How To Have A Successful Love Life… Even When You Want to Give Up!


In less than sixty minutes, you will learn:

  • Why people email you once and suddenly stop writing back. Better yet, learn how to carry on an online conversation that gets someone excited about meeting you!
  • Why you don’t want the people who contact you, and why the people you contact don’t write back to you. You’ll be shocked at how you’re probably overlooking your soulmate.
  • Which website is the perfect fit for your personality. Chances are, you’ve heard of it, but didn’t know how it could instantly generate a busy social life for you.
  • How to overcome age discrimination online – in an ethical fashion. The number of dates you have will skyrocket after you hear this advice.
  • How to keep your ego up after getting rejected. Hint: the people who are “rejecting” you aren’t as great as you think.
  • How to make every first date a great date. Learn the positive and confident mindset that always leaves them wanting more!

Seriously, if I were to spend an hour on the phone with you, teaching you these same exact lessons, it would cost you over $300.

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  • “He Feels Like 'Home'”

    "Hi Evan,

    The guy I'm now dating isn't college educated (but is smart, has common sense and owns his own successful business), has been smart about money and done well, but most of all, he is NICE to me, as I am to him, and very down to earth. As my profile states, he feels like "home." He is interested in taking the time to see me and get to know me. Thanks to you, I've found that what looks good on paper isn't always what is best for you. Walking into the dating scene with a laundry list of "must haves" is a really bad idea, and significantly limits your options."

    Thanks for everything,

    Connie H