Raise Your Standard


Thanks for taking my quiz. Based on your answers:

You carry yourself with confidence…occasionally.

You know you’re a good person… but still put up with bad behavior.

You bank on a guy’s potential and hope that he’ll change…although he never does.

You’re not alone. I have worked with countless women who’ve faced this same cycle of hope and disappointment. I know the frustration of seemingly doing everything right yet not finding the connection you crave. 

If you tend to give more than you receive, love feels like a one-way street. You might think, “Will anyone ever truly love me for me?” or “Is lasting love just not in the cards for me?” 

These thoughts are painful and can lead to a deep sense of isolation. I’m committed to helping you redefine your approach to dating, ensuring you attract a partner who gives you the unconditional love you crave.

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