So, I officially got engaged on Valentine’s Day! 😍

Thanks again, Evan!  You were instrumental in helping me create this awesomeness. I never thought a love like this was possible for me. My guy is THE BEST.

About me: 44 y/o, never married, no kids, never even lived with a man, and had buyer’s remorse after getting a dog (though I do love my dog now, lol). I’ve always been pretty successful and had great friendships, hobbies, travel adventures and whatnot. So, for a long time I didn’t realize I had some work to do on myself and my mindset around love and relationships.

I graduated from Love U, read all of Evan’s books and a few of his book recommendations. I also used his E-Cyrano service which I can’t praise enough.

I have said and felt it all: I waited too long, I am too old, I live in the wrong state, I am too picky, too difficult, too alpha, too weird, have too much baggage, no one good is left, everyone is either boring or I can’t take them seriously, men are lame in general, I just don’t have time for this shit and on and on!

This I know for sure: Do what you need to do heal your wounds and limiting beliefs, follow Evan’s advice to a T, and the rest will fall into place – I promise!

And I also say this with total sincerity: Love is possible for everyone. I get it now! I use to be so jaded about love and now I am a bonafide hopeless romantic.