Why You're Still Single by Evan Marc Katz and Linda Holmes

Why You're Still Single

Things your friends would tell you if you promised not to get mad

Why You’re Still Single is not about chasing men, so you will not need a butterfly net. It is not about making them chase you, because they are not wolves and you are not a bunny. We will not suggest that you treat men like hostile alien presences, pretend you don’t understand football, buy padded bras, or refuse to call people back. But the benefit of other people’s experience might point out a few things that are tripping you up, no matter how much of an amazing, smart, hot, totally worthwhile ass-kicker you may be as a general rule.

We recommend: Honesty (usually), playing fair, shutting up (sometimes), speaking up (other times), respecting that voice in your head that says “You’re doing WHAT?”, making compromises, knowing when to cut bait, good sex, giving yourself a break, being needlessly generous, and periodically leaving your apartment.

We don’t recommend: Pretending to like what you don’t like, treating winking and giggling like a Get Out Of Jail Free card, testing people, stubbornness, martyrdom, talking everything to death, and convincing yourself that you’re desperate.

“A must-read for all singles! This book is like one big ‘Aha!’ moment.”
— Rachel Greenwald, author of Find a Husband After 35 Using What I Learned at Harvard Business School

“In a market where so many dating guides offer up humor and glibness in lieu of genuine wisdom and insight, Why You’re Still Single puts itself at the head of the class by proving it’s possible to let readers laugh while they learn. Linda Holmes deploys a voice that is savvy and assured, while Evan Marc Katz writes with an honesty that makes you want to believe that the “E” in his company E-Cyrano must surely stand for Empathy.”
— Dr. Ian Kerner, author of She Comes First and Be Honest -You’re Not That Into Him Either

“In this distinctive approach to the dating game, Katz, founder of an online dating consulting service, and columnist Holmes team up to help readers become aware of their actions to prevent repeating mistakes. They cite such dating turnoffs as trash talking the opposite sex, playing games, and nursing grudges. Gender-specific annoyances addressed include a woman’s tendency to overtalk and overanalyze conversations and a man’s tendency to give advice but not to take it. Mixing humor with practical tips, the authors pack a lot of relevant information into this slim volume, through which both young men and young women will enjoy thumbing. Recommended.”
— Library Journal Reviews

“A book by two astute, exceptionally observant single people who discuss the ways that they and other single people manage to stay single…Any woman currently in the throes of singlehood who is looking to change her state could benefit from reading this book.”
— The Flatland Oracles -book review

” I do have to say that reading self-help or advice books is kind of against my nature…but there’s a lot of wit to be had here…They hit the proverbial nail on my head with the first chapter — so much so that I almost stopped reading and said, “That’s it! I have been diagnosed.”
— CharmingButSingle — book review

“Plainspoken and to the point, the guide is simple, practical, and above all, positive, the message invaluable, not to mention entertaining…There are enough small gems in these pages to reinvigorate even the most pitiful dating repertoire.”
— CurledUp.com — book review

“I. Loved. It. It is a dating book that makes sense. None of this “don’t ever call a man” crap. No “keep your legs crossed for-evah and evah” nonsense. No, this book actually addresses single people as rational, intelligent people who just happen to be on their own.”
— WhenWeWereLiars — book review

“An easy, honest and humorous read that reaffirms many of the lessons we tell each other but forget to practice ourselves…You’ll find yourself nodding along with a grin when the realization hits you that you’re guilty of such and such behavior although you’ve vowed never to be ‘that type of girl or guy’…It’s safe to say that after reading this book you will find renewed confidence, goals and standards.”
— DivaTribe.com — book review

“Of all the chick lit books I’ve read, this is by far one of my favorites…A short yet thought provoking and hilarious read…It ranks right up there with He’s Just Not That Into You…The book doesn’t take the tone of I’m So Good at this Relationship Thing and You Suck! that a lot of chick lit books engage in but proves that we are all just trying to make sense of this thing called love. “
— VixenTales -book review

“In the book, co-authors Holmes and Katz tell you how to recognize those unfortunate times when You’re Being a Bitch, Acting Like the Patron Saint of Lost Causes, or Missing the Signals for When to Get Out and When to Stick Around…And so goes the snappy, no-bullshit, He Said/She Said format of Why You’re Still Single. “
— SmartAtLove — book review