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Already know you want to experience the proven results of Finding The One Online?

“I Can’t Believe What These Guys Are Saying About My Profile!”

Here are a fraction of the responses Dani received in the first few days after using Finding The One Online. There were hundreds of responses just like this that aren’t shown. Remember, Dani isn’t a professional writer or a model. She’s just another woman who was getting ignored by the right men online – until she invested in my Finding The One Online system! I think her results speak for themselves:

“Your words and your thoughts have my heart beating with a new skip in it. I hope you’re a nurse, cause I think I may need some help. :-)”
Phil — Virginia Beach, VA

“I just happened to be browsing when I caught your profile and was immediately attracted to your personality. You exhibit such intelligence that warms me with your inner beauty (not to mention that I was mesmerized with your outer beauty as well!) I would love to talk to you soon. Who knows? We might be starting something very precious and special.”
Teddy – Plymouth, NC

“I enjoyed reading about you. Very nice profile! You have to be a writer! I want you to know that I have the answer for the Lexus windshield wipers. Let’s talk later. I hope you have a great morning.
Don — Virginia Beach, VA

“I must say that your profile was the best I have ever read. Have you thought of writing as another occupation? I also like riding down the road with the music as loud as possible, working in the dirt, and PB&J sandwiches. Although I quit doing the one-arm handstands on my bike; you are quite welcome to continue and I’ll be glad to stand by to pick you up and apply the neosporin. Anyway, in short; I really loved your profile. Hope you enjoy your evening.
Roger – Williamston, NC

“Your profile leaves me breathless. Do you have any screenwriting experience? You are a very special lady! Is your heart as full as you express it? You leave me speechless!”
Allen — Virginia Beach, VA

“Wow, that is one powerful profile. You’re gonna be the luckiest catch for any guy. I would love to try that 40 clove garlic chicken. I was stationed at the Coast Guard base there in Portsmouth back in ’76-’77. I loved that area so much. I could kick myself in the butt for moving away from there. Good luck in your adventures. And that snake. It’s just a little harmless fellow.
Daniel – Bellefontain, OH

“Ok that is the most fantastic profile written ever…do you really exist?? Are you an oasis in a sandstorm? You define what every normal man should aspire in a companion/woman…Good Luck in your safari on here.”
Eddie — Dacula, GA

“You had me at the sharing the crackerjack prize but did you have to go all the way to the heart with the dog rescue? You are a treasure, no doubt about it.”
Bob — Houston, TX

“I absolutely love your profile and photos. You’re gorgeous and hilarious all in the same breath. I would love to get to know you better. And we could read the owner’s manual of your Lexus together. Two heads are sometimes better than one. Oh, and I can’t believe the 911 dispatcher had the nerve to tell you the snake wasn’t an emergency. I would have been asking him to call out the National Guard, or at least the SWAT team. I HATE snakes. Anyway, if you’re interested, I’d love to hear from you.”
Timothy – Atlanta, GA

“I just read and fully digested your profile, after finally getting beyond your eyes! I must say, it was may be the most intriguing and dichotomous profile I have read. There is no way I would not first offer you the prize on the inside, and I totally understand the first hand experience of a TFD making a full pass. I can also compare notes at a candlelight dinner at a five star restaurant. Gourmet cook I am not, but I can cook a variety of ethnic dishes that include copious amounts of garlic and ginger. That being said, it takes one to know one, and we are a very rare breed indeed.”
Colin – Chantilly, VA

“Wow, you would make anyone respond to you with that kind of profile… I need that kind of pizazz in my life…you are a tiger.”
Frank — Monroe, LA

And YOU thought men only cared about the photos!

Have you ever felt discouraged by online dating?

Be honest with me here for a moment.

Sure, online dating can be a great way to meet people — if you know what you’re doing.

But to those who don’t, it can seem like a frustrating way to find true love and happiness.

So let me ask you if any of these scenarios sound familiar:

  • Have you ever posted a profile that got ignored by the men you wanted to meet?
  • Have you ever written to ten men in a row and gotten rejected by all of them?
  • Have you ever had potential dates disappear in the middle of emailing you?
  • Have you ever spent time getting to know someone who turned out to be a liar?
  • Have you ever felt like a victim of age discrimination?
  • Have you ever wondered how only the wrong men seem to contact you, yet the right ones never do?
  • Have you ever felt that this takes way too much time and effort for the results you get?

If you’ve ever encountered any of these frustrating situations, and have wanted to discover the simplest and most effective path to finding love and happiness online, then this is going to be the most important letter you will ever read.

My name is Evan Marc Katz, and in the next few minutes I’m going to show you why you no longer need to agonize over bad online dating experiences.

Specifically, I’m going to reveal the 5-part formula to knowing exactly what the opposite sex is thinking, and how you can use this knowledge to create the happy, healthy relationship you’ve always dreamed about!

Furthermore, I’m going to invite you to accept a valuable package of my never-before-revealed strategies and online dating secrets that have created HUNDREDS of happy relationships over the past 7 years, completely risk-free and without obligation.

Here’s what this is all about:

I wish I could tell you that I was a smooth and successful online dating expert from the get-go. I wish I could tell you that it was EASY figuring out my tested and proven online dating system.

Well, let me tell you… I was no online Casanova in the beginning… and it was no walk in the park to become a nationally recognized dating coach.

No, I learned online dating the HARD way…

Back in 1997-1998, I was a single, struggling screenwriter living in Los Angeles.

And like a lot of people, I was not particularly comfortable going out to bars and clubs, approaching strange women.

Even though I was pretty social, the bar and club scene always made me feel like some sort of trapeze artist walking the tightrope, or an actor playing a part onstage.

It didn’t feel authentic, genuine, or substantial. And the chances of meeting someone worthwhile on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood where I live seemed far and few between.

Maybe you’ve come to a similar realization yourself, but all I know is that it’s HARD to meet someone in “real life”.

We have our small lives: our circle of married friends, our work colleagues, a few single people, and that’s it. Clubs are for kids. Set-ups are rarely useful. And while it’s nice to say, “I want to meet someone organically, where our eyes meet, so I can feel chemistry”, that simply doesn’t happen very often.

How many times a year does it happen to you?

That’s why I was so encouraged by the idea of online dating.

Because in theory, online dating should be like a gift from the gods.


Because you can…

Take your time to construct a profile that is genuinely you, filled with your natural personality and positive characteristics…

Pick, screen, and meet only those people who interest you…

Quickly and easily revitalize your dating life without a lot of money or effort…

It should have worked for me like gangbusters — but for some reason, it didn’t…

Not at first anyway.

In fact, those first few years were filled with so much despair and rejection, I almost threw in the towel and gave up on online dating forever.

That’s right. Despair. Rejection. Failure. I know you’ve felt it. I have, too.

So when I say, “I understand what you’re going through,” I’m not just saying it for effect.

Everything I’m about to share with you is something I’ve done wrong myself — multiple times — for nearly ten years!

You want to talk about failure? During my online dating experience…

I was ignored.

I was dumped.

I was stood up.

I was cheated on.

I was told there’s no chemistry.

I was told “good luck” at the end of the date.

I was insulted – by email, IM, phone and in person.

I was on dates with women who were absolutely NOTHING like they made themselves out to be on their profiles…

I’m surprised I never got a singing telegram that shot pepper spray in my face!

At one point, after an exceptionally horrible date, I seriously considered going back to the bar, club, and setup scene.

It was that bad.

And I was that frustrated.

And yet I kept on dating

I kept on rewriting my profile every year.

I kept on taking new photos every year.

I kept on trying new websites each time one got stale.

I kept on brushing off the negativity after each bad date.

And most importantly, I kept the faith that there was a likeminded person out there.

It wasn’t easy. All I knew was that if I quit, I would have no dating options at all.

Sure, it’s hard to keep a positive attitude. But, seriously, what other choice do you have?

So let’s get one thing straight: online dating can be a chore.

You might think I’m crazy to offer you advice on something that has done so little for you. That’s fair. I’d probably feel the same way if I were you.

But let me tell you from experience…

Online dating is the ONLY way to get dates that puts such a large degree of control in your hands. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your love life. It gives YOU the power to create the love, happiness, and fulfillment you deserve.

But only when you know what you’re doing.

You see, like anything else in life, the only way you’ll discover true success with online dating is either by making all the mistakes possible and learning from them, or bypassing all the garbage by learning from someone who’s been there already.

So the question becomes, would you rather follow a proven blueprint to dating success? Or would you rather continue floundering in the singles scene, trying to get setup through your friends, and looking for your perfect match at bars and lounges?

Do you want control over your love life?

Or are you content to let the chips fall where they may?

That’s why I believe in online dating.

Not because it’s perfect – not by a long shot.

But because it creates the possibility of love where previously there was none.

Because it gives you the ability to find a new date whenever you want.

Because it allows you to screen people before you meet them.

Because it’s inexpensive compared to singles cruises and matchmakers.

Now, believe me, I don’t just talk the talk. I walk the walk.

I believe this stuff, because I’ve seen Finding the One Online work, over and over and over again.

Not just for thirty-something guys like me.

But for women from all over the world, from all walks of life.

For people who are probably a lot like you.

smart strong successful woman smiling

“Now I Have New Problems - How To Weed Out the Number of Men Writing Me!”

After a wonderful 43-year marriage, I suddenly found myself a widow. I hadn’t dated in 44 years! I was totally out of touch with today’s dating scene and pretty clueless about how to utilize online dating. I spent big bucks on an introduction service that was a complete waste of money. I knew I needed help to succeed. Then I saw Evan on a seminar I purchased and I thought, “He makes a lot of sense! I need to see if he can help me.”

After he wrote my profile, I was absolutely inundated with guys writing me. Some even just saying they weren’t a fit but it was the best profile they ever read. Even though I had professional pictures done, he had me have my pictures redone and I have to say, I look amazing! Now I have new problems – how to weed out the number of men writing me! What a good problem to have! The dating tips I got were invaluable and helped me from wasting time and effort on men that weren’t a good fit for me. Although the profile and the pictures were worth every penny, I really got the most out of the dating tips; why a man acts like he does, how to present myself in the best light, and, most of all, not to take it personally. Not to mention, there wasn’t a question I couldn’t ask, even those intimate questions that you hesitate to ask your friends. Working with him has gotten me dates with over 30 men in a year. I stopped believing what people kept telling me that it’s next to impossible to get dates at my age because I’m living proof that with the right coaching and a desire to use the advice, you can stand out from the crowd and be a success. I haven’t met my perfect fit yet, but I have every confidence that when I do, I will be totally prepared to move into a long-term relationship. In the meantime, I’m having lots of fun practicing what I’ve learned and it feels really good to be wanted by so many guys. I couldn’t have found this advice anywhere else and I’m really happy that I ran across him.

These are a few of my clients who have had a spectacular success using the Finding the One Online:

  • A 40-year-old woman from California who wanted to have a child and did, thanks to the Finding the One Online technique.
  • A 31-year-old woman from New York who got married using the Finding the One Online technique
  • A 48-year-old divorced woman from South Africa who found a relationship using the Finding the One Online technique.
  • A 41-year-old woman from Chicago who found a relationship using the Finding the One Online technique.
  • A 61-year-old divorced woman from Virginia who found a relationship using the Finding the One Online technique.
  • An 80 lbs overweight woman from Maryland who found a relationship using the Finding the One Online technique.
  • A 51-year-old never-married woman from California who got married using the Finding the One Online technique.
  • The 29-year-old woman who wanted to attract the right kind of guy and had over 80 responses in the first day alone.
  • The 40-year-old real estate agent from New York who had never written to a man before and got five replies in her first five emails.
  • The 64-year-old widow who hadn’t dated for years and had twelve men chasing her down in her first week online.


Which leads me to my current dilemma, and how it affects YOU!

You could say that Finding the One Online works almost TOO well.

As a dating coach, I am fortunate. I charge $8,000 for a new profile, new photos and one month of online dating coaching. I work with highly motivated people who desire big changes in their life, and are able to invest heavily in their own futures.

Lately, the interest in my private coaching has far exceeded the amount of time and attention I can give.

Turning away or wait-listing clients who simply want a fulfilling relationship doesn’t sit well with me.

But I had no way of helping people who might not be able to pay that price. People who might not want to pay that price! I’d certainly have to think about it long and hard myself.

I needed a way to clone myself, or somehow get my system into a format that was affordable to the hundreds of thousands of people who were looking for love and connection in their lives.

Which is why, for the first time ever…

I decided to collect EVERYTHING that I teach my clients — and give it away – for a fraction of the cost.

In Finding the One Online — the home study course — you get six and a half hours of life-changing online dating advice,6 1/2 hours of audio, with a 180-page transcript, and a 35-page workbook.

This is the most complete and comprehensive online dating package ever.

Every single insight I use to help men and women find love is in there, and guaranteed to change the way you view the world forever.

Minutes from now, you will learn these easy techniques to give you a new lease on love:

  • How to fix your profile and turn it into a compelling, unique advertisement.
  • How to write confidently and flirtatiously to get more high quality responses.
  • How to go from email to the phone to the real life date without losing people.
  • How to ethically overcome age discrimination without turning you into a liar.
  • How to minimize the time you’re investing in the wrong dates, and how to open up to the right ones.
  • How to budget your time wisely, so that online dating is a source of joy and opportunity, not a source of despair and rejection.

Here’s just some of what you’ll get when you purchase Finding the One Online:

Volume 1 — Developing a Healthy Mindset and Choosing the Proper Website

As much as you rightfully want to find love fast, online dating is a process. When you don’t have the right perspective, that process can be easily derailed. In your first 90 minutes, you will learn what attitude it takes to be successful online, why being judgmental is toxic to finding love, and why your effort is more important than the website you use.

dating coach Evan Marc Katz finding the one online
  • How to set up a magnetic and appealing online dating profile, quickly and easily. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can do this, and stunned at the amount of quality responses you get!
  • Why you should actually HIDE your profile before you get started with the Finding the One Online system!
  • Why online dating isn’t embarrassing. Let your friends and family give you skeptical looks… until they see how busy your love life is!
  • The single most important aspect of online dating, and why, if you’re not doing this from the start, you can kiss your chances of online dating success good-bye! Hint — it has nothing to do with your profile picture, your words, or humor!
  • The biggest mistake that ambushes 98% of all online daters like a bear trap… and how YOU can avoid it! You’ll smack your forehead when you hear this one…
  • Why writing to fewer people each month — using the Finding the One Online method — instead of using the typical, “machine gun” approach that most online daters use, will get you more quality matches, guaranteed.
  • The cold hard TRUTH about getting the hottest, most successful member of the opposite sex to reply to your emails… it may not be what you want to hear, but it will save you hours of headache and frustration…
  • How to expose the liars, wannabes, and losers on any dating site… immediately!
  • The 3 most important qualities to your online dating success. If you know what these are, your chances of success will dramatically increase. If you don’t know what they are, you’re sunk even before you start…
  • How having realistic expectations will make you happier, more attractive to the opposite sex, and will make finding a quality partner happen MUCH sooner!
  • Why online dating is an essential skill for your future relationships (even when you’ve found “The One”) with friends, family, and even in business!
  • The myth of the “best dating website”… exposed! Sure, “they” want you to believe that THEIR website will connect you to the love of your life, ASAP. But here’s the unvarnished truth…
  • The essential checklist for choosing a new internet dating site. If the site doesn’t have these particular qualities, you’re just wasting your time…
  • There is a group of people within any internet dating site who represent the highest quality members of the opposite sex, waiting and eager to hear from you. Here’s who they are, and how to target them…
  • Ever wondered which dating site you should start with? It should be THIS one, every single time…
  • Exposed… the REAL difference between Match, eHarmony and Plentyoffish — and how this difference can affect your chances of online dating success
  • How to successfully branch out to smaller niche dating sites. There IS a specific formula for this, and smaller sites can be massively rewarding… if you know what you’re doing…
  • Here’s the ONLY time when you should be on multiple dating sites at once

Volume 2 — Witty Usernames, Smiling Photos, Broad Searches

Marketing yourself online is essential to your success. You need a strong ad campaign to differentiate yourself from the competition. But if creatively expressing yourself online seems impossible, my second audio gives you everything you need to triumph. Techniques for brainstorming usernames, tips for the right photos to choose, and how to expand your searches to find the one online.

dating coach Evan Marc Katz finding the one online
  • The quick and easy, ten minute method to come up with an irresistible username that forces you to stand out, specifically to the kinds of people you want to meet!
  • The little known website that can help you ethically “cheat” in coming up with an absolutely magnetizing username
  • What NEVER to do with your headline. Doing this will almost guarantee that your ideal matches will yawn and click away from your profile…
  • The “headline/username” secret that makes your profile irresistible to members of the opposite sex!
  • Yes, photos are essential to your online dating success. But here are the ONLY people who should completely avoid posting photos. Are you one of them?
  • 6 powerful profile photo tips to dramatically increase your chances of success with online dating! No, it’s not the same recycled info you hear from other sources. This is information I only share with my $8,000 coaching clients!
  • Why you should never, EVER use an old photo of yourself in your online dating photo… or anywhere else for that matter!
  • Why smiling is essential in every photo, EVEN when you want to go for a mysterious, sexy look…
  • Should you have just one picture, or should you go for a variety of photos in your profile? PLUS — the EXACT number of photos you should use! The answer may surprise you…
  • The hard and fast rule on choosing which photos to use and which to leave out. Once you know this simple secret, you’ll wonder why some of your photos were in your profile in the first place!
  • Why professional photography — done right — can work wonders for your love life
  • Why it’s crucial for you to see others’ current photos before you meet. (This is an easy way to protect yourself from liars or married people!)
  • The EXACT length of time that you should subscribe to any internet dating website! Yes, there is a specific time you should be active, and a specific time when you should make your exit…
  • Here’s when you know it’s time to cancel a subscription… and how to do it with minimum muss and fuss
  • The 2 qualities that matter most in determining whether it’s worth your time to write to someone. If you’re not screening the people you’re interested in with these 2 simple criteria, you may be attracting less than desirable individuals!
  • The essential, but often overlooked site function on Match.com that you should use to find ALL of your contacts
  • Why trying to convince others to date you is the biggest waste of your time and energy. In the time it takes you to write a second email to an uninterested party, you could be lining up dates with half a dozen quality individuals!
  • How putting in more criteria actually destroys the possibility of finding the one online! And why you can be more selective than Harvard and still have plenty of dating options!
  • Why people with average profiles are usually better in real life and people with amazing profiles are often worse…

Volume 3 — Writing a One-of-a-Kind Profile and Understanding the Opposite Sex

Capturing your unique essence in two essays is a challenge, all right. It’s hard to know what to say, what not to say, and how you come across. In Volume 3, I’m going to give you every single trick I’ve used in writing over 500 online dating profiles myself.

Once you have your personal ad, it’s time to post it. But before you start contacting people, it’s important to understand the online dating experience of the opposite sex. Knowledge is power, and you’ll be far more powerful once you see why people do what they do.

dating coach Evan Marc Katz finding the one online
  • 5 profile strategies you can use RIGHT NOW to immediately boost the quality and appeal of your profile. Do these FIRST!
  • If you don’t like writing, and want the shortcut to your irresistible profile, here’s the PREMIER site where you can get
    qualified professionals to write your profile for you!
  • The often overlooked secret of “showing” people who you are instead of “telling” them who you are in your profile. Once you understand the subtle difference here, you’ll experience a massive difference in the quality and quantity of your matches
  • Is your current profile essay too long and boring? Too short for those who want to know more about you? Finally, here’s the proper length and the content you need to attract, intrigue, and inspire through your essays…
  • The attraction power of being able to tell a story in one line, using time, place, and action. When you can succinctly tell a memorable story in your profile, your sex appeal and value go up tremendously in the eyes of your potential matches…
  • Which of your core qualities you should highlight in your profile… and which you should leave out! You may be surprised to discover which of your core qualities — which you think are essential to your profile — need to be removed if you want to be more successful
    with online dating!
  • Why your profile has more in common with a Madison Avenue advertisement than a personal statement. And why this simple mind shift will lead to more success with online dating!
  • The value of SPECIFICITY! And why you should never describe yourself as smart, funny, or attractive. Here’s what to do instead…
  • The subtle psychological advantage of only writing about what you DO want, and never about what you DON’T want.
  • How you can highlight your best qualities without bragging. Are you unknowingly turning people off by coming across as a braggart?
  • The correct way to use humor and emotion in your profile. Most online daters do this wrong and wonder why they see no results from their online dating efforts…
  • How you can artfully communicate from your profile that you “look young for your age.” Trite statements like this are attraction KILLERS. Here’s everything you need to say, without turning off your potential matches…
  • Why even good people lie about their height, weight, and age in their profile… and how YOU can see through this deception!
  • The one thing that you CAN lie about in your profile— and how it can contribute to your online dating success!
  • The 3 biggest mistakes that men make in online dating, and how it MURDERS their chances of finding the one online…
  • Ever wonder why men ask for your phone number and never call? An insider’s psychology lesson into the mind of the male online dater…
  • Why restricting yourself to only 5% of the online dating population (which is what most people do) is a poor strategy for your internet dating success…
  • How to open up to people you might not initially consider… and why “opening up” is not the same as “settling”
  • How being crystal clear with your own preferences makes online dating infinitely easier, less frustrating, and ultimately more rewarding!

Volume 4 — From the First Email to the First Date

Because online dating is a high-volume medium, where everyone has a lot of choices, it’s essential for you to learn how to communicate effectively. The goal isn’t to go on as many blind dates with strangers as possible; it’s to build trust and comfort, so that when you do go on a first date, it feels natural and fun.

Flirting by email, understanding the perceptions of the opposite sex, and subtly shifting the tone of your communication will radically improve your entire dating experience.

dating coach Evan Marc Katz finding the one online
  • How to target, with laser precision, only the right people with your first emails. This is often the most important communication you will make with your potential matches. Here’s how to separate the wheat from the chaff…
  • 2 surefire techniques to write an amazing first email that gets an eager response…
  • Why women’s greatest chance of first email success is in writing to men in THIS age group…
  • The common mistake of writing to your top favorites first… and how it kills your chances of success with them!
  • Complimenting someone as quickly as possible is good, right? Wrong! Here’s why first email compliments are a bad idea, and what to do instead…
  • How to capture attention in the subject of your email. Think of your subject line as the gateway to your email. If it isn’t
    intriguing enough to get opened, your email isn’t getting read! Here’s how to make sure your email gets opened every single time…
  • Why your goal in an email correspondence is to make someone smile, NOT to impress them. You will get far greater results EVERY TIME if you
    can elicit a smile.
  • The deadly “Pedestal Principle” and how it could be silently killing your chances of online dating success! If you don’t know what it is, chances are, it is already affecting you…
  • How you can always have something original and witty to say using my Fun Fiction formula. Language is the only tool you’ve got in online dating, and this formula can help you become more attractive and intriguing in your emails
  • The one, critical component to making online flirtation work for you…
  • When being “shallow” actually works better than being deep, insightful, and profound! PLUS – why you shouldn’t ask too much personal information before you meet in person
  • The secret to instant rapport through your first email exchange! Discover how you can elevate an email dialogue and make the other person more interesting!
  • The right — and WRONG — way to ask questions during an email exchange. Asking questions can be an influential tool in your email correspondence, but only if you know how to do it correctly…
  • How to tell men what you want — and still make them feel encouraged! PLUS – why giving men your rules for communication always backfires…
  • A specific technique to slow down men who push too hard to meet, without turning them off completely
  • How to use “The Questionnaire” technique to save a failing email exchange. I’ve never seen this taught anywhere else, but it works like a charm!
  • How women can “step into a man’s shoes,” and consider what a man experiences when he talks to you…
  • How to go from online exchanges to an offline meeting as smoothly and quickly as possible. And exactly how long it should take to get to your first in-person meeting…
  • Why you should throw the age old courtship rules out the window when it comes to online dating. Specifically, why women should write to men FIRST! (HINT – you can write to a man first without chasing him or lowering your value…)
  • Why being “ladylike” is impeding your success with online dating! Because waiting for a man to write you eliminates 50% of your possibilities!
  • The 3 keys to being confident, playful, and interesting in your first email to a man!
  • The critical “2/2/2 Rule” you should follow if you want to get a first date. It’s easy once you understand it, but most people NEVER “get it”…
  • The secret to keeping the momentum going with your email exchanges when it starts to fade. Do this to put the fun, flair, and flirtatiousness back in your communication…
  • The REAL reason why people disappear in the middle of emailing you. It’s not what you think, but it’ll save you hours of agonizing why your “perfect” match suddenly stopped communicating with you…
  • Why setting up a phone date is smart… and why spending time on the phone before meeting SAVES time, not wastes it!
  • The only time it’s okay to NOT reply to someone. Plus – how to write a rejection letter with class and empathy…

Volume 5 — Successful Dating, Common Questions, and Wrap-Up

Now that you’ve mastered the online portion of online dating, you’ve got more options than you know what to do with. Which is a good problem to have.

But finding the one online isn’t just about writing confident emails to five people at once — it’s about making a great first impression, dating multiple people with class, and knowing when to take your profile down.

The last volume of Finding The One Online answers all of the most important questions you’ll face on your journey, and promises you a much smoother ride.

dating coach Evan Marc Katz finding the one online
  • Movies, concerts, coffee and dinner are the best places to take a first date, right? WRONG! Why these spots are the WORST places, and where to go instead
  • Why it’s okay — and encouraged — to kiss on the first date…
  • How to set up a date so that there’s the potential for physical intimacy. OR… how to set up a date to DELAY physical intimacy!
  • What’s the etiquette for who pays during a first date? A second date? Subsequent dates? Here’s EXACTLY how long MEN should continue to pay for dates…
  • Does talking about the other people you’re dating make you seem more desirable? Actually, here’s why you should NEVER talk about anyone else you’re currently seeing…
  • Why lying about your height or body type only sets you up for failure. Why do you think men have learned to distrust “curvy” women?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where the email exchange gets inappropriately sexual? Here’s what to do when someone gets uncomfortably sexual by email…
  • Long-distance relationships rarely work. But here’s how to tell when your long-distance relationship is worth pursuing…
  • Why it may take some work to find the one online — and why it’s always worth it!

This doesn’t even start to summarize everything I give you in six and a half hours. Literally every single question you could possibly have about online dating is covered. By the time you’re done with Finding the One Online, you could probably do my job!

But more importantly, I want you to get this for YOU. Because you haven’t been getting the results you deserve in your love life — and therefore SOMETHING has to change.

My program is unique because it acknowledges the flaws of online dating and gives you the tools to overcome them. Let’s be honest: once you’re done with my audio program, some men will still make crude remarks, some men will still disappear in the middle of emailing, and a certain percentage of singles will still lie about their age. So what?

Getting upset about the flaws of online dating is like getting upset that water is wet. I’m here to show you how to make this work for YOU — just like I’ve done for thousands of others since I started coaching. Our job — together – is to find a healthy way to approach this to attract a partner who loves you AS YOU ARE.

I offer my deepest and most heartfelt promise that this is the path to love.

The wonderful thing about a comprehensive program like this is that there will be no lingering concerns when we’re done.

He didn’t pick up the phone to call? He must be dating a few other women. He didn’t write back to your first email? He probably has 100 other contacts to consider. He didn’t respond to your amazing profile? He must be looking for younger women.

Understanding the perspective and experience of the opposite sex is priceless. Every day my clients tell me how eye-opening it is – how if they knew this information ten years ago, their lives would be completely different. I believe them.

In life, we go from date to date, from relationship to relationship, and although we have experience, we rarely have full understanding. Finding the One Online fills in the blanks and explains everything that has never made sense before, giving you mastery over your entire love life.

Once you’re complete, you can enjoy the dating process like never before

In addition to the six and a half hours of audio, which you can listen to in your car or on your computer, you will receive a full transcript of the entire series.

That’s right. Every single word has been written down for you to highlight in case you don’t feel like taking notes. If you’re not a person who learns aurally, this transcript alone is worth your entire purchase.

Finally, I’m going to do something for you that nobody has ever done in my business. I’m giving you a 35 page workbook for you to write in. This isn’t just for show. In seven different sections, we’re going to work on seven important written lessons that will transform your perspective on dating forever.

Section 1 covers your mindset — why you’re dating online, where else you meet people, how much time you’re giving the process, and what you need to do to succeed.

Section 2 covers your website — choosing the best one for your needs, browsing its active members, and setting up a quick profile.

Section 3 covers usernames and headlines — coming up with a subject, playing with language, spinning it into a memorable pun or play on words.

Section 4 covers photos — what to post, where to get them, and why you should always smile.

Section 5 covers search — evaluating your criteria, opening up to new possibilities, making a favorites list with realistic contacts.

Section 6 covers profiles — finding your core characteristics, eliminating adjectives, telling interesting stories.

Section 7 covers emails — choosing the right angle, expressing opinions, closing confidently.

Once you’re done with all of these exercises,

You will have a magnetic username, headline, photos, profile and email technique — one that differentiates you — one that attracts the right kind of attention.

Because every little thing you do matters. That’s the Finding The One Online way.

Just by taking a few extra minutes to brainstorm your username…

Just by digging for more details in your profile…

Just by putting a little more thought into your photos…

Just by writing witty, confident opening emails…

Just by broadening your online search…

You can magically create quality dating opportunities.

Even though you’re the exact same person that you were before, your methods will be ten times more effective.

A beautiful, successful woman with short hair smiling at the camera

“The Money Spent Was 100% Worth It!”

I was a 32-year-old woman living in New York City watching my friends one-by-one meet great guys, get engaged and eventually get married. I had been using online dating and had sent emails to guys with no luck. I contacted Evan who helped me write a clever and entertaining profile that captured the real me. Any of my friends who have read my profile are amazed at how well the profile describes me and lets my true personality come out.

Evan spent time talking me through it, and getting to know me and what I wanted to put out there and what I was looking for from a man. I realized with Evan, that all those years that I had spent wondering what was going on while I was dating was a complete waste of my time. Evan taught me how to take my signals from the actions of guys. I realized that the dating game doesn’t really need to be quite as stressful as I was making it out to be. I realized that if a guy is interested in me and wants to get to know me or continue dating me he’s going to make that known to me and there’s no need for me to continue stressing out about it and analyzing every move he makes and everything he says.

What a relief! It’s great to be much more relaxed about dating and be able to enjoy it and have fun with it. What I’ve learned from Evan has been invaluable and his advice will stay with me forever, or until I meet my husband. When working with Evan, you really feel like he’s your best guy friend and that he really knows you. The money spent was 100% worth it!

So what’s this going to cost, Evan?

I know, I know, I can be a little long-winded.

But I needed to establish how much value I’m giving you with this one-of-a-kind product. This is literally the accumulation of TEN YEARS of online dating experience, all condensed with my SHARPEST insights and MOST EFFECTIVE techniques.

As proud as I am of my first book, “I Can’t Believe I’m Buying This Book: A Commonsense Guide to Successful Internet Dating”, it pales in comparison to the information I’m offering you here. Since that book was published, I’ve fallen in love and expanded my business from profile writing to dating coaching.

And you’re the beneficiary of my journey. All my failed dates. All my male clients and female clients who shared their stories with me. All the readers who emailed questions and forced me to look harder for the right answers.

I’ve got those answers and I couldn’t be more excited to give them to you to find the partner of your dreams — without the struggle, without the drama, without the confusion.

Now why would I give all this away when my whole livelihood depends on private coaching?

Well, there are a few reasons. Obviously, the economy is one of them. As you tighten your belt to pay for gas, or groceries, or your mortgage, things like “your love life” tend to go by the wayside.

Even though you know there’s nothing more important than love, the idea of paying thousands of dollars for a dating coach does NOT fit into your budget. As a guy who didn’t make more than $39,000 until his 30’s, BELIEVE ME, I understand what it’s like to focus only on necessities.

But here’s the thing: love IS a necessity. We just don’t treat it like it is.

Hey, I’m not blaming you. Very few people count love as Priority #1. But how many 80-year-olds say, “I wish I spent more time working and less time loving”? Not too many.

Most of us want to find love; we just don’t take the steps to make it happen. In fact, you probably can’t WAIT to find love — you just don’t know what actions need to be taken.

And THAT’s the main reason that I’ve created Finding the One Online.

Because there are MILLIONS of single people like you who are just DYING to connect and have NO IDEA what they could be doing differently!

I’ve done the hard part. I’ve done the research. I’ve talked to the men. I’ve listened to the women.

And now I want to be able to change your life forever, in just a few hours of telling you ALL of my secrets.

So ask yourself, what’s love worth to you?

Wait — that’s the wrong question to ask. What’s HAPPINESS worth to you?

Because that’s the one thing I discovered in meeting my wife — that with a partner, everything is better. Picnics at concerts, vacations on the beach, lazy Sundays lying in bed. And let’s not forget sex. Sex with someone you love is incomparable.

This is my happiness. Happiness I want to share with you. And this happiness is what you give up when you give up the search – when you expect luck to take over for effort.

So I’ll ask you again — if I could give you the keys to your own happiness, what is that worth?

Most people would sign over half of their bank accounts if they KNEW that I could GUARANTEE that they’d fall in love. Well, I’m going to make a guarantee, but I’m not going to promise things I can’t control.

What I will guarantee, however, is that you’re going to change forever after listening to Finding The One Online. You WILL have a better profile. You WILL understand the opposite sex more. You WILL have the mindset and the skills to attract the right partner.

Once you learn what I’ve learned, you’ll never go back to where you were before. Thus, this isn’t a product that you use up, like a vacation or a meal or a car. You’re getting an education that will be more impactful than everything you learned in high school and college. You’re going to learn how YOU can create your OWN happiness, just by being smart and patient and self-aware. Such knowledge is truly priceless.

But since I have to give it a price, I’ll start from the price I give to my clients:


That’s what people pay for me to come up with their usernames, pay for their photos, write their profiles, log into their online dating accounts, and help them with emails.

I’m showing you how to do this all yourself. It’s a lot of work, but you can’t argue with the results. Love. Happiness. That’s the result of my Finding the One Online system.

Because this information is so rare — because you can’t find these concepts in writing anywhere else on earth — I was tempted to price this product at $497. That’s more than 94% off of what I charge my clients.

Then I realized that $497 — no matter how valuable your love life — can put a serious dent in your monthly expenses. And if my goal is to get this into the hands of hundreds of thousands of people in the next few years, there’s no way I can make it $497.

No, I want this to be easy for you. I want this to be a no-brainer. So I priced Finding The One Online at $297, and it’s been flying off the shelves ever since. And I’ve been getting testimonial after testimonial from women who have had their dating lives changed forever, simply because they decided to invest in this product.

But here’s the deal. I want to get this out to even more of you. There’s nothing, and I mean nothing, more satisfying to me than receiving your success stories. So, as my thanks to you, having recently celebrated the anniversary of Finding The One Online, I’ve created a digital version with all the same great material, but without the physical product.

Here’s what so great about creating a digital version: you’re going to get the information you need, INSTANTLY. That means no waiting around for a package to arrive, no extra costs for shipping and handling, and no extra time wasted when you’re ready to find love NOW.

Because I don’t have to print and ship anything, I can pass along those savings to you, so the digital edition is only $197!

So now you have a choice. If you love having a tangible product that arrives at your doorstep and you can pick up with your hands, you can order the physical product, or if you want this material instantly, you can choose the digital version. Your choice, and either way YOU come out ahead.

Evan Marc Katz Love U Finding The One Online Digital Product

I want you to devour this information because YOUR LIFE DESERVES LOVE —and YOU can make it happen yourself.

Again, here’s what you get with the Finding the One Online:

  • 6  ½ hours of audio that cover every aspect of Finding the One Online. The exact same information that clients pay $8,000 to access!
  • A 35-page Workbook with exercises. Designed to
    give you tangible results – a new username, headline, photos, essays
    and email technique. All using the same step-by-step process that I use
    to assist my own clients.
  • A full word-for-word transcript of the entire audio series. To highlight anything that resonates strongly with you, so you can go back to it in the future.

Now, for a limited time only, you’re getting OVER $8,000 in value, for a super low price – $197!

How much is $197?

Go to Starbucks once a day for  two months. That’s $197.

One month of gas is probably $197.

Would you exchange a measly $197 for true love and happiness?

That’s the choice you have right now…

My startling confession and a very special offer for you…

Over the past 10 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of women and men who, with my help, have discovered love and happiness online.

But coaching others had an unexpected effect on MY love life as well.

After ten years chasing after the wrong women, it took the process of learning from my CLIENTS’ mistakes to open me up to the possibility of love and marriage.

It wasn’t until this shift occurred that I met my wife.

And I never would have realized that she WAS my wife until this shift happened.

Here’s how my shift applies to YOU:

The right person IS out there looking for you right this second, yet you will never meet that person if you keep doing things your current way.

If I had kept on doing things my old way — sticking with my “rules” about who my wife was “supposed” to be, I would not be getting married next week.

I had to do something DIFFERENT to get a different result.

Chances are, if you haven’t found “the one” yet, it’s time for you to try something different too.

Personally, I had to open my heart wider, let go of my fears and inhibitions, and truly embody the lessons I learned through my clients.

Now I want the same for you. I want you to experience love and happiness in their fullest forms. You deserve to love and to be loved.

But hold on, because it gets even BETTER

Along with Finding the One Online- Digital Edition, I’m also going to pile on these incredible bonuses, designed specifically to enhance and boost the information in your home study course.

The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Definitely Making Online – eBook – $27

In this groundbreaking ebook you will discover:

Top 10 Mistakes You're Definitely Making in an Online Dating by Evan Marc Katz
  • Why your great date didn’t mean anything
  • How to learn to trust your women’s intuition
  • Why expecting men to tell the truth is patently foolish
  • How rushing into a date wastes time instead of saving it
  • How knowing these mistakes can do to empower your decision making online
  • …and much more!

With The Top 10 Mistakes You’re Definitely Making In Online Dating, I’ve identified the most common issues I’ve seen in thousands of people just like you

Once you are aware of these mistakes, it’s like a cloud lifting, allowing the possibility of love and happiness to shine through online.

What Men Want – Audio – $47

In this 90-minute, no-holds barred dialogue with relationship expert and author, Carol Allen, I expound on:

Evan Marc Katz dating coach an interview with Carol Allen
  • How the wrong men reveal themselves in their actions.
  • Why you shouldn’t want a man unless he wants the same relationship as you.
  • Do most men want to get married and start families?
  • Is your man a player or does he just not want to be in a relationship with YOU?
  • Why men don’t ask for relationship help or want to understand women better.
  • How to distinguish the difference between a man who’s interested in sex vs. interested in you.
  • Why men with swagger are more attractive to women — and how to wean yourself off of their addictive qualities.
  • How what you should be looking for in a partner is very different than what you HAVE been looking for in a partner.
  • The downside in looking for a man who has everything in common with you.
  • Why I’m a head-centered coach, not just a heart-centered coach.
  • Knowing what is “good enough” in a man and when it’s a reasonable compromise.
  • What happened to the guy you were the “most’ attracted to.
  • Not about the quality of the person, it’s about the quality of the relationship.
  • The danger in looking for the male version of yourself.
  • Why men are so clueless when it comes to online dating.
  • The meaning of the “male expiration” date.
  • The one and only “rule” you need to follow when dating men: mirror them!
  • The value in letting a man CHOOSE you.
  • When you should sleep with a guy – and how to stall effectively until you know he’s boyfriend material.

This is one of the most in-depth and helpful interviews that I’ve ever done, and it’s yours, free, as a bonus for purchasing Finding the One Online!

How to Choose Your Ideal Long-Term Partner – Audio – $47

In this hourlong conversation, I tackle some of the most important myths that continually come up in dating: around chemistry, sex, compatibility, and commitment. Soon, you’ll learn:

dating coach Evan Marc Katz love on purpose
  • The greatest dating myth ever sold to the American public.
  • Why it’s so hard to find honest, straight-forward, authentic dating advice.
  • What charismatic, successful men are usually looking for in a partner — and how to identify whether such a man is a good fit for you.
  • Whether you’re better off dating the Marlboro Man or the Sensitive Artist.
  • How great chemistry can blind you to your partner’s long-term flaws.
  • Why you should take responsibility for your relationship choices. If you break up with an abusive, uncommunicative partner, he can’t hurt you anymore!
  • How it’s absolutely normal to continue to desire other partners even when you’re in a great relationship. Really. If you’re never going to act on it, it doesn’t matter!
  • Getting over the illusion that you have to think your partner is perfect or that he has to think that you’re perfect.
  • How men and women communicate differently and why your secret to successful relationships is in understanding and respecting these differences.
  • How long until you should feel safe before having sex with a man.
  • How can you tell if a man’s your boyfriend – and no, it’s not nearly as complicated as it may have seemed in the past!
  • The best way to deal with men who make the first move before you’re ready.
  • Why you shouldn’t go out on a second date with a man where there’s no chemistry whatsoever.
  • Why you shouldn’t listen to dating “rules” but should learn to create your own healthy dating paradigm.
dating coach Evan Marc Katz book finding the one online

So, in the Full Finding the One Online Package You Get…

  • 6 ½ hours of audio that cover every aspect of
    Finding the One Online.
    The exact same
    information that clients pay $8,000
    to access!
  • A 35-page Workbook with exercises. Designed to give you tangible results – a new username, headline, photos, essays and email technique. All using the same step-by-step process that I use to assist my own clients.
  • A full word-for-word transcript of the entire audio series. To highlight anything that resonates strongly with you, so you can go back to it in the future.
    VALUE – $8,000


Top 10 Mistakes You’re Making Online – $27
What Men Want – Audio – $47
How to Choose Your Ideal Long-Term Partner – Audio – $47

Total Value: $8,121
Today: $197 Digital Instant Access

Finding the One Online

Digital Edition

  • 6 hours of audio downloads
  • 180-page PDF transcript
  • 35-page PDF workbook
  • 3 downloadable bonuses

So it looks like you’ve got a couple of choices here…

Choice #1 — Do nothing

Sure, you can set this information aside. You can “think it over,” or come back to it later. But I wouldn’t if I were you.

You see, every day, every minute, every SECOND that goes by is another minute you are not spending with the love of your life.

That’s painful.

Especially when you KNOW that this person is out there, waiting for YOU as well.

And the key to finding this person is right here in front of you.

But only for a limited time, and only for a limited number of smart, fast acting people…

Choice #2 — Take Action

Are you sick and tired of searching for a meaningful relationship and not being able to find it?

Are you finally ready for true love and happiness?

Are you ready to do what it takes to create real and lasting change in your life?

Well, now you can, and it’s all waiting for you on the other side of a mouse click.

In fact, I’m so confident you will absolutely love the quality of men you attract after you devour “Finding the One Online,” I’m going to let you…

Read and listen to finding the one online risk-free!

If you’re not convinced that the information in my online dating program will allow you to enjoy the dating process like never before, let me know within  30 days  of purchasing it and…

  • I’ll quickly and courteously refund your entire purchase price.
  • You can keep all of the bonuses (over $121 value) as my thanks for trying.

There’s no catch. I believe in this material and have seen the positive effects that women have experienced. So if you don’t find the concepts behind  Finding the One Online  to be truly beneficial, I will refund you for the full amount. No questions asked!  Just reply to the email confirmation you receive after downloading my program, write “refund program” in your message, and I will refund you the full amount, no questions asked, provided that you issue your request within 30 days of purchase.

Finding the One Online  is no-risk. If you don’t see the value in it, I don’t want you to pay for it.

But I’m not too worried about that. I’m confident that this limited-time offer is going to be one of the best long-term investments you’ve ever made in yourself.

So that’s all I’ve got for you.

I’ve told you my story, and I’ve given you all the information I could.

I’ve laid out, in explicit detail, what your choices are at this point.

But I can’t make the decision for you.

The choice is yours, and I hope you make the right one. I truly do hope you’ll let me help you… like I’ve helped so many others like you, who also struggled to find love in this busy, ever-changing, complex world of online dating.

Being single is not a permanent condition or an affliction. There’s truly nothing wrong with it. After all, I was single my entire life until I met my wife. But if you want the tools to find a life partner with confidence and ease, look no further. The solution is right in front of you.

No matter what you do, I wish you nothing but the best in life.

To your success in love!

Warmest wishes,

Evan Marc Katz dating coach signature

P.S. Will you do me a small favor? If you have even a little doubt about anything I’ve said here, will you please go back and take a look at the raving testimonials I’ve received from ecstatic clients and users of Finding the One Online? These are just a few of hundreds I get from folks I’ve helped in the past. If you want the same success they’ve all experienced just click on the order button below!

P.P.S. — Imagine, no more online dating “guesswork.” No more agonizing over “why they haven’t responded,” a lack of dates, or being consistently lonely.

Finding the One Online

Digital Edition

  • 6 hours of audio downloads
  • 180-page PDF transcript
  • 35-page PDF workbook
  • 3 downloadable bonuses

These same success stories could be YOURS.

Just the quickest and easiest path to true love online. And it can be yours right now…