different relationship topics.

Watch the videos, do a short exercise at the end, and voila — you’re going to have all the tools you need to understand men and find love.

Can you finish these videos in less than 6 months?

Love U is not something that you can knock out in one weekend. There is a very specific reason that this course lasts for six months – and that’s because I want it to WORK.

Watching 20 hours of videos at once like binge watching a TV show isn’t the way I want you to digest this course.

So what you get is an email once a week to notify you about a new half-hour of video content, an email 3 days later highlighting a core concept, and a short exercise to help make these lessons take root.

By making this achievable to even the busiest women (5 minutes a day to understand men and find love!) I believe I offer you the best chance of getting great results – even if you really want to rush through this course as quickly as possible.

Can I cancel my Love U Membership at any point in time?

As long as you cancel during the first 30 days of the course, I offer a 100% full money-back guarantee for Love U. Simply reply to the email confirmation you’ll receive after you register, write Refund Love U in your message, explain why it isn’t working for you, and I’ll refund you for the full amount, no questions asked. However, Love U requires your full commitment to succeed and we do not offer refunds down the road. Once you stay past the first 30 days, you’re committing to understanding men and finding love over the remaining five months.

Do I have to keep doing this? What happens after 6 months?

You graduate. You get a certificate. You’ll be a master at men and relationships.

Ideally, you’ll be in an easy relationship that helps you feel safe, heard, and understood, and all the drama and confusion of your past will be a distant memory.

But if you’re still single and want to continue your journey with me, you’ll be invited to join Love U More. It’s a small group experience for Love U graduates where I coach you by phone twice per month and answer your questions in a private online community each day. Basically, I will hold your hand until you reach the altar!

Okay, I’m sure you can help me, but what can you guarantee?

Well, first I’m offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. If you register today and decide in the first 30 days of the course that you don’t believe in Love U, simply send me an email explaining why it isn’t working for you, and I’ll refund you for the full amount, no questions asked.

Second, I can’t guarantee you a husband or a boyfriend, no more than a personal trainer can guarantee you lose 25 lbs, a therapist can guarantee you become happier, or a recruiter can guarantee you a specific job. I provide an invaluable, one-of-a-kind service — the ability to make smart, healthy relationship choices on your own for the rest of your life.

And that’s what I CAN guarantee — that by the time you graduate Love U, you’ll feel more confident, more self-aware, and more in control of your own destiny. You’ll no longer wonder why men do certain things. You’ll no longer take off years from dating out of fear. You’ll no longer stay in bad relationships for too long. You’ll be able to create your own love life from scratch, carry yourself with confidence, and attract a commitment-oriented man — if not during the six months of Love U, then inevitably afterward.

About the price:

Tell me about the price again.

You’ll get:

  • 26 weeks of short videos to help you understand men and find love (Value: $12,000)
  • 26 weekly exercises to reinforce the concepts you learn (Value: $1,000)
  • Bonus #1 — 5 FOCUS Coaching Calls (Value $235)
  • Bonus #2 — (Video) “Too Much of a Good Thing: Why Your Work Strengths Are Your Relationship Weaknesses.” (Value $97)
  • Bonus #3 — My Bestselling Program, “Why He Disappeared” (Value $47)

The bonuses alone have a combined value of almost $400.

The Love U curriculum is the same thing I teach my $12,000 Masters Clients.

You get Love U for only $79/month for 12 months.

ONLY $79/month? That’s nearly $474 over six months.

It is. But honestly: if you could write a check for $894 to create a lifetime of love, fun, sex, commitment, and happiness, would you even hesitate? Of course not.

How about saving an extra $100 on the same offer, which is an even better option?

So your real question isn’t about the money, but whether it’s going to work for you.

Okay, Evan, it’s worth the money. I just don’t want to SPEND the money.

That’s a little closer to the truth. And I completely get it: you don’t want to spend money on something that seems unnecessary. After all, millions of women find love without Love U. Why should you have to invest in a course to find love?

Great question. But I have a question to your question:

  • How many more years do you want to struggle with men?
  • How many more years do you want to be alone?
  • How many more years will you invest your time, energy and money in things that are comparatively frivolous — cars, vacations, furniture, fashion, beauty?
  • How many more years are you going to deny how much you want to be loved just because you’re afraid of failure?

Because to me, THAT’s the crux of it. You’re not afraid of investing the money in a quality program like Love U.

You’re afraid of what happens if this doesn’t work. You’re afraid of doing anything different — and you justify it by staying in the exact same place you are today.

Low-stakes, low-rewards. Spending more time at work than on love, even though you know that love makes the world go around.

So I’m certainly not saying that Love U’s monthly cost is nothing. I’m saying that when you look back in 30 years at how happy you were to have spent your life with one special man, you will certainly not remember the modest monthly expense it took to get there.

Are you ever going to sell Love U for less money down the road?


Private clients pay $12,000 for six months of coaching.

Love U Inner Circle members have invested $2000 in this course.

You get it for only $79/month or $800, or the cost of $4 per day.

Is there a student discount? A senior discount? A middle-class discount? Something to make this easier for me?

Hey, I understand where you’re coming from. I’m not saying this is cheap. It’s not. And if joining Love U would take food out of your mouth or jeopardize your living situation, you shouldn’t do it, plain and simple.

But if that’s not the case — if you’re a normal middle-class to upper-middle-class woman who has a little disposable income that’s allocated for other things…

…just ask yourself how much longer you want to be in this position — confused, lonely, frustrated, and unable to create lasting love on your own.

I’m offering you everything I know — everything that has helped thousands of other women find happy relationships — for $79/month for 12 months.

Is it an investment? Yes.

Will that investment be worth it when you wake up to breakfast in bed, a dozen roses, and a thoughtful gift for your next birthday?

You bet it will!

See you in class!

About the course:

I’ve read all your books. Is this just the same material?

Not even close. My three products are Why He Disappeared, Believe in Love, and Finding the One Online. As of yet, I have no products for dating, understanding men, relationships, sex, commitment, communication, or compatibility. While I’m proud of my first three books, they are merely the tip of the iceberg for what you’ll learn in Love U.

I don’t like the idea of dating online. Is this just about how to find a man online?

Not at all. Love U covers every aspect of love: confidence, meeting men, dating understanding men, commitment, sex, and relationships.

Online dating is just one solitary week of the 26-week Love U curriculum. While I think online dating is a valuable skill to have when creating a love life from scratch; it’s not the main thrust of Love U — just another valuable tool to help you get the love you deserve.

Will this help me create an online profile that attracts the right men?

The sixth week of Love U is specifically about online dating and it describes, in great detail, how to write an effective online dating profile that attracts more men and higher quality men. Regardless of Love U, you may benefit from going to and getting the Gold package. I have a dozen Evan-trained writers who do INCREDIBLE work in capturing what makes you unique and attracting higher quality guys. But, no, you don’t need to go outside Love U to learn to create a one-of-a-kind dating profile.

Do you address dating via phone apps?

Here’s my feeling about phone apps – Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc: they’re just another way to meet people. They’re convenient and frictionless, meaning, they take no effort whatsoever. Thus, there’s very little skill involved in swiping right and sending a text to meet. Thus, there’s very little to teach on that subject. Love U is about much more than that – confidence, flirting, sex, communication, chemistry, understanding men, etc. So while I don’t directly address how to use an app in my videos – the tools you learn in Love U are relevant whether you meet a guy on Tinder or through a mutual friend.

What is your success rate for marriage?

I think it’s perfectly relevant to ask a question about “marriage rates” from a dating and relationship coach. However, that is not a metric by which I – or anyone else – can measure his success. Please allow me to explain a little further.

Put it this way: if a personal trainer helped a 400lb woman lose 150lbs, is she a success or a failure? Well, the woman is STILL 250lbs, but I’d say the trainer was a big success. That’s how Love U works as well. I will never make promises I can’t keep. You’ll never hear me say that 78% of my clients get married in the next 12 months. That’s for a few reasons:

1. I have no control of my clients. All I do is give advice. If I give great advice and it’s not followed, I can’t be held responsible.

2. I can’t keep track of what my clients do after they’re done with me. I may work with you in Love U for six months. But if you’re following my advice, you shouldn’t get married for 2-3 years. Unless you come back to inform me you’re married, I’d have no idea.

3. Progress isn’t only about getting a ring on your finger. A woman who hasn’t dated in 10 years is a success by getting online. A woman who normally stays with abusive men for five years is a success if she dumps a bad guy in 6 weeks. A woman who has a happy relationship but doesn’t want to get married is a success. You see? They’re all steps towards the same ultimate goal – confidence that leads to healthier relationships.

So do I have hundreds of marriages to my credit? Yes. But I measure my success based on whether my clients tell me they’ve learned something valuable and empowering. I’m confident that when you join Love U, you’ll have the same exact experience.

When can I expect to see results from Love U?


I don’t mean that facetiously. I mean that quite literally.

What I love about Love U is that once you learn something, you never forget it.

So when you dive into our first week and watch those first videos, I’m going to bring you back from the depths of despair, reframe your negativity, and give you an instant jolt of confidence that will carry through this entire program and beyond.

Every week, you’re going to have some major aha moment that reshapes your perspective on dating, relationships, and men, and before you know it, everyone you know will see a difference: Your friends. Your family. And especially the guy you end up dating.

So while I’ll never make a promise I can’t keep, I’ll say this with all sincerity: Nobody has ever worked with me and said, “Man, that guy didn’t know anything. He didn’t care. I didn’t learn a thing that I didn’t already know.”

You’re going to gain immeasurably in each and every week, so by the time you graduate you will not have any blind spots when it comes to men and relationships.

In other words, if you don’t have a boyfriend by the time you graduate Love U, the question is not a matter of if — it’s only a matter of when.

About who Love U works for:

I have a bad picker. Will Love U help me?

Yep. In fact, it’s the primary purpose of the program. My belief is that you’re wonderful the way you are. It doesn’t mean you can’t stand to learn things like how to write a great profile, how to flirt, and how to communicate effectively with men. But it does mean that the primary reason you’ve struggled in love isn’t YOU, but rather, your choice of men. When you graduate from Love U, you’ll quickly be able to weed out the time-wasters and identify the keepers.

I’m in a relationship. Will Love U help me?

Yes. The first month on Confidence is extremely important, because if you don’t have confidence, it’s hard to make healthy relationship choices. And the last three months are exclusively focused on relationships: Understanding Men, Relationships, and Commitment.

Furthermore, apart from the week about online dating, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how relevant a lot of this dating stuff is to your relationships. Confidence matters. Past Baggage matters. Flirting matters. Courtship matters. And if, for god knows what reason, your relationship doesn’t work out, you have the dating tools to get back out there quickly. Not to mention, in three months, you’ll get access to all the relationship videos/exercises, which is exactly what you need right now.

Many women came to Love U with boyfriends and either strengthened their relationships or learned that they needed to dump their boyfriends and find new ones.

Knowledge is power.

I’m an older woman. Will Love U help me?

I know there are different challenges for a 60-year-old woman than a 35-year-old woman. But believe me when I tell you that 95% of dating and relationship advice is the exact same. We’re talking about men and women. Dating and relationship dynamics. Communication. Commitment. Confidence. Self-awareness.

You need to understand all of those things — at any age — if you’re going to succeed.

I’ve helped many women in their late 50’s through mid-70’s find husbands, and I have no doubt that I can help you too.

I am a widow on a fixed income. Will Love U help me?

Listen, finances are a very personal thing. Without looking into your savings, monthly budget and bank statements, I’d have no way of knowing if this makes sense for you financially. Are you living hand to mouth? Are you solely reliant on social security to pay rent? Are you taking food off the table to join Love U? If so, then save your money and take care of yourself.

However, if you don’t want to grow old alone, you feel that finding love is a priority, and you have a little discretionary income, then Love U is a sound investment. You can join for only $149/month for six months and get the love you deserve, or you can stand pat as you are. Whatever you do, I support your decision, and hope that you find the happiness you deserve.

Finally, I’ve helped other widows in their 60’s and 70’s fall in love and get married. When you enroll, you’ll see a picture in the Understanding Men module of Linda kissing her new husband and you’ll see what’s truly possible when you put your mind to it. 🙂

I’m an Asian / Hispanic / African-American / Indian / Persian / Christian / Jewish woman. Will this help me?

My belief is this: 95% of all relationship dynamics are universal – in other words, they are relevant regardless of age, color or religion. This is not to say that 20-year-olds and 60-year-olds are the exact same or that African American women and Caucasian women are the same. It’s only to point out that most of what determines relationship success is not based on the 5% – it’s based on confidence, self-awareness, healthy communication skills, boundaries, optimism, warmth, and being able to assess your partner’s compatibility in the long run based on what’s important in a partner. Thus, I don’t have specific modules for blacks vs Asians vs. Hispanics – that would be impossible. I have, however, successfully helped women of all ages, colors, and religions understand men and find love since 2003.

Then where are their pictures? I see a lot of white women on your site.

I bill myself as a coach for smart, strong, successful women and I can’t help who hires me. I will say, however, two things:

1. I get a lot of clients from cultures with parents who frown upon dating, and I’ve proven to shorten their learning curves due to their relative inexperience.

2. I have a LOT of clients who are simply too shy, private, or embarrassed to put up their face on my site. For every face you see on my website, there are probably 50 who have written me emails thanking me for helping them find love.

I’ve experienced abuse and PTSD due to childhood trauma. Will Love U help me?

Love U does not treat abuse and PTSD directly. This is a comprehensive, easy, affordable video curriculum that tells you how to gain confidence, set boundaries, date and navigate relationships with joy and ease. I do think you can benefit from it, but your condition may require therapy that goes above what Love U provides in its videos.

The way I see it: no matter who you are and what your baggage, it’s my job to help you make the most of what you’ve got. So have I helped other women who dealt with abuse fall in love and get married? Absolutely. Do I have anything in the course specifically targeted to abuse survivors? No, I do not.

What if I sign up but don’t have very many dating options in my small town?

Love U is a base of knowledge. Nothing more, nothing less. By joining now, you get lifetime access to this material whenever you see fit. Confidence, Meeting Men, Dating, Understanding Men, Relationships, Commitment. Is it more relevant if you’re actively dating? Possibly. But since neither you nor I are going to pick up and move tomorrow, all we can do is make the best of your current circumstances. Listen, I helped a woman in the Yukon (population 1) find a man from Minnesota on Match who moved up to be with her. So I don’t think anything is impossible if you’re serious about finding love.

Ultimately, your success is more about how you use Love U than it is about the number of men in your small town.

In other words, somebody gets happily married in your local area. Why shouldn’t it be you?

About you:

Can Love U help me get my ex-boyfriend back?

Love U is a comprehensive program that spends the entire first month on Confidence. And, not to give away the ending, but the goal of this portion of the course is to allow you to let go of your ex-boyfriend. Not change him. Not get him back. Not to fix his problems and make him treat you better. But to cut him loose, wish him well, and move on to a relationship that’s simply healthier and easier.

So can Love U “help get your ex-boyfriend back?” No. But I hope it can convince you that you don’t WANT your ex-boyfriend back.

What Love U WILL do is help you heal, grow, and find both a better man and a better long-term fit for your life.

I don’t need this. The real problem is that I just haven’t met the right guy.

Maybe you haven’t met the right guy. But, I’d maintain that it’s entirely possible that you wouldn’t even know Mr. Right if you saw him. I know it sounds ludicrous, but if every guy you thought was Mr. Right has turned out to be Mr. Wrong, perhaps your picker is a little bit off.

I’m not putting you down — for 35 years, I also invested my energies in the wrong women and was blind to what was truly important.

In other words, I came this close to passing up my own wife. So isn’t it possible that, like me, if you’re single, you’ve been choosing the wrong men? I think so.

To view it from another perspective, do you have any girlfriends who you could tell me EXACTLY why they’re still single? But as a close friend, your job is to be supportive, not critical, right? Well, your close friends probably have a good idea about what you could be doing wrong, but they would never tell you.

I don’t have that problem. Love U tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.

The education you get in Love U will set you free and completely change the way you choose your partner in the future.

And remember: it’s a choice.

You don’t have to change your personality to find love. You do have to choose better men than you’ve chosen in the past. I will help you do that.

As your dating coach, I’ll hold you accountable, show you a uniquely male perspective and give you access to other women on the same journey as you. In other words, if you’ve been frustrated with men your entire life, I will not let you fail. Your success IS my success. That’s why you invest in coaching.

I already understand men.

It’s easy to think that you already understand men based on all of your life experience. But I’d ask you to reframe this in another way:

Do you think that most men really, truly, understand YOU?

Of course not!

So why do you think that you really, truly understand the motives of men?

I have no doubt that there are plenty of instances that you did know exactly what happened. He was a cheater. He was a player. He was a commitmentphobe. He was emotionally unavailable. Those guys are the worst and there’s nothing either of us can do to wish them away. You can’t make cheaters stay faithful. You can’t force a commitmentphobe to commit. You can’t open up an emotionally unavailable guy to the beauty of vulnerability and trust. There’s literally NOTHING to learn when it’s entirely the guy’s fault and he’s too messed up to be in a healthy relationship.

What you CAN learn in Love U is why the GOOD guys might disappear — the ones you WANT to keep. As a man, it’s my job to let you know what we’re REALLY thinking — even when it’s not pretty.

Not only will you be surprised at what you learn, but you’ll be empowered to connect with men in a way that few women EVER do.

The problem isn’t me. It’s MEN!

I’m not, for one second, defending men who have mistreated you in any way. I’m not defending guys who sleep with you once and never call again. I’m not defending guys who only communicate by text message and booty call. I’m not defending guys who string you along for five years without proposing. I’m pointing out that those men will ALWAYS exist, no matter what I say or do.

The reason you should join Love U is to learn how to identify these men and break away from them BEFORE they do their damage.

Once you avoid the unhealthiest of men, the NEXT question is how to make the healthy ones — the millions of men who DO want to get married — choose to stick around.

I don’t want a husband. I just want to get better at dating and maybe find a boyfriend.

Great. It’s a much lower bar to jump and therefore, much easier to help you. The first four months, in particular, will be of great value to you: Confidence, Meeting Men, Dating, and Understanding Men.

It’s not the right time for me. I’m not in the right emotional place to think about dating.

I completely understand how you feel. I’ve been there personally and I’ve coached thousands of women who were equally burned out on men, dating, and relationships.

We definitely agree that there’s no one way to rebound from a break-up. There’s no set amount of time one should take a breather from men. There’s no one perfect way to get to the other side of your negativity and start your quest anew.

Just know that the first month of Love U is all about healing. “Why Bother Syndrome,” “Past Baggage,” “Confidence,” and “Take Action” are the first four weeks…

So it’s certainly not my place to tell you that you’re ready to date yet. You have to take care of yourself emotionally. But please remember two things:

1. Just because Love U is a six-month course doesn’t mean you have to use it all in six months. You can pace yourself as you see fit. Need to take a two-month breather? You can always go back to watch the videos later. You have LIFETIME access to this stuff.

2. You can take six months to heal if you want. The question is whether you need that much time to delay the inevitable and get back out there.

In my opinion, love is something that should never wait.

As John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” So sure, you can put off this incredible opportunity to attract and connect with a quality man. But why would you?

I’m happier and more confident now than I’ve ever been in my life. Why should I take your course?

If you’re satisfied with the status quo, don’t join Love U.

If you feel really confident that you understand men, don’t join Love U.

If you feel you can effortlessly navigate online dating, texting, sex, dating multiple men, and create and maintain a lasting loving connection, don’t join Love U.

Personally, I’d be shocked if someone who hasn’t hasn’t experienced a healthy, easy relationship would know to do all of this on her own, but if you’re that rare woman, more power to you.

If you want to spare yourself a lot of frustration, confusion, and heartbreak, click here to learn more and get the love you deserve.

What’s the point? Nothing I do ever works!

Because, after going thru Love U, you’ll never again make ANY of the same mistakes you’ve made in the past.

Listen, no man is perfect, much less perfect for you. But if you can stop investing your time in selfish heartbreakers and start investing your time in kind men with strong character who believe in commitment, you can manifest that relationship you’ve always wanted. But it all starts with you.

  • Being more proactive in love.
  • Opening up to more men.
  • Opening up to different men.
  • Understanding how men think.
  • Making compromises for him the way he has to compromise for you.
  • Understanding how to find the right man to fit your personality.

If you’ve been dating the same guys over and over, maybe it’s time to choose a different one.

The reason to invest in Love U is that you’re ready to break from the pain and confusion of the past and create a new relationship with men and dating.

You’re done dating the same frustrating, emotionally stunted losers.

You want to learn how to make the winners stick around.

Perhaps the best thing about Love U is that I’m not just offering you an eBook and telling you to go at it yourself.

I’m giving you 30 minutes of video coaching per week.

I’m giving you a short exercise every week.

I’m giving you a path that all but guarantees success.

The only question is whether you really want success or whether you’d rather stay exactly where you are right now.

I think you already know the answer.

So if you’re sick of wasting time on guys and serious about finding love, act now. It doesn’t get better than this.



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