Love U Retreat

I am so excited, I don't know where to begin.

So let’s start at the end.

You are going to have an AMAZING time on this trip.

You are going to connect with me and 11 other smart, strong, successful women.

You are going to stay in a five-star hotel known for its attention to detail and service.

You are going to get some well-needed (and much deserved) rest and relaxation.

You are going to receive some advanced relationship coaching from me.

You are going to meet (and fall in love with) my wife – who not only inspires my teachings, but also planned this entire retreat.

You are going to eat, drink, be merry, and feel an unparalleled sense of connection and confidence after three days in Los Angeles with me and your Love U sisters.

Check out what these women had to say about spending a weekend with me and my wife:

I've created for you the perfect event based on your needs, wishes and budget.

Here’s the deal:

Who: You, silly!
What: Love U Retreat – 12 smart, strong, successful women, hand-selected for a luxurious three-day weekend of fun, food, friendship and female empowerment.
When: March 17-20, 2022

If the photos above aren’t enough to illustrate why the Love U Retreat is the right move right now, here’s what some other smart, strong, successful women had to say:

I have talked with other coaches who host retreats in the $6000-$10,000 range.

But since I want to make this as affordable as possible, while, at the same time, putting together a high-class, life-changing experience, this Love U Retreat will not cost $10,000.

Nor will it cost $8000.

Or $5000.

To join the incredible women of Love U for the ultimate in fun, food, friendship, and feminine empowerment, you only have to invest:

I’m hosting you to an intimate event for Love U members, covering all food, beverage, and snacks while you’re there, introducing you to new (and old) friends, laughing by the pool, and teaching you everything I know about how to choose a husband and maintain a happy, healthy, long-term relationship.

Why act now?

  1. Because I’m only taking 12 women on this adventure with me.
  2. Because it’s an incredible deal for a fun, life-changing event.
  3. Because you deserve to have it all – fun, laughter, connection and love.

Thanks again for reading this long page and taking the bold step to join me, my wife, and 12 extraordinary women who are part of my Love Universe.

I can’t wait to hear your story, meet you in person, and show you how to create a love that lasts a lifetime.

Remember, here’s what you get at the Love U Retreat:


Love U Live, Masters, Elite, and Graduates: $2497 for single occupancy or $2997 for double occupancy.

Love U Masters and Elite Clients get $1000 off and first opportunity at 1:1 coaching slots