Too Much of a Good Thing: How Your Work Strengths Are Your Relationship Weaknesses

Live speaking is one of my favorite things to do, but since it’s not part of my daily business, I don’t get many chances to indulge that part of me. That’s why I’m excited to share this rare footage from Marni Battista’s “Ignite Your Life” event in 2014.

Stick around for the full 80 minutes to learn why the dating pool is smaller for smart women, why chemistry hasn’t led you into lasting love, as well as the two best predictors of a happy marriage.

Some of this stuff is in Love U, so this speech
should be a great introductory taste of what’s to follow…


Why He Disappeared

why he disappeared

The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever

Your last breakup caused months of painful second-guessing. Why did he pull away? What did I do wrong? Can I get him back? What do I do now? How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? The reason you struggle to answer those questions
is simple: you’re not a man. Therefore, you’ve never fully understood what your ex was thinking when he was dating you. In my bestselling eBook, “Why He Disappeared”, I answer every single one of your lingering questions about men.

Soon, you’ll understand why some men don’t want to go out with you, why others will sleep with you without committing, and why your boyfriend might not want to be your husband. I will also explain to you, once and for all, how much of the break-up is your responsibility, and how much had to do with the fact that you chose an incompatible partner. If you’re sick of being heartbroken and confused, and are ready to finally attract the man of
your dreams, “Why He Disappeared” is a must-read.

FOCUS Coaching Calls

Moving On

It can be extremely hard to walk away from a relationship, even when it’s not working. In this FOCUS Coaching call, I’m going to show you why it’s vital to move on when you’re not happy, and, more importantly, HOW to move on.

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Unmet Expectations

There’s nothing wrong with having expectations within a relationship, but are the demands you have for your boyfriend fair or unrealistic? In this FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn what areas are ripe for compromise and when you should put your foot
down. Once you learn to establish firm, reasonable boundaries, your relationships will instantly improve.

[product-download-url file_name=”Unmet+Expectations+Top+10.pdf” class=”downloadTranscript”]

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Men and Money

The subject of this FOCUS Coaching call is the cause of great tension in many relationships – money. Money raises a whole host of questions, especially during courtship, where there’s a grey area between chivalry and equality. You’ll also learn how to
distinguish between a lazy slacker and a financially stable partner who may earn less than you. The first one, you dump. The second, you keep.

[product-download-url file_name=”Men+and+Money+Top+10.pdf” class=”downloadTranscript”]

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How to Make Him Fall In Love With You

Is it really possible to MAKE a man fall in love with you? Well, yes and no. You can’t force an unwilling partner to love you against his own wishes, but you can be the kind of woman that any sane man would want to marry. This call will also help you
see that if you have to convince a guy to love you, you don’t want to be with him anyway.

[product-download-url file_name=”How+to+Make+Him+Fall+in+Love+With+You+Top+10.pdf” class=”downloadTranscript”]
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What Men Want

Although men are not as complex as women, if you don’t know what makes guys tick, you may continue to struggle in relationships. In this FOCUS Coaching call, you’re going to learn what men want in a relationship, and how it intersects with your own deepest

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2 Marathon Coaching Sessions

These marathon sessions are lengthy Q&As designed to answer every single question you have about Love U. Sex. Intimacy. Meeting Men. Marriage. You name it, I’ve got you covered. In the last marathon call I did for Love U members, I was on the phone for over THREE hours.

Click below to listen, take notes, and supercharge your love life.

Marathon Coaching Call 1

These marathon sessions are lengthy Q&As designed to answer every single question you have about Love U. Sex. Intimacy. Meeting Men. Marriage. You name it, I’ve got you covered. In the last marathon call I did for Love U members, I was on the phone
for over THREE hours. Click below to listen, take notes, and supercharge your love life.

Marathon Coaching Call 2

These marathon sessions are lengthy Q&As designed to answer every single question you have about Love U. Sex. Intimacy. Meeting Men. Marriage. You name it, I’ve got you covered. In the last marathon call I did for Love U members, I was on the phone
for over THREE hours. Click below to listen, take notes, and supercharge your love life.

Why the Men You Want Aren’t Chasing After You.

A Bonus Bonus! ( I couldn’t resist throwing in more unadvertised goodie. Enjoy!) A really fun hour-long interview with love expert Kavita J. Patel. Four minutes into the call, I reveal something personal that I usually don’t talk about publicly. I guess
certain interviewers just bring that side out of me. During the duration of the call, we will also get into these juicy topics:

  • Why women are typically attracted to the men that never want to commit.
  • The truth of whether instant chemistry is a sign of long-term compatibility or it’s actually fooling you.
  • The reason we often feel uninspired by the men that are good for us.

Honestly, you don’t want to miss this, if only to get to the love challenge from me at the end of the call.

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