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Evan Marc Katz - Speaking in LA

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Okay, so you’ve checked out my site and think that I have a compelling message to deliver to your audience. Congratulations. You are one VERY smart person, and I applaud you for being so forward thinking. You deserve a raise, and probably a promotion as well. After all, you had the uncanny ability to recognize that inviting me to talk with you for a few hours would be a life-changing experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re a marketing guru doing an event for entrepreneurs, a young woman at a university union, a program director at a house of worship, or a women’s group looking for something different, my powerful and compelling message will delight and inspire. You want out-of-the-box? I don’t even OWN a box! That’s how serious I am about providing unique value to your stage. As a dating coach and author who specializes in helping smart, strong, successful women understand men and find love, I have a rare and valuable take on some of the biggest challenges faced by your audience. Do you think your members or readers would be interested in learning about the following topics?

Be The CEO of Your Love Life

Be the CEO of Your Love Life

How You Can Take Control of Your Own Destiny and Stop Wasting Years of Your Life on The Wrong Men.

Whether we like it or not, love DOESN’T happen when you least expect it. You may have a rich, full, single life, but if you never meet eligible men, it’s next to impossible to find a relationship. And if you worked hard to successfully climb the corporate ladder, you have to be willing to put in the time to find companionship. Learn how to shift your mindset, prioritize dating, and create a vibrant new love life from scratch, without making the most common mistakes of other smart, strong, successful women.

Too Much Of a Good Thing

Too Much of a Good Thing

How Your Strengths at Work Can Actually Be Your Weaknesses in Relationships, And What You Can Do About It.

If you’ve ever noticed that:

  • You’re more impressive than 95% of men you meet.
  • You think you need to date the most impressive 5% of men.
  • Those same men are not interested in you and don’t want to commit to you…

Welcome to one of the 21st century’s greatest paradoxes. By attaining equality in the workplace, women can theoretically “have it all”? But what does this mean? Can anyone have it all? And if not, what compromises should you reasonably be willing to make in the name of love? Learn to understand how career women often have to date like men, which is more complicated than you may have previously considered.

Dating Professionals Toolkit

The Dating Professionals’ Toolkit

If you’re in the business of helping men and women find love, you’re aware of the pitfalls of dating. Nice guys with no confidence. Strong women with no femininity. Busy and arrogant alpha males. Timid and awkward beta females. In this presentation, I illustrate how men can understand women, women can understand men, and your clients can get over their pickiness and make true connections.

Blogging, Online Marketing and Social Media

Blogging, Online Marketing and Social Media

I am a failed screenwriter with no resume, no work experience, and no job skills. I was fired from entertainment jobs, customer service jobs and boiler room jobs. Now I have a blog that brings in 5 million unique visitors a year and is the lead generator for a 50,000 person mailing list that grosses seven figures. Let me tell you how I found my voice, cultivated a readership, and am able to monetize it. More importantly, let me tell you how you can do the same thing.

Tell 'Em What You Think

Tell ‘Em What You Think!

How To Inspire Confidence and Attract Clients Just By Saying The Things That You Think You Shouldn’t Say!

Are you a marketer who is struggling to differentiate yourself from a thousand other coaches and gurus? Are you an executive who wants to build a team of confident, take-charge self-starters? Are you a company failing to find a “voice” for your brand? Personal branding is something that’s essential these days, yet so much of what we see out there is generic, cut-and-paste, boilerplate business copy. It simply doesn’t work. People are too savvy, too busy, too jaded. They’re looking for authenticity, vulnerability, humor, and confidence. Believe it or not, I have all of those qualities (plus humility!) in spades, and I can show you how to help your business project these qualities as well.

Evan Speaking

Before you invite me to speak, one more thing:

I’m really f-ing funny. I mean, for a dating coach, not, for like, a comedian.

What that means is that I’m prone to saying things that are so true and so recognizable that they will make you laugh, in spite of yourself. Seriously. I’ve brought down the house at a ballroom of singles at the Washington DC Hilton, run a series of dating seminars for curious JDaters at Club Med Turks and Caicos, blew the minds of hundreds of dating execs at the iDate Conference in Miami, and rocked it before 500 rowdy Canadians at a TEDx Conference in Newfoundland. I promise you nothing less than my best effort and will prove to you that there is no contradiction between education and entertainment. Oh, and I promise: after I speak at your (conference, seminar, event, church, temple, big mansion on the hill), I will let everyone know that you are truly a visionary.

Book me now, before it’s too late!