Dating Coach Los Angeles

Dating Coach Los Angeles

I'll have what they're having...

Los Angeles – the home and birthplace of cinematic romance. The Hollywood rom-com, where people fall in love and live happily ever after, paints romance in a way that few get to experience. While your mileage may vary, you’ve probably acquired lots of ideas about how you should find love and might often be disappointed that you’re not living those Disney happily-ever-after fantasies.

Los Angeles is the second-largest dating market in the country, with millions of singles available. It’s full of fit, attractive people who have exciting careers and an active life. But it can also be exhausting when your dating life feels like an L.A. Freeway: Lots of traffic, lots of repair work, and too many people looking for a quick exit. Dating apps are full of beautiful people with toned bodies and professionally retouched photos. So, how do you sift through the LA dating scene to attract an appropriate match?

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Getting the best help

This is where a dating coach can be really helpful. Friends and family are great, but they can’t escape their own biases. They should be biased – in your favor – that’s what makes them friends. A few might even be sufficiently honest to tell you the truth about what isn’t working for you and your choices. But they’re not experts; all they know is that they love you and want you to be happy. If you’ve struggled to achieve your #relationship goals in the City of Angels, you might benefit from working with a Los Angeles dating coach.

A dating coach benefits from being objective and experienced. It’s his job to assess where you’re at, what’s not working in your love life, and what blind spots you have when it comes to choosing the wrong partner. Then, he’s able to come up with a personalized and comprehensive plan to get you the unconditional love you deserve. If you have self-esteem issues, you’ll work on confidence. If you struggle with online dating, you’ll work on your marketing and attracting higher-quality men. If you struggle with communication, you’ll discover how to set healthy boundaries with the men you’re seeing. By the time you’re done, you’ll have total clarity about what’s been holding you back, as well as the dating skills to trust your judgment when it comes to dating.

Evan Marc Katz, the world's first and best dating coach

Here’s where Evan Marc Katz comes in. He’s been helping singles find love since 2003. He’s written four books on the subject, been featured in hundreds of high-profile media articles, from the New York Times to Oprah, won awards, and started a blog that’s been seen by 35 million people, a podcast that’s been downloaded 2 million times and founded a comprehensive course for women who want to understand men and find love, called Love U. Thousands of his clients have fallen in love, gotten married, and found lasting happiness.

His knowledge and experience are hard-earned. Early on in his coaching career, when he was still a bachelor, he was called a “serial dater” by CNN. It wasn’t until he began to follow his own advice that he became a better coach and, ultimately, a happily married man since 2008. That’s what makes him unique. He understands men – what they think, how they act, and what they really want. But the vast majority of his clients are smart, strong, successful women who have everything but the man of their dreams. Evan’s passion is coaching and empowering his clients to make healthy choices and achieve their long-term relationship goals.

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What kind of woman uses a dating coach?

You work hard. You look good. You’re financially independent. You keep busy with friends and family and love your life, but you still feel something’s missing. You’re tired of going to friends’ weddings, being home for the holidays without a partner, and seeing other couples post cute photos on social media. You have high standards, and you don’t want to settle on the wrong man. The question you can’t get out of your head is: why is it so hard to find a great guy you’re attracted to who treats you well and wants to commit to you?

And even though everyone would describe you as a great catch, dating, relationships, and men make you feel just a little bit insecure.

Why use a dating coach?

Sometimes it’s a matter of bolstering your self-confidence, uncovering limiting beliefs that may have held you back, or figuring out why it’s so hard to find and sustain a romantic relationship. Whatever you need to achieve success, Evan’s coaching services are full of success stories involving awesome women in Los Angeles and other great cities around the world.

The key here is that while dating advice is plentiful, everyone’s dating experience is different. You are unique. Your entire life has led up to this moment. Your past continues to shape your dating world. When you work one on one with the best dating coach, you’re getting a customized experience, the bespoke approach to your love life and its challenges. When you talk, your coach listens with a focus on your personal relationship goals.

What makes Evan Marc Katz different from other Los Angeles dating coaches?

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How to hire a dating coach

Anyone can hang their shingle and call themselves a dating coach. While the internet is a great tool with which to search, you’re going to want to search for reviews about the coach and check their experience and qualifications. There will be face-to-face and online options.

Having a virtual, online coach is especially easy and convenient. City traffic is no longer an issue, nor is the availability of a coach in less-populated areas. Working with a coach from the comfort of your home can allow you to relax and be more honest.

In Evan’s case, he has been doing this since 2003 and has well-established reviews and references. You’ll want to look for someone with a similar background – a combination of deep roots in this particular kind of counseling and the personal skills and dedication that really focus on you and your needs.

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Important signs that you're ready to hire a dating coach

Is a dating coach worth it? Do they really work?

There’s plenty of evidence that they work. Take some time and read the glowing reviews from women who have found their life partners with coaching services. If you’re ready to find a life partner, it’s important to make it a higher priority than a lot of other ways you could spend your time and money.

But sometimes, we’re not rational about where we dedicate our resources. What’s more important? A European vacation or your happiness for the next 35 years? A new bathroom or someone to take care of you for the rest of your life? Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve happiness, and sometimes it takes a professional to help you get there.

What to expect out of your dating coach

Since dating coaching is a relatively recent development – and since you’re curious about the process, here are a few FAQs about what it’s like to get coaching services from Evan Marc Katz.

Love U is a one-stop-shop to teach you everything you need to know about dating, relationships, and men. It contains video/audio/transcripts/exercises for 6 monthly modules.

Month 1: Confidence
Month 2: Meeting Men
Month 3: Dating
Month 4: Understanding Men
Month 5: Relationships
Month 6: Commitment

In addition to six months of unique content, you get access to 6 months of group coaching with Evan Marc Katz and 6 months of support and Q&A in the Love U community – so that you can learn to trust your judgment with men once and for all.

By the time you graduate from Love U, you will make smart, healthy decisions that allow you to get the love you deserve — ideally without further coaching.

In each week of Love U, there are an average of 25-35 minutes of videos on different relationship topics. Which is why Evan says to give him 5 minutes a day and he will give you a husband.

While Love U is a video-based curriculum, you get the best results when you can ask questions, get support, and have Evan hold your hand through this process.

This is why you get:

6 months of live coaching calls, where you can meet other smart, strong, successful women who are going through the same Love U process. Whether you or not you ask questions in the live sessions, you will learn tons from our epic Q&As.

If you have a work conflict or are in a different time zone that prevents you from attending, each coaching call is posted privately inside Love U the next day so you can watch, listen, and take notes.

6 months in the Love U Community, where you can get assistance from me and hundreds of other smart women. Seriously. Ask a question about the guy you just started dating, and dozens of women (and Evan) will give you a Love U-approved perspective – so you don’t have to rely on your mom or your friend who gave up on men for relationship advice.

Combine the videos and exercises with the coaching calls and community, and you have a first-class version of Love U.

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What are you waiting for?

If you’ve asked yourself in the past year what it is you’re doing wrong, why your dating and love life isn’t satisfying, and where that great guy and potential partner is hiding, the time is now. You know what you want, but you may just not know how to get it. Online dating and the swipe-right/swipe-left culture of Los Angeles and Orange County can feel daunting without the support of someone who knows what this scene is like from the inside out. Ghosting, breadcrumbing, cuffing, zombieing – or just going on a series of disappointing dates can make you lose interest in the entire process.

When you join the thousands of single women who’ve found love by talking to a dating expert, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Former clients often say they can’t believe that it took them so long to seek a dating coach. Like you, they may have thought that they could do it themselves. Sometimes a decade will pass before they take action. Sometimes, they had to hit rock bottom: The end of a long relationship. The loss of a parent. An empty nest. A big birthday – realizing you’re turning 40, 50, or 60. You don’t want to wait until that point; you want to do something proactive.

Defining dating and relationship goals

A neutral party like Evan only has your relationship success in mind. It’s literally his business. He’s likely to tell you things you hadn’t previously considered. Coaching services are designed to reveal the things most people – including you – have been ignoring. It’s only a matter of time before you start to notice that the single men in your life can be sorted out differently. Or that the issues you’ve been having a hard time with may have simple answers when an objective professional looks at your dating life from a different perspective.

Dating experts offer more than silly cliches like the three-day rule. They talk to you about who you really are and what you really want. This is a powerful place to begin. To find love, you must define those specific needs that are non-negotiable. You must also ensure that you’re spending your time wisely in terms of who you are dating and whether they’re single men who are really available for what you want and need. Men approach women for all kinds of reasons – with a coach, you’ll learn how to attract a guy for the right ones.

A dating coach, Los Angeles, and you

If you’re still not convinced, think about whether you’re really satisfied with your Los Angeles dating experience. If you’ve been doing it yourself, with a little advice from friends and family, and you’re still not getting what you want, then what have you got to lose?

For Evan and coaches like him, your successful love life is the biggest reward. If you tried to fix your sink and it was still broken, you’d call in a professional. And yet, we tend to give our own lifetime happiness short shrift, as though it is less important than that new carpet or upgraded car.

Whether it’s navigating the treacherous terrain of online dating, honing your social skills, gaining clarity on what kind of partner is a good fit for you, or getting the best possible advice on how to get a good man to commit, a dating coach can be the best investment you can make in yourself and your future. Los Angeles is a big place, full of complicated relationships. A coach like Evan can make it manageable. If you’re a woman who wants to make her dreams come true, begin now.