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Life/Love Balance

bad behaviorAre you a smart, busy woman with a full life and a lot of responsibilities? Do you find it daunting to figure out how to fit a love life in — especially when you don’t enjoy dating?

I hear you. But just because you’ve got a full schedule does not mean there’s no room for love. In fact, if you want to have a smart, successful man make you his top priority, you have to do the same for him.

In this FOCUS Coaching call, I’m going to show you how to allocate your time so you can truly have it all.

In this essential FOCUS Coaching call, you will learn:

  • Why it’s no coincidence that you have much more success at work than you do at love — you spend more than 10 times more of your energy on it!
  • What men value more than your looks, brains, and your common interests. You may be the most impressive woman he’s ever met but it doesn’t matter unless you give him THIS.
  • How a mature, interested man acts when he’s serious about a relationship with you — and more specifically, when you should cut off the man who is clearly NOT serious.
  • “The Power of No.” You deserve a relationship that sustains you every day, and if your boyfriend is not meeting your needs, you know what you need to do.

bad behavior

Includes one audio download (coaching plus a recorded Q+A) PLUS a bonus Top 10 List PDF for easy reference