Join me to discover how chemistry has led you into the wrong relationships and what you can do right now to attract better men and get the lasting love you deserve.

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During this Free Online training, you’ll learn:

  • How to attract and keep the smart, successful, charismatic men you desire.
  • Why you should never settle when it comes to a man’s character and kindness.
  • Why love DOESN’T happen when you least expect it.
  • The Deception of Passion –what it means and how it’s killing your chances of ever finding a relationship that actually works.
  • Whether you should “just know” when it’s right. The answer may surprise you…
  • What actually happens in your brain when you feel intense attraction –and why that attraction allows you to sweep his bad qualities under the rug
  • Why gorgeous, brilliant, successful men are like sexy, uncomfortable shoes.
  • The secret of Smart Selection and how it applies to your choice in men.
  • Why following up with men after the date inadvertently turns them off.
  • How Narcissistic Chemistry draws you to impressive men who fail to treat you right.
  • How to get the “nice guy with an edge” to want to commit to you forever.
smiling Evan Marc Katz dating coach wearing a purple t-shrit

ABOUT THE Presenter

Billed as a “personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women,” dating coach Evan Marc Katz has been helping singles since 2003. He is the author of four books and has been featured in hundreds of media outlets, including Today, the New York Times, and CNN.

Since 2015, Evan’s blog has over 30 million readers, his podcast has over 1 million downloads and 12,000 women have graduated from Love U, his six-month video course that helps women understand men and find love. Evan is very happily married and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two children.

smiling Evan Marc Katz dating coach wearing a purple t-shrit