Do You Know Why It’s So Hard to Find a Quality Commitment-Oriented Man?

In this two-part video series, I’ll answer your 6 most burning questions about men — and explain how you can weed out the wrong guys and finally attract the right one.

In these videos, you’ll discover some of the top tips from my Love U course:


  • How you can make a man feel needed without being needy. And believe me — all men want to feel needed by their partners.
  • Why it’s so hard for you to meet quality men the way your life is currently constructed. Hint: If you have no time to meet men, it’s HARD to meet men.
  • The reason you always seem to attract unavailable guys who treat you poorly. This tip will blow your mind with its power and simplicity.
  • What your boyfriend is thinking and how to better connect with him. Once you learn this, you’ll have better relationships with men wherever you go.
  • Exactly what you can do to make a good man want to commit to you. It’s not magic, but it makes a HUGE difference in whether a guy chooses to stay or go.
  • Why you don’t need to change to meet the love of your life; you just have to do this ONE thing. I promise: you will never settle on an unhappy relationship again.
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  • Evan Marc Katz

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