I purchased Why He Disappeared in autumn 2014 after a long history of disappointments, betrayals, heartbreaks and when my confidence was at its lowest. At 36-year-old, my dating history was a succession of failure stories with no bright outcomes. I had accepted sub-part behaviors and made up a lot of excuses for the men I dated with who treated me poorly, in the hope I would keep them. Off course each story had crashed and burned.

I read the book and nothing sunk in after the 1st time, the 2nd time nor the 3rd time.

Meanwhile, I received Evan’s weekly newsletters, which intrigued and interested me and I kept reading and anticipating each new email at a certain point.

The a-ha moment came when you organized the webinar, “How to stop wasting time on the wrong men and finally choose your husband” and introduced your Love U program. I subscribed to Love U and, believe it or not, I have already met my husband.

I was already dating online on one website for a few months, on a very selective, niche and rather snobbish dating site. I put up very nice, professionally made photographs, conscientiously wrote an as honest, open yet humorous as possible profile description of myself. I got many profile views but received only one message in the entire time I had been on this website. I re-wrote my profile description many times, after I read your blog. To no avail.

I decided to multiply the sources so I put up another profile on another website, which was more mainstream. I immediately received a lot of reactions from this website, so much so that I could not follow up. I read some of the messages, replied to a few of them, and went on with my days.

Robert was one of the people who messaged me. Seeing that I did not react, he did not give up and sent new messages. I reacted after the 9th message, to give him a chance. He gave me his phone number; I gave him mine. We exchanged text messages for a few days. Robert took the initiative and called me. Our first call lasted one hour and ended up with the conclusion that we should meet up to get to know each other better. We met up and it immediately clicked. I did not need to pretend to be someone else, act in a seductive way, or play games to attract my fiance’s attention. He said on our first date that he would like to meet me again on the next weekend, and followed up after we parted our own ways to tell me he would like to know me better.

He called me every evening of that week until we met up for our second date on the next weekend for one-one and half hour each.

It goes naturally and smoothly between us. No playing games, no worries, just being there for one another, enjoying the time we spend together, laughing together, doing nice things. Your quotes kept coming back each time I face a relevant situation, such as when a guy is into you, he will make plans for the 2nd date before the 1st date is over, he will make sure you are in contact or boyfriends are there to make you happy and have no hidden agenda or the express intention of hurting you, on the contrary their goal is to make you happy.

Being a rather spiritual and religious person, I cannot conceive living together without being married. He proposed to get married and I accepted. We are getting married in two months from now. The dates are set, we have purchased our wedding gown/suit, ordered our wedding rings, and even started to look for a house for post-September.

We get to know each other better every day and it has not for a single moment been boring. I appreciate his positive, down-to-earth, calm and communicative approach (we discuss everything, from small decisions to big ones, to emotions or hurdles along the way) and he appreciates my caring, warm, yet very determined and strong-willed ways. He is sociable, attentive and always tries to see the different perspectives in each situation.

Our friends and families are flabbergasted at the speed at which our relationship evolves, but truly happy for us and our wedding is a nice project to work on and keeps us busy. Having been married a first time and then divorced, and been in a relationship for 7 years, he has a different view on relationships now and strives to keep an honest, open, caring loving relationship with me. I cannot agree more! My fears and negative memories from past experiences sometimes get on our way, but we discuss them and I agree with him that just because it didn’t work with the previous 5 guys it does not mean that he is the same as them and will also make me suffer.

Anyway, thank you for your expert insight into dating, your wise and knowledgeable advice on men/women/relationship/dating. It has definitely been instrumental in my growing and learning experience. Our relationship is evolving at a super high pace, but I do feel 100% comfortable, heard, understood, important and have full confidence in our ability to make it happen and work for the future.

I wish you all the best for your business and hope many more women will benefit from your work.