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Bad Behavior vs. Misunderstood Behavior

It may be the most important topic in determining your long-term romantic success. How can you tell if you’re being too sensitive? Too picky? Too demanding? At the same time, I’m also going to help you pick up on the signs that your man is NOT future husband material.

Whether you’ve put up with men in the past who are too selfish, poor communicators or chronic commitmentphobes, you’re not going to do it any longer.

In Bad Behavior Vs. Misunderstood Behavior, I offer an objective look at your relationships from a man’s point of view. When you’re done, you’ll feel clearer than ever about what behavior is acceptable from your boyfriend and what behavior should force you to cut him loose.

In this essential FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn:

  • Why having a backbone doesn’t make you a bitch and why being warm and accommodating doesn’t make you a door mat.
  • A very simple trick to getting your way in relationships. It’s not manipulation, it’s common sense and it works like a charm when you’re dating a quality man.
  • Why it’s essential to distinguish between an isolated incident and a pattern of low-character, selfish behavior. One is forgivable; the other will wear you down over time.
  • The one thing EVERY good boyfriend signs up for when he commits to you. If you forget this, you may be accidentally undermining your entire relationship.

Includes one audio download (coaching plus a recorded Q+A) PLUS a bonus Top 10 List PDF for easy reference