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“I picked myself up again and learned how to get along better with my frustration, doubts and fear”

I had one too many failed relationships and wanted to understand what part of the dynamic I created so that I could proactively create a new and better outcome. I needed clarification on men’s motivations and what signals I was missing in a “chemistry haze” of attraction.

Thank you for being so vulnerable and open with the rest of us. I mean, THANK YOU. Through your journey, I learned how important it is to stay persistent and hopeful. I may not be very good at staying hopeful in my own search for love, but whenever I remind myself of how you continued your search for love after being rejected (I mean, who would tell someone that they are not attracted to them to the other person’s face?) as well as many other heart wrenching moments, I know I must keep trying. That is the spirit of persistence and sense of hope and that’s the most important lesson I learned from you, Evan.

After reading “Believe in Love,” I picked myself up again and learned how to get along better with my frustration, doubts and fear. I became more disciplined in making time on a daily basis for either communicating with men online or going on dates, even if I don’t see any immediate results. Now I know, someday and somewhere, someone will make all of this all worthwhile.

Reading about your journey, I felt so much relieved knowing that I’m not alone in my search for love, never have been, and never will. And there is always something powerful about knowing that. Now I feel normal (if there is such a thing called “normal”) and empowered. I understand that I want something very special that not everyone has or cares much about or dares to dream and fight for. I realized that it would take me much time and effort to get it. But again, when one no longer feels alone and better yet, feels empowered again, that’s when good things will finally happen to her.

Attached is a recent picture of mine. Feel free to use it along with my testimony. There is nothing to hide when it comes to looking for love.

Thanks so much for visiting my website. I know your time is valuable, and I know there’s a lot written on this page, so if you already know you want “Believe in Love“ 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence,” click below to access the program and start finding love:

Your belief in love has been shaken to its core.

You’ve been disappointed by one too many unavailable guys.

You’ve suffered through a lifetime of flakes, liars, losers and players.

You’ve wasted your youth on selfish commitmentphobes.

Your faith in men has been shattered, again and again.

Your tolerance for dating and online dating is less than zero.

You just don’t see the point of subjecting yourself to the whims of another man, only to risk being hurt all over again.

I understand. You’re a smart woman. Smart women make smart choices based on available evidence — and anyone in your position would likely come to the same conclusion: you’d better take a semi-permanent break from dating.

You go through your post-break-up hibernation.

You have your crying time.

You throw yourself into your work.

You lean heavily on your girlfriends.

You read good books, watch bad TV, and lick your wounds for a bit.

You get back to the gym.

You plan a girls’ weekend.

You fill up your life with things you love.

Months go by. Years, even.

Until suddenly, magically, the black cloud over your head starts to lift.

You emerge from your cocoon, ready to enjoy life again. You still feel occasional pangs of sadness, but, for the most part, you’re back to your old self.

More importantly, you don’t find yourself obsessing about that one guy anymore.

In fact, you don’t think about ANY guys anymore.

You don’t want to. You don’t need to.

In your experience, men cause pain, and since you don’t want any more pain, you’ve decided to swear off dating for now.

It’s not that dating never crosses your mind. But every time you feel that yearning for love, your negative thoughts keep flooding back, reminding you of all the reasons you shouldn’t even try to get back out there.

“I’m not good at relationships.”

“Most men have way too much baggage and emotional immaturity.”

“The men I like don’t want me, and I don’t like the men who do want me.”

“Online dating always makes me feel worse about myself.”

“I can’t waste any more time on another guy who disappoints me.”

“I don’t think I can trust my own judgment.”

“Love has always let me down. Why would I try it again?”

These thoughts feel right. They make sense.

Now that you’re back to feeling like 95% of your former self, why risk your good spirits on something as unpredictable as dating?

The issue is that you’ve shut off an essential 5% of yourself.

That 5% is called hope.

Hope is what allows you to believe your life can always get better.

Hope is what keeps you motivated to overcome challenges at work.

Hope is the ember of a fire that burns quietly inside you, yearning for true love.

You’ve consciously decided to blow that fire out.

You’re busy. You’re content. Life goes on.

Or so you’d like to think.

But whether you like it or not, sooner or later, after some family gathering, wedding or silly romantic comedy, your inner voice finally speaks up:

“I miss being in love.”

You hate that voice — that vulnerable sap inside you who actually wants to be cherished by a man. You shut her down immediately.

“No! Dating is a nightmare. Men are not to be trusted. Love is a waste of time.”

It’s a compelling case. You have a lot of bad experiences to support it.

You think back to the men who have hurt you.

You consider the years you have wasted.

You put on a happy face to the world.

You say to anyone who asks:

“I don’t want a man. I don’t need a man. Life is so much better this way.”

And it’s true. Life IS better without the pain of a bad relationship. But it’s not nearly as inspiring and joyful as it can be with a GREAT relationship.

While you can try to ignore your hopeful voice, you can never fully silence it. Your hopeful voice speaks for the real, authentic you, and it’s saying:

You DO want to fall in love again. You just don’t want
to get HURT again.

Search your soul and you’ll know this is true.

You’re NOT truly satisfied being single.

You’re merely making the best of your circumstances.

You’ve got a good job, close friends, and enough interests to keep you occupied, 24/7.

But despite the fact that you’re happy…

  • You bristle at what your family thinks about your choices.
  • You resent that your married friends have drifted away.
  • You hate being excluded from couples’ dinner parties.
  • You dread being the woman who travels by herself.
  • You know that there are fewer available men with each passing year.
  • You’re deathly afraid of growing old alone.

While you know you shouldn’t make any decisions based on societal conventions or what other people think…

You really want what your happily married friends have.

An end to your fear and anxiety.

A shoulder to cry upon at the end of a hard day.

A guy to make you laugh when you need it the most.

A man to generously pay for dinner and take care of things around the house.

A best friend, lover and partner-in-crime all wrapped up in one.

A confidante who makes you feel safe, heard, and understood.

A husband who vows to be there for you, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, ‘til death do you part.

The problem is that you have no hope that this is

And as the months and years go by, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy:

You don’t believe in love, so you
don’t fall in love.

The sad thing is that you will NEVER fall in love if you don’t believe in love.

A strong, smart woman with short brown hair believe in love and smiling.

“I learned how to relax and enjoy myself”

I had one too many failed relationships and wanted to understand what part of the dynamic I created so that I could proactively create a new and better outcome. I needed clarification on men’s motivations and what signals I was missing in a “chemistry haze” of attraction.

I learned how to relax and enjoy. If there was one thing that really helped it was to go online, date lots of guys so that none of them took on undue importance too soon in the process. Now, I’m dating a really nice man who is treating me like a lady and following up with texts, e-mails, and calls. He schedules dates with me and is introducing me into his life.

I finally feel respected. It’s really nice to be in a relationship with someone thoughtful, smart, funny, kind, handsome, and successful.

Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz wearing a purple shirt.

My name is Evan Marc Katz and I am a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women and the author of four relationship books.

I have only one goal for today: to give you your hope and confidence back.

After spending 17 years listening to women share their disappointments, I have an intimate understanding of what it’s like to be single, frustrated, and ready to quit.

I have helped thousands of women like you let go of the past, embrace the present, and find true love. My inbox is overflowing with success stories from women who have followed my advice.

There’s only one difference between my happily married readers and the ones who continue to remain sad and alone.

The happily married women are the ones who believed in love.

You can ignore it, fight it, or deny it, but it’s the absolute truth.

You can’t achieve a goal unless you can see yourself achieving it.

You wouldn’t start a diet if you didn’t believe you’d lose some weight.

You wouldn’t go to law school if you didn’t believe you’d be a lawyer.

You wouldn’t run a marathon if you didn’t believe you’d cross the finish line.

Beliefs are pretty damn powerful. If you believe the worst about relationships and men, it’s next to impossible to have a relationship with a man.

Which would be fine if that’s what you actually wanted. But you don’t.

You want a partner to share every little detail of your life.

Someone to pick up your favorite ice cream at the grocery store.

Someone to fix your wireless connection.

Someone to book a surprise flight to New York.

Someone to find you irresistibly sexy.

Someone to let you know it’s all going to be okay.

You want to sink deep into a loving, passionate relationship with a man who accepts you in full and makes your life better every single day.

This isn’t a fantasy.

This is a reality — but only for women who make it a reality.

There are hundreds of millions of women who are no brighter, kinder or prettier than you, and they are in healthy, long-lasting relationships right now.

So what did these happy women figure out that allowed them to let go of their pasts, keep dating, and find the men of their dreams?

They didn’t give up.

They kept on persevering, even when things looked bleak.

In my decade as a dating coach, I’ve seen some really bleak situations, but I can ASSURE you, once you break through that vicious cycle of pessimism and self-doubt, you’ll be left with the one thing that can sustain you through the hardest times.


Without it, I could give you all my best advice and wisdom, but it will largely fall on deaf ears.

The very first step in finding love is to believe you can find love.

Keep reading and I’ll tell you how you can start believing again.

But first, I want to ask you to think about your previous relationships.

Have you ever stayed with a boyfriend for too long?

Have you ever ignored his red flags until it was too late?

Have you ever allowed a man to destroy your faith in love?

If so, you’ve been held hostage by your own memories. Now it’s time to let them go.

Here are the top 3 Reasons you’ve had trouble believing in love:


You’ve accepted the unacceptable for far too long

  • You never talk with him outside of texting.
  • You sleep with him, but have no idea if you’re exclusive.
  • You’ve been with him for six months and he still won’t call himself your boyfriend.
  • You’ve never heard him say “I love you.”
  • You’ve never met his friends and family.
  • You put up with insults and criticisms that make you feel bad about yourself.
  • You walk on eggshells around him because he’s so unpredictable and sensitive.
  • You don’t know if he ever wants to get married and you’re afraid to ask.
  • You’ve been together for three years and he hasn’t even hinted at a proposal.
  • You’re so afraid of starting over, being alone, or believing you can’t do better that you accept a relationship that doesn’t actually make you happy.


Your romantic relationship is the foundation of your entire life. If it’s not rock-solid, it’s not doing its job.

Your boyfriend should be loving, supportive and sensitive to your emotional needs.

Maybe he can’t promise you a ring right this second, but you know he’s a good man who is doing the best he can to figure it all out. That’s all you can ask.

Instead, you’ve stayed in relationships that started off white-hot and quickly cooled off.

In such relationships, it doesn’t matter whether you had an amazing first three months together or how great your connection ONCE was.All that matters is whether your man is making you happy NOW.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you don’t have a man making you happy now. And if you’re anything like the other women I coach, it may be because of one tiny reason: you’re still hung up on your ex. Well, I’ve got news for you…


Your Ex Isn’t All That

Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult your ex.

But I have witnessed too many women who have squandered years of their lives, pining for flawed, emotionally unavailable men who give them nothing in return. So let me put this to you as straight as I can:

Your ex is not the right guy for you. If he was, you’d still be together.

The fact that you’re not together tells me everything I need to know about your situation. See, there are essentially two types of men:

  • Men who have the capacity to be good husbands, in that they are sane, stable, sensitive, selfless, communicative, consistent, and commitment-oriented.
  • Men who don’t have that capacity.

If you dated the first type of guy and it didn’t work out, despite all your love and effort, it just means it was not meant to be. Bad luck, poor timing, lack of chemistry, conflicting long-term goals, deep-seated insecurities — any of these things can break up even the most well-meaning couples.

In other words, sometimes, it’s no one’s “fault.” The puzzle pieces just don’t fit right.

Once you can accept that, you can move on.

On the other hand, there are men in the universe who aren’t able to make ANYONE happy. They are the lazy slackers, the helpless addicts, the grumpy stoics, the testosterone-driven angry men, the never-want-to-be married folks, the toxic narcissists, and the unethical cheater-types.

It doesn’t matter WHO you pair these guys with — they’re just not good commitment material.

You may be addicted to his looks, his charm, the chemistry, or the true connection you felt when things were at their best, but in reality, he doesn’t have the humility, the self-awareness, or the communication skills to be anybody’s husband.

Be glad you’re rid of him and free to move on.


Giving Up On Love Only Guarantees One Thing: You Will NEVER Fall in Love

Yes, I know I’ve said it already, but I’m saying it again because it’s so important: If you don’t believe in love, you might as well stop reading this page right now, because I won’t be able to help you.

Now, I understand why you’re tempted to give up on love.

Anyone who has loved and lost is faced with the same temptation.

We tell ourselves we’re happier alone.

We tell the world we’re enjoying our freedom.

We claim don’t need the hassle and don’t want to take care of anyone else.

But, really, we’re just trying to put a positive spin on an unfortunate truth:

Life can sometimes be really lonely.

Sure, you can fill up your time with work, friends, and other interests, but when your head hits the pillow at night, you’re still alone, and you don’t want to be.

There is no substitute for a passionate, loving connection with a romantic partner.


By giving up on men and dating, you achieve nothing but a safe solitude; safe from getting hurt, and safe from ever achieving a true, long lasting love.

That’s why you always have to keep on going.

A strong, smart woman with short blonde hair believe in love and smiling.

“I didn’t understand why I couldn’t find the ‘right’ kind of men”

Before Evan, I was still toying with unhealthy relationships and blaming the men in my life for being commitment phobic. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t find the “right” kind of men — good looking, successful, confident, AND ready to commit.

I learned that I was responsible for attracting and allowing those unfulfilling relationships!  That I was approaching the dating scene with a “lack mentality” and therefore settling for less than a suitable match and tolerating bad behavior.  But not only that, I learned that I was actually the one who was reluctant to commit to a relationship.

I was able to shift my mindset around my relationship with men in general.

I now know that now going forward the quality of my relationships will be much higher, making my ability to commit to a healthy relationship much more likely.

Thank you Evan for all that you’ve done!

You may be a unique woman, but your negative feelings about dating, relationships and men are not unique.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 28 or 68.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a size 0 or a size 24.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO or a stay-at-home mom.

You don’t believe that happy, healthy love is ever going to happen to you.

Maybe it’s the negative imprint of your parents.

Maybe it’s suffering through a toxic long-term relationship.

Maybe it’s your insecurities about your weight or age.

Maybe dating the wrong men for enough years has simply worn you down.

You are now dangerously close to shutting the door on love forever, and sealing your fate as a single woman. And I know for a FACT you don’t want to.

This loss of hope and optimism is so common that restoring it is virtually my full-time job. Which is why I discover myself answering the same questions every day:

“Am I too old to have success in online dating?”

“What happens if I write to a guy and he doesn’t write back?”

“I’m not remotely interested in the men who are interested in me. What do I do?”

“How can I be more laid-back and confident on a first date?”

“How do I play things cool in the first few weeks when we’re seeing each other?”

“What do I do when he only texts and doesn’t follow up to make plans quickly?”

“When should I know that he wants to be my boyfriend?”

“How do I bounce back from rejection and not take it personally?”

“How can I make sure I’m not wasting my time on the wrong men?”

After saying the same things on the phone repeatedly…after refining my analogies and finding ones that really resonated…after hearing the sigh of relief from clients who “got it” and were able to relax and enjoy the dating process, I had my epiphany.

Instead of reserving these ideas exclusively for women who can invest thousands of dollars in finding love, I would write it all down and give it to EVERYBODY.

This is why I wrote…

Believe in Love by Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz

Believe in Love

7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence

…and why I’ve never been more proud of a book.

Because no matter how smart, how beautiful, or how tenacious you are, you’ve just about reached your limit as to how much pain, rejection and confusion you can take.

“Believe in Love” channels all of the best information I’ve ever given to my private clients — the science, the metaphors, the teary-eyed hugs, the earnest exhortations, and the rah-rah pep talks that have inspired them to persevere and find love.

I am not exaggerating when I say that women have turned their lives around just by hearing one metaphor that turned dating from unbearable into fun.

Soon, you will reframe your negative beliefs, get your smile back, and flip your own glass from half-empty to half-full.

Now I’m about to share my entire career’s worth of wisdom about how you will not only believe in love, but also make love happen as well.

smart strong successful woman smiling wearing pink lipstick

“I learned it was not my fault. I learned I don’t have to settle.”

I was in a three-month relationship when Nick disappeared. I sensed his pulling back. He admitted he was being a “little standoff-ish” and was trying to figure out why he was acting like that.

He said he “just didn’t want to be hurt.” The daily phone calls stopped. Instead of seeing him twice a week it was once a week. All intimacy stopped two months before. Then he stooped seeing me. He made plans and never followed through. I attempted to talk to him on Valentine’s Day. No gift or card – just a dinner. After that, he was gone. Just like he dropped off the face of the earth. I needed to understand why men did this – and if it was my fault.

I learned it was not my fault. I learned that what Nick did was typical and I was not alone. I learned that the signs were there but I just did not see. I learned to be strong enough to let him go. I learned that the amount of time and energy a guy invests in the relationship demonstrates his interest. I learned a guy has to want me as much as I want him and settle for nothing less. I learned that if my needs are not being met, I need to leave or he does. I learned I don’t have to settle. I learned not to listen to the words but to look at the behavior because behavior tells the truth. I learned to be patient in allowing the behavior to evolve. Finally, I learned not to be dazzled by chemistry which gets us into trouble if we don’t give the relationship time to develop.

Here are just some of the things you will learn inside “Believe in Love”

STEP 1: Let Go of the Past

  • A foolproof technique for breaking up to avoid wasting time on the wrong men ever again. Guaranteed to save you years of your life.
  • Why you should never spend one second lamenting the man who got away. The man who got away is SUPPOSED to get away, and I’ll tell you why.
  • The easiest (and most enjoyable) way to get over the last man who hurt you.
  • The secret to a man’s heart. I guarantee it’s not what you think it is, and I guarantee that when you learn it, it will change your life.
  • How you must distinguish your ex from the FANTASY of your ex. Chances are, you’ve been missing the fantasy version of your ex, instead of realizing that in reality, he’s not as great as you’ve made him out to be.
  • What you SHOULD look for in a partner, before committing to him.

STEP 2: Set Realistic Expectations​​

  • The primary reason that some women find love and others do not. Once you learn this one thing, the rest is EASY.
  • How to date without any fear, attachment or expectation — just by looking at dating in a different light.
  • Why paying attention to your man’s bad qualities instead of fixating on his good ones allows you to see him more clearly — and save yourself a whole lot of future heartbreak.
  • Why the most impressive women take a longer time to find suitable mates, and why that’s 100% healthy.
  • My powerful Cinderella metaphor that will allow you to date with optimism and confidence…all the way to the altar!

STEP 3: Overcome Negativity​

  • The value in finding a HAPPY man to marry. Hint: the happier the man, the EASIER the relationship.
  • The astounding statistic that illustrates that while you can be happy as a single woman, you’re more likely to be VERY happy when you’re married.
  • How to deal with negativity and let it go without a second thought. Once you cease your glass half-empty thinking, love can come flooding into your life.
  • Why looking at men through a sympathetic lens actually reveals BETTER men. Your attitude actually DICTATES the men who are drawn to you.
  • The secret to great communication and lasting relationships is as simple as this one thing that you’ve never even considered before…
  • What it means to accept a man in full, and how your acceptance of him transforms him into the man you want him to be.
  • A BRILLIANT technique to shutting off that negative voice in your head and dating with poise and pleasure.

STEP 4: Defeat Your Fear of Failure​

  • The valuable difference between thinking and doing. Once you get out of your head and into action, you’ve already done the hardest thing of all.
  • Why your rich, full single life becomes a trap that threatens the your very dreams of lasting, unconditional love.
  • The exact way you should view every single date, which will allow you to let go of any trace of fear or anxiety instantly.
  • An easy method to gauge your own happiness — and get out of any relationship that’s not meeting your most important needs.
  • How easy it is to bring your best self to any dating situation. The problem is that you’ve never seen dating quite like THIS before…
  • Why that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’re dating a guy is a really BAD sign, and what you should do about it.
  • How to be a challenge and make men respect you — without ANY games, tricks, or rules. This is pure authentic feminine energy.
  • The Open House Metaphor — a simple method to being vulnerable, inviting, trusting and warm — the qualities that men value above all others!

STEP 5: Reframe Your Beliefs​

  • Why perfection is the enemy of the good, and how you don’t need to get things “right” to find true love. You just need to get started.
  • The danger of treating each new man as if he is going to hurt you. Men are INNOCENT until proven guilty, not vice versa!
  • How surrounding yourself with negative women who don’t believe in love is sabotaging your long-term goals.
  • Why it’s imperative to cut off men who exhibit bad behavior right away. You can’t “fix” your partner; you can only LEAVE him.
  • The folly of glorifying the lives of your married friends. You don’t want to be them. You don’t want their husbands. You need to follow your OWN path.
  • The necessity of letting down your guard and leading with trust, love, and generosity. Put a man first and watch him put you first as well. I’ll show you how.

STEP 6: Carry Yourself with Confidence

  • Reconnect with your ego. Find your swagger. Never worry for one more second about whether a man likes you or not.
  • The definition of success. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with success, but rather, this far more important element…
  • How to inspire a man to be his best around you — and work hard to make you happy for the rest of your life.
  • A handy list of 10 reasons you’re amazing and why any guy is a fool for not falling in love with you.
  • What it means to be the CEO of your own love life and fire any intern who is not living up to his potential.

STEP 7: Take Action Now

  • Why nothing happens if you don’t commit to changing. Dating doesn’t involve magic and miracles. It involves simple actions that yield big results.
  • The eye-opening concept behind Inevitability Thinking, which makes your quest for love a predetermined success.
  • A completely new way to look at failure, so that any bumps on the road to love don’t derail you in the slightest.
  • Why the next guy you meet will NOT be your husband… and why that’s PERFECTLY okay.
  • A Wizard of Oz metaphor that will astound you and remind you that you have all the tools you need to find love already within you.
  • Exactly how to budget time for love without doing anything weird, radical, or overly time-consuming. You’re a busy woman. You deserve love, too.
  • The single way you can GUARANTEE success in your love life.

These are just a few of the highlights that you’re about to discover inside “Believe In Love”, and I’m excited to guide you on this journey and share these and more with you.

But before I can…

You are now at a fork in the road: give up on love forever, or ignite your optimism, and attract the man of your dreams.

Believe me, I understand why you’d want to quit.

Relationships have kicked your ass, so you’ve given up on relationships.

Congratulations. Now imagine that you’re 80 and you’re still alone.

Did you get what you wanted out of life?

Are you as happy as you could be if you were madly in love? Or are you settling on being single because of your own fears and frustrations?

To me, giving up on love after a break-up or a series of bad dates is like going on a hunger strike after a bad meal.

It’s a disproportionate solution that doesn’t solve the problem.

You don’t go on a hunger strike after a bad meal. You choose a different restaurant.

Similarly, you don’t give up on love after a bad breakup. You choose a different guy.

Once you follow the easy 7 Step Process outlined in “Believe in Love,” you will rediscover your lost confidence and put the joy back in connecting with men.

You will feel secure in yourself.

You will feel powerful in every decision you make.

You will be able to brush off rejection.

You will feel comfortable with online dating.

You will feel confident when flirting.

You will feel calmer about first dates.

You will carry yourself with an air of inner peace and joy.

You will have the tools to speak up, get your needs met, and break up with any man who is not living up to his promise.

Best of all, you will discover that men respond to you in a whole new way.

Smart, strong, and successful woman with black short hair smiling

“I feel amazing and each date I go on gets better and better.”

I wasn’t going on dates for many years, I felt frustrated and this frustration kept on growing. I take loving care of myself, I meditate everyday, eat healthy and exercise constantly and none of these were helping me. Believe in Love was the master key I was searching for.

I was unconsciously sabotaging myself, the intense frustration, fears of rejection, anger and guilt I felt, had prevented me from opening up to men again. I did not know how to deal with an intense break up with an ex, and I used it to protect myself from feeling pain again, and that blocked me from dating for so many years. I’m 32 years old and I started dating again after reading this book. Now everybody tells me how I have changed, I am more radiant, full of joy and beauty .

For me, it was an inner mental shift that happened while I was reading Believe in Love. For the first time I recognized that I have all the power and control within me, I can only control what I think, feel and do, and I am the CEO of my life. I take responsibility of my life, and dating men is something that is in my power and control. I was attracted to men who were not emotionally available, who were not ready to commit because I didn’t know any better. I thought passion and chemistry were the automatic doorway to love, now I realize from my past personal experiences and from the book. Believe in Love, that it is not true.

Yes sometimes I feel frustrated, I feel sadness when a date doesn’t turn out like I wish, however while I allow myself to feel these emotions, I immediately shake myself up and prepare myself for what is coming next. I know every dating experience is for my highest and best good, if I keep on dating constantly with fun, enjoy being with men and be kind and open to them as I am right now – love will definitely come my way. Like Evan says, Love is inevitable.

I go on dates every week with amazing generous men who treat me kindly. I feel amazing and each date I go on gets better and better. I’m more confident, I’m more relaxed, I enjoy the present moment and feel empowered and safe.

Thank you so much for your work Evan, I appreciate you with all my heart.

Right now, I want you to imagine what your life will be like in only a few months:

  • You get over the guy who broke your heart.
  • You get online to attract more high-quality men.
  • With more high-quality suitors, you don’t worry too much about any one of them, and you confidently show them how to court you properly.
  • Now that men are courting you properly, you never fret about whether a man likes you or whether he’s going to call. The right guy does the right thing. The wrong guy does the wrong thing. You just sit back and watch it happen.
  • When the wrong guy does the wrong thing, you don’t take it personally. You just find another guy who wants to take you out.
  • After you go on enough dates, you inevitably find a guy you like who treats you well, and you commit to each other. You now have a boyfriend.

Really. It’s that simple. “Believe in Love” will get you there, and restore your faith in men, dating and relationships.

Unlike every other break-up book, it is not built on a series of clichés and feel-good rituals that get no results and only leave you feeling empty.

It does not tell you how to get your ex back.

It does not tell you that love happens when you least expect it.

It does not tell you to hide your personality on a date.

It does not give you seduction tips that make you roll your eyes.

It does not give you advice on losing weight, growing your hair longer, or changing your personality to appeal to men.

It does not tell you that you can’t love anyone until you love yourself.

It does not tell you to make a vision board of your future husband.

It does not tell you to take reminders of your ex and burn them in a bonfire.

“Believe in Love” doesn’t provide the illusion of help. It provides HELP.

smart strong successful woman with white curly hair wearing white top and smiling

“The result is that I’ve met someone that I “click” with.”

I was floundering on OKCupid not really meeting anyone I found appealing. Believe in Love taught me to be open!! Open to the possibility that a man may not be packaged as I envisioned.

Keep hopeful!! HAVE FUN!! It doesn’t have to be unpleasant, so don’t make it unpleasant!

The result is that I’ve met someone that I “click” with. He is very attentive and makes me feel safe, beautiful and cared for! I’m not sure if this is my “forever” but I am staying open and enjoying the process rather than focusing on the end result. I am happy and feeling hopeful that even if this doesn’t turn out to be “the” guy I am on the right track and have the tools to make dating and love happen for me!

“Believe In Love” is fundamentally about two things: developing a realistic and healthy mindset around dating, and taking action to ensure your success.

See, while it is essential to believe in love, belief without action is useless. That’s why you can have a personal mantra you repeat three times a day, a dozen private journals, and a vision board the size of Texas and still not have a boyfriend.

I don’t want you to merely believe in love. I want
you to FALL in love.

You’re a smart woman and smart women take ACTION.

When you consider how much peace of mind, joy, and happiness true love brings to your life, the only adequate valuation for it would be “priceless.”

But since “Believe in Love” has to have an actual price, I decided to do a little bit of research to answer my own question. Here’s what I learned:

When you work 50 hours a week to make more money, to have more freedom, and to do fun things that will theoretically make you happier, you’re missing the point.

Turns out that money doesn’t equate to happiness. Love does.

There are millions of lonely, disconnected six-figure earners, but being part of a happy couple is an INSTANT ticket to happiness.

People are often happier in nations with far less money. Why? Because they have love – and are happy in spite of what they lack.

Furthermore, married people live longer. Having a spouse not only takes care of you emotionally, physically, and financially, but gives you something special to live for.

Your husband gives you a trusted in-home confidante to defuse personal stresses.

Your husband gets you to wear sunscreen, have mammograms and check for cancer.

Your husband increases daily intellectual engagement, which helps avoid dementia.

Nobody talks about this stuff, but there are a LOT of benefits to marriage apart from stability, sex, and companionship.

Which is why it should be no surprise that there is an actual monetary price we can put on being happily married. Really. Someone actually bothered to figure this out.

A happy marriage is worth $100,000 per year.

That’s right. People who are blissfully married say their happiness equates to making $100,000 more per year.

No, I’m not going to license “Believe In Love” to you for $100,000 per year.

Nor will I charge you the $24,000 my clients invest to learn this over the phone.

I want you to have love.

I want to get this into your hands as soon as possible.

I want you to once again experience the electric feeling of connection and the easy comfort of having a love that is so strong it will never fade.

But before I tell you the special price I have waiting for you, I want to let you know what else you’re going to receive today to supercharge your confidence.

Because I want you to get the optimal results, I’ve also created a “Believe in Love” Workbook which comes with the downloadable eBook.

You may not see yourself as a workbook person, but I PROMISE: this step-by-step, can’t-miss process is the BEST way to implement the powerful lessons in the book.

Think about it.

There’s knowing something and there’s DOING something.

The last thing I want for you is to get all revved up about letting go of your past and dating with confidence — only to stall the second you hit a speed bump.

By going through each individual exercise, you are customizing my advice and seeing how it directly applies to YOU.

Now, when you start to feel bad that some guy didn’t call, you can look back in your workbook and quickly reframe your negativity.

Now, when you find yourself slipping into a bad place, you’ll have an exercise that can instantly cultivate joy in your day-to-day life.

Now, when you have a moment where you wonder whether this is all worth it, you’ll have your own handwriting reminding you that it is.

Belive in Love workbook by Evan Marc Katz

“Believe in Love” – Workbook

Your 65-page “Believe in Love” Workbook has 17 powerful exercises that teach you how to implement this life-changing advice, including:

  • 4 questions that will instantly allow you to break up with your past and FINALLY get over the ex who broke your heart.
  • A non-spiritual mantra that you can print, tape to your wall, and read over and over to allow you to date with regularity and confidence.
  • How to dramatically increase your own happiness, just by following a scientifically proven 14-point checklist.
  • How to obliterate all your irrational fears using only the power of logic. No therapy. No mystery. Write them down, be done with them, and move on.
  • ONE THING you can do every day to find love — and it definitely doesn’t involve reading a book, taking a class, or doing an exercise.
  • What your exes have done to make you feel gun-shy about men, and what you can now do to destroy the false beliefs that hold you back.
  • 10 reasons you’re great and that any man would feel lucky to have you.
  • 12 easy things that will get you out of your comfort zone and into attracting quality men wherever you go.
  • A mind-blowing way to make sure your future happiness in love is not just possible but INEVITABLE. It’s simple. It’s fun. And it’s guaranteed to work!

In addition, when you purchase “Believe in Love — 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating with Confidence,” you will ALSO receive:

Believe in Love by Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz

“Believe in Love” Audio

Same great content from “Believe in Love,” recorded professionally for over 6 hours of audio that you can download to your iPod, burn to CD, or listen to on your desktop.

Imagine hearing me provide a more nuanced and personal experience than simply reading the book yourself — and bring me on your commute to work, out for a walk, or anywhere else.

Believe in Love is conveniently broken into 7 sections, plus an introduction, so you can take a break at any point and come back to a powerful new insight.

But that’s not all I want to give you today.

As a gift for investing in “Believe in Love,”…

I’m giving away the 3 most action-oriented audio programs I’ve got, courtesy of my hugely popular FOCUS Coaching program.

FOCUS stands for Feminine, Optimistic, Confident, Understanding and Self-Aware,
and if you can get past the cheesy acronym, I hope you can see the greater point.

These are the qualities that attract men in droves.

These are the qualities that allow you to emanate positive energy.

These are the qualities that make men choose to commit to you for life.

I have carefully chosen these three FOCUS Coaching calls to pick up where “Believe in Love”
ends off and give you power and control over the dating process.

With this bonus content at your fingertips, you are going to be UNSTOPPABLE when it comes
to attracting and connecting with the right man.

Bonus #1 Meeting Men in Real Life (Value: $47)

The most common question I get is “Where can I meet quality men?” The second most common is “Why are men attracted to some women and not others in “real life?”

In this special FOCUS Coaching bonus call, I’ll answer both and you’ll learn:

Focus coaching by Evan Marc Katz dating coach meeting men in real life
  • How to flirt with a man and get him to approach you in a public place. You will be a MAGNET if you just do THIS.
  • What makes a guy feel the attraction necessary to make a first move, and why you should never have to make the first move yourself. It’s not that you can’t; it’s that you shouldn’t NEED to.
  • How to overcome your fear of rejection and make yourself more approachable, just by doing these THREE things.
  • Whether you’re actually taking actions to meet men, or if you’re just providing lip service to the idea of falling in love. Once you see your own actions in writing, it becomes EASY to change them.
  • What men ACTUALLY think of flirtatious women — and how being flirtatious does not necessarily mean what you think it means…
  • Why the Law of Attraction is useful, but cannot manifest love on its own.
  • How to create room for dating if you’re a mom or have a high-powered job. Once you have dating on the calendar, your success is all but guaranteed.

Bonus #2 Flirting
(Value: $47)

Want to make men flock to you, court you, and commit to you? The art of flirting is not only one of my favorite subjects, but one of the easiest ones to teach.

You’ll have men view you in a completely different way by learning these juicy tips:

Focus coaching by Evan Marc Katz dating coach meeting men in real life
  • How to be the best version of yourself with men — the same confident, comfortable, likeable woman you are around your closest friends.
  • Why “being yourself” may be common dating advice, but it’s not particularly effective in helping you connect with men on dates.
  • A simple way to be as flirtatious in your emails and texts as you are in “real life,” so that men always feel drawn to you.
  • Why flirting isn’t the same as “leading him on” or “being a tease”, and how to maintain total control of your intentions in every circumstance.
  • A magical way to get a guy to approach you at a party or a bar. It’s so simple, you’ll be shocked you never thought of it before.
  • How to stop falling apart around really attractive men and start acting like a confident, Angelina Jolie-type seductress.
  • The difference between alpha males and beta males, and what that means for you as you flirt with them.
  • What to do around your office crush that’s going to make him take action now.
  • Two great resources that will further your studies on confidence, feminine energy, and flirting in real life.
  • Why flirting is not manipulative, but should be organic, fun, and a major key to attracting a quality man.

Bonus #3 Staying Cool (Value: $47)

There are dozens of reasons that you can freak out when dating — most of them having to do with previous disappointments and the insecurities they’ve created. In this FOCUS Coaching session, I show you how to regain your perspective and carry yourself like the CEO of your own love life. Learn:

Focus coaching by Evan Marc Katz dating coach meeting men in real life
  • How to NOT put a man up on a pedestal. Starting now, no man will EVER have power over you ever again. In fact, men are going to start stepping up to please you more just by listening to the advice I give you during this call.
  • Why your own made-up rules designed to protect you from getting hurt are only just protecting you from falling in love.
  • How to conduct yourself in those first few weeks of dating so that you never have to chase him down, remind him you exist, or feel weak or needy.
  • Why worrying about the future is the quickest way to get dumped. Seriously.
  • The one thing “cool” women do to make men commit that ANY woman (yes, even you) can instantly implement.
  • Why it’s not only okay but also IMPERATIVE for you to be vulnerable with each new man, instead of trying to protect yourself.
  • How each new guy is like a lottery ticket and why you don’t get too upset when you don’t win the lottery. Just learning this can ERASE any feelings of disappointment after your latest guy disappeared on you.
  • What it means to “mirror” his behavior with warmth, appreciation and enthusiasm and never feel like you’re “playing games,” because you’re not.
  • Why being a yes person creates true relationship intimacy and how saying yes 95% of the time does NOT mean you have no boundaries. The more you say yes, the more your “No” will carry weight with your boyfriend.
  • Why the other shoe is NOT going to drop and how you CAN and WILL live happily ever after.

Bonus #4 How To Create Love on Purpose
(Value: $47)

Learn answers to some of the most compelling questions you’ve had about love from this captivating interview, “How To Create Love on Purpose,” with Orna and Matthew Walters.

create love on purpose with dating coach Evan Marc Katz

Remember, this is my BEST stuff, that I’ve distilled for you over the last decade of helping thousands of women in the same situation as you.

And if you’ve been discouraged, deflated and despondent over your romantic prospects, “Believe in Love,” the workbook, the audio, and the 4 bonus coaching calls are all you need to get go of your negativity, date with confidence, and attract the highest quality men.

What price can you put on hope, joy, and commitment?

Well, if you add up everything I’m giving you, it looks like this:

Evan Marc Katz digital programs believe in love

Believe in Love eBook ($97)
Believe in Love workbook ($97)
Believe in Love audio ($97)
Meeting Men Bonus ($47)
Flirting Bonus ($47)
Staying Cool Bonus ($47)
Love on Purpose Bonus ($47)

TOTAL: $479

If that sounds like incredible value for something that is inherently priceless, you’re right.

But because I haven’t written a book in four years…

And because “Believe in Love” is the logical follow-up to my international bestseller, “Why He Disappeared”…

And because you need tangible steps once you get back in the dating scene…

I’m also offering you this promise.

If you think that you’re too beaten down by your previous relationships, too jaded about online dating, and too cynical to think that the man of your dreams is out there looking for you, I want you to know:

You can try “Believe in Love — 7 Steps to Letting Go of the Past, Embracing the Present, and Dating With Confidence,” along with the audios, workbook and bonuses…

Absolutely FREE

I believe in this material 100% and wouldn’t want you to spend even $1 on something that didn’t benefit you.

So if “Believe in Love” doesn’t convince you that there are good men in the world and that it’s ALWAYS worth it to believe in love, I will:

  • Quickly and courteously refund your entire purchase price.
  • Encourage you to keep all your bonuses ($288 value) as my thanks for trying.

Just reply to the email confirmation you receive after downloading my book, write “refund book” in your message, and I will refund you the full amount, no questions asked, provided that you issue your request within 30 days of purchase.

Frankly, I’m not too worried about that. I’m confident that this limited time offer is going to be one of the best long-term investments you’ve ever made in yourself.


Evan Marc Katz digital programs believe in love

Believe in Love eBook ($97)
Believe in Love workbook ($97)
Believe in Love audio ($97)
Meeting Men Bonus ($47)
Flirting Bonus ($47)
Staying Cool Bonus ($47)
Love on Purpose Bonus ($47)

TOTAL: $479

Don’t forget, a happy marriage is worth $100,000 a year.

A year of private coaching with me costs $24,000.

Today, I’m giving you a lifetime of hope and possibility for only $97!

A man sitting on a couch relaxing at home.

“I feel so good! Best in many, many years! And the best of all is that you gave me hope in life back!”

Truly Evan, I have to thank you a million times!

Before I bought your books (WHD and Believe in Love) I was desperate, clueless and sad! After one not so good marriage and one long bad relationship, I had a few short relationships in between and have been through men that really sucked, alcoholics, one psychopath and the other mentally ill or emotionally disturbed in other ways.

The latest relationship almost broke me financially as well. I couldn’t figure out why I picked those men and really I thought it was my fault alone. At 50 I realized I didn’t want to live alone, but to live with such men was not an option either. I tried hard to find a new man, but the good ones just disappeared or didn’t really step up.

At the lowest I found myself buying in on a man that ultimately from the beginning said he wouldn’t marry nor did he like me that way. It crashed of course. So, heartbroken (again) and at the lowest point in myself esteem I realized something has to change big time.

So I went online found you and started to listen.

I realized that I have had lots of mistakes and probably drove any sane man away with my desperate, controlling and over doing attitude. After all, I am a business woman with drive and I know what I want and how to get it. I also knew that I am a catch, warm, sensitive and kind, but nothing of that came through.

So, after listening to your e-books and interviews I changed my profile online.

One week after that, I meet a man, CEO at a big company, a man with drive but still with a gentle heart and big love for his family.

I used your advice and leaned back and let him drive. I truly was the best myself and let the rest up to him and the universe. I let go of the needy stuff and trusted in the process. And, sure enough I got a new date with him and the next one too. He says he loves the way I make him feel. He likes me and so far so good!

Of course I have days that scare me, when he is silent and I get desperate and think the worse, but then I listen to you again and your soothing voice and advices makes me feel calm and confident again. And I know that he would be crazy not to have me cause I am a catch and he can’t find anyone like me.

Today he is planning my birthday as it is coming up next week and he is so sweet and endearing in doing this so I can’t help myself feeling big love for him. It has been almost two months now so I am still working with your advices and trying not to destroy this good thing, but sometimes you just have to go with the moment and just be there. The only thing we can be sure on is now and here!

I feel so good! Best in many, many years! And the best of all is that you gave me hope in life back!

Thank You!

How to Know This Program Is For You

If you really enjoy dating and relish the opportunity to meet and connect with new guys every week, you don’t need this program.

If you’ve never wasted a few months (or years) pining for the one who got away, you don’t need this program.

If you take rejection in stride and never spend a single second worrying about whether a man is into you, you don’t need this program.

If you have never “taken a break” from dating, men and relationships, you don’t need this program.

If you assume the best in men — that they’re kind, trustworthy, relationship-oriented and fundamentally want to make you happy — you don’t need this program


  • If you’ve let great chemistry keep you in dysfunctional relationships for far too long, you need this program to show you how to cut guys loose forever.
  • If you’ve ever felt that you’re “too busy” for love, this program will show you exactly how to allocate your little spare time to get the love you deserve.
  • If your boyfriends have been selfish, insecure, or insensitive to your needs, this program will give you the self-assurance to speak your mind and never settle for less.
  • If you expected the tingly excitement of new love to last forever, you need this program to explain how love REALLY works, so you can make your happiness last forever.
  • If you’ve ever had self-doubts whether you were worthy of love, this program will obliterate them and allow you to access hidden reservoirs of self-esteem.
  • If you have trouble communicating with men, this program will give you the tools to show them how to please you and the courage to dump them if they don’t.
  • If you’re afraid to date because you don’t want to get hurt again, this program will give you a new, empowering worldview that will make good men FLOCK to you.
  • If you believe that men are ultimately going to hurt you, this program will give you a shot of confidence that will inspire men to treat you like a queen.
  • If you’ve been disappointed at the lack of quality men, this program will reveal why you should be INFINITELY more optimistic about your chances to get married.
  • If you’ve ever been frustrated that men don’t act the way they should, this program will help you see those same men in a new, positive, light — and transform the way men react to you. You can literally bring out a BETTER side in the men you meet.
  • If you’re sick of being alone and wondering why true love eludes you, this program will help you believe in love and attract it into your life.
  • If you’ve ever felt stuck and unsure of what to do next, this program will outline a foolproof plan for you to date with success until you find the man you’re looking for.

Believe in Love isn’t just a breakup program. It’s a blueprint for romantic success.

And a blueprint wouldn’t be successful if it didn’t lead you, step-by-step, through an intuitive, easy-to-follow process that led to tangible results.

You’re a great catch. You work hard. You love your life.

But you know that you can — and should — love it MUCH more than you now.

Think about the happiest moments you’ve ever had when you were in love.

Think about how blissful you felt.

Think about how you floated on air whenever you were with him.

Think about how supported you were — how, just with this man’s presence in your life, everything seemed better.

Think about how connected you felt — how you could turn to him after a long day and he’d understand, how he’d make you laugh like no one else, how his touch was like a drug that could get you high all night.

You can have that feeling again.

You deserve to have that feeling again.

You MUST have that feeling again.

Don’t give up. Don’t settle for less. Don’t choose to be alone.

After you get “Believe in Love,” you’ll see exactly what I see:

It’s not a matter of IF you’ll find him; it’s a matter of WHEN.

I have helped tens of thousands of women just like you get their grooves back and find love. Now I have to ask you:

How important is it to have love in your life?

Are you content with your work, your friends, and your hobbies to keep you company until you’re 90?

Are you content paying for everything yourself, including your house, your insurance, your vacations, your home improvement, and your retirement savings?

Are you content with your own loneliness and living indefinitely without a man’s touch, without someone thinking of you and taking care of you every single day?

What would it be worth to you if you could turn that around?

What would it be worth if you had a man who was deeply, madly, and totally committed to you?

He makes you breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings.

He lets you pick the vacation spot and he pays for it.

He puts little love notes in your luggage before a business trip.

He embraces your friends and family like they’re his own.

He always makes time for you, no matter how busy he is.

He gives you everything you lack as a single woman — the feeling of safety, the feeling of security, the feeling that, no matter what, everything will be okay.

How great does that sound?

If you don’t take action, you will be exactly where you are right now.

By taking advantage of this offer, you are sending yourself a message.

You are NOT going to be alone.

You are NOT going to think the worst of men.

You are NOT going to throw in the towel on the greatest happiness in the world.

“Believe in Love” is a book that will serve as a trusted companion, a book you’ll find yourself quoting to your friends, a book that you’ll return to repeatedly on your journey to lasting love.

Life IS love.

I can’t wait to hear you tell me that you found it, too.

When you click on the order button below, you’ll go to my secure order page for your credit card, where your order information will be transmitted using the latest technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. After submitting your information you can download the book immediately.

The process takes just a few clicks and you can be reading my book on your computer minutes from now.

Don’t wait. The love life you’ve always wanted is possible and you’re seconds away from making it happen!

Warmest wishes and much love,

Your friend,

Evan Marc Katz dating coach signature

P.S. Imagine never having getting upset over a guy ever again. Imagine being able to relax and enjoy the dating process. Imagine how men will respond to the new positive you.

Now’s your chance to make this your reality. Don’t miss this opportunity to change your romantic outlook for good. Invest in yourself today!

P.P.S. Take a look at even more testimonials below to read how excited and relieved women felt after hearing the advice in “Believe in Love” and how it’s changed their lives.

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