Love U Frequently Asked Questions

About the course:

What do I get in Love U?

6 months? Why is it so long?

I’ve read all your books. Is this just the same material?

How is this different from your old FOCUS Coaching or Inner Circle programs?

I don’t like the idea of dating online. Is this just about how to find a man online?

Will this help me create an online profile that attracts the right men?

Do you address dating via phone apps?

What is your success rate for marriage?

When can I expect to see results from Love U?

About the commitment:

I’m a busy woman with lotsof previous obligations? How much time is Love U going to take me?

Can you finish these videos in less than 6 months?

Can I cancel my Love U Membership at any point in time?

Do I have to keep doing this? What happens after 6 months?

Okay, I’m sure you can help me, but what can you guarantee?

About the Inner Circle:

What’s that stuff you mention about the Inner Circle?

I don’t think I’ll get anything out of your Inner Circle group coaching.

The exercises. The coaching calls. The community. It just sounds like a lot.

I’m a busy woman/I travel for work/I’m in a different time zone. What if I miss a Love U Inner Circle Coaching call?

Can I stay in touch with the other participants of Love U when it’s over?

Do I get any one-on-one time with you in Love U, Evan?

About the price:

Tell me about the price again.

ONLY $333/month? That’s nearly $2000 over six months.

Okay, Evan, it’s worth the money. I just don’t want to SPEND the money.

Are you ever going to sell Love U for less money down the road?

Is there a student discount? A senior discount? A middle-class discount? Something to make this easier for me?

What if I don’t have a long distance plan?

About who Love U works for:

I have a bad picker. Will Love U help me?

I’m in a relationship. Will Love U help me?

I’m an older woman. Will Love U help me?

I am a widow on a fixed income. Will Love U help me?

I’m an Asian / Hispanic / African-American / Indian / Persian / Christian / Jewish woman. Will this help me?

Then where are their pictures? I see a lot of white women on your site.

I have experienced abuse and PTSD due to childhood trauma. Will Love U help me?

What if I sign up but don’t have very many dating options in my small town?

About you:

Can Love U help me get my ex-boyfriend back?

I don’t need this. The real problem is that I just haven’t met the right guy.

I already understand men.

The problem isn’t me. It’s MEN!

I don’t want a husband. I just want to get better at dating and maybe find a boyfriend.

It’s not the right time for me. I’m not in the right emotional place to think about dating.

I’m happier and more confident now than I’ve ever been in my life. Why should I take your course?

What’s the point? Nothing I do ever works!

About the timing:

What happens after June 12th?

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